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7 Things You Should NEVER Buy at the Dollar Store

7 Things You Should NEVER Buy at the Dollar Store

Stop! There are seven things you should NEVER buy at the dollar store! Read this before you waste your money.


Never buy batteries at the Dollar Store.

First, you should never buy batteries at the dollar store. The Readers Digest has stated that batteries from the dollar store are usually made with carbon-zinc to save money. This inferior material does not last as long as the alkaline name brands.

In a comparison, they found that batteries from Dollar General had ⅓ or less the energy of major name brands and were more likely to leak… so that’s why batteries are at the top of our do-not-buy list.


Never buy vitamins or medications at the Dollar Store.

Second, vitamins and medications. According to Brad’s Deals, studies have shown that vitamins and medications from the dollar store are often missing essential ingredients and aren’t as strictly regulated by the FDA. This can be a problem. 

Skip anything related to safety.

Third, anything related to safety should not be purchased at the dollar store. This includes things like floatation devices, oven mitts, knives, sunscreen and cleaning supplies.


Remember, dollar store products have to be made so cheaply that the dollar store can make a profit even with their rock-bottom prices. That means manufacturers often use cheaper materials, dilute products or cut other corners to save on costs. You don’t want to cut corners on products that keep you or your family safe, so it’s best to go with trusted brands for these things. 

Go easy on the electronics and accessories.

Fourth, electronics and electronics accessories. According to, “Not only do dollar store electronic accessories break quickly, but they can also end up damaging your phone, computer, television and more.”

In fact, Cheapism goes so far as to say that you should never buy “anything with a plug” from the dollar store due to fire risks and other hazards. 

It might be better to miss out on the makeup, too.

Fifth, makeup and hair color should also be avoided. Although the price seems great, these products are used directly on your skin and hair. If they are made with cheap ingredients, they may cause allergic reactions, rashes or even long-term damage according to Cheapism. 

Skip the school and office supplies.

Sixth, school and office supplies. The dollar store sounds like a great option but you can often find better deals on more high-quality products from other stores.

This is especially true if you wait to buy until just after school has started, when notebooks and other supplies at Walmart and other stores are often discounted to less than $1. 

Canned food costs more at the Dollar Store.

Seventh, canned and boxed food. Be mindful when you’re shopping at the dollar store for canned and boxed food. Some of the things you’ll find at the dollar store are actually cheaper at Walmart and other retailers! 


Is there anything else you should never buy at the Dollar Store?

Let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you think we should avoid at the dollar store – and check out this list of items you should always buy at the dollar store!


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