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Get Help with Nebraska Home Repair Grants

Get Help with Nebraska Home Repair Grants

Repairing your home doesn’t have to be complicated! We found ways that you can get help including Nebraska home repair grants. Additionally, you could qualify for deferred payment loans! 


Use these Nebraska home repair grants.  

The USDA offers Nebraska home repair grants to people who qualify. Using the USDA grant program, you could get up to $7,500 toward your qualifying home repairs. You must be in a rural area to qualify for this help. You can use the program in addition to other USDA programs.

Nebraska weatherization might make it easier for you to upgrade your home if it is not energy efficient. The program can help with things like flooring and insulation. You could even qualify for repairs to your HVAC system or a new system.

You could make home repairs using a loan.

Not only does the USDA have Nebraska home repair grants, they also offer the loan program. You can get a 1% fixed interest loan through the USDA to use toward your repairs. The loan can be used in combination with the USDA grant and can help you with repairs up to $20,000.

Military members and veterans can get help through the VA. The VA provides loans and also assistance to disabled veterans and veterans who might need help with adaptive housing. You will need to meet the program requirements to get help with your VA loan.


If you’re looking for Nebraska home repair grants, you might be able to find them through the Assistive Technology Search Options. These options make it easier for you to find the help you need to update your home the right way. You might also be able to get help through the program to find grants or loans in Nebraska.

Get tax relief in Nebraska.

The Homestead property tax exemption is intended for homeowners who live in their homes. You will need to provide proof of living in your home in addition to other requirements. The program works for people who are low-income and seniors. You might be able to get additional relief through the Homestead Exemption if you are disabled.

Is your home an agricultural property? Nebraska has different definitions for each type of agricultural property, but if you meet their guidelines, you might be able to get help with your property taxes. The agricultural property tax exemption can help you save money on your taxes.

We found Nebraska foreclosure relief!

You can get mortgage counseling and foreclosure relief options in Nebraska! With mortgage counseling, you can learn more about how to get caught up on your mortgage, avoid foreclosure now and also keep the situation from happening in the future.

The Neighborworks program might be able to help you with foreclosure relief. You could get help with the program and could get access to funding to make it easier for you to get out of foreclosure relief. You will have to meet guidelines to get assistance through the program.

There are foreclosure prevention options in Nebraska that might help you if you’re facing foreclosure. You could also have protection if you recently became disabled, lost your job or are facing foreclosure through no fault of your own.

Get help with Nebraska home repair grants through your county!

Some counties might be able to offer Nebraska home repair grants. You could get help updating your home and making it better for your family to live in. These programs might be able to be used in combination with state programs. 


Douglas County

Residents of Omaha could get help with a full rehabilitation for their home through Nebraska home repair grants. This program, combined with the CDBG, might make it easier for you to update your home and make necessary repairs. You could use the grant money to fix vital components of your home and to make updates so it’s more modern.

Hall County

Are you in Grand Island and need Nebraska home repair grants? You might be able to get them through the CDBG! This program could help you update your home and get the help you need to make it more livable. The CDBG can be used for repairs, updates and rehabilitation to your home.

Lancaster County

Residents of Lincoln who want to update their homes can get help! You might be able to qualify for the CDBG which can help with repairs to the vital and other components in your home. The HILP could help you rehab your home to make it safer and easier to live in. If you have an emergency repair issue in your home, you might be able to get help with it. The city also offers repair loans that you can use. You could even qualify for a deferred loan that you won’t have to pay back until you sell the home!

Madison County

Need Nebraska home repair grants in Norfolk? You could qualify. The city offers the CDBG program that could help you with a repair grant to fix your home. You might also be able to get help through the city using the HOME investment partnership program!

Sarpy County

If you’re a resident of Bellevue and you need help updating your home, you might be able to get it. The city offers the CDBG for people who qualify to update their homes and fix issues with the home. The city also offers HOME investment partnership loans. You’ll need to meet the requirements the city has in place. Funding might not always be available.

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Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

I was wondering if I can get paper application mailed for any home owners repair grants or resources for low income family on disability.

Catherine Marucci

Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

Hi Jessica. You will have to reach out to the organizations listed above to see if they can send you the paper version of their applications.