Learn How to Get Ohio Home Repair Grants (and Other Homeowner Resources)

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Whether you need to fix a leaky faucet or repair an unsafe porch, Ohio home repair grants could help you get things fixed to make your home safer and more comfortable. We found a lot of resources to help you find the best home repair grant!

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Ohio homeowners can benefit from these programs.

Ohio offers the Save the Dream program to help those who are facing foreclosure. The program offers free credit counseling and other resources to help homeowners save their dream of owning a home.

You can refinance your home if you’re a military member, police officer, teach or another hero through the Ohio Heroes program! Ohio Heroes can get lower rates when refinancing through the program. You can save as much as half on your mortgage rate.

If you don’t already own a home, you might qualify for the 203K FHA loan. This loan allows you to purchase and repair the home you want all rolled into one mortgage payment. There are certain requirements and you must be a first time home buyer.

You may be eligible for property tax relief!

Ohio offers property tax reductions for low income seniors, disabled persons and veterans. For more information on property relief in Ohio and other homeowner resources, click here!

Get Ohio home repair grants.

If you’re a veteran and need to make changes to your home due to a disability obtained while in the military, you might qualify for specially adaptive housing grants. These grants could help you pay for things to make your home more accessible with your disability.

Homes that are in rural areas could qualify for rural home improvement grants and loans. These could help you make repairs on your home and there generally isn’t a limit to the type of repairs you can do. You will need to check to see if your home is in a rural area, though.

Rebuilding Together provides free emergency repairs and home modifications for low income homeowners. They prioritize service to seniors and disabled individuals. To qualify, you must’ve lived in the home for three years or more. Some of their approved repairs include adding handrails to stairways, replacing dangerous steps, fixing dangerous wiring, repairing plumbing and installing grab bars.

The best home repair grants are available from city and county governments.

Some of the counties in Ohio offer specific programs for residents of their counties. You may be able to pay for your home repairs with these grants!If you are approved, these programs can help you pay for home repairs.

Allen County

Allen County residents are served by WSOS Community Action. You never have to repay these Ohio home repair grants! These grants can be used to make repairs and upgrades to roofing, electrical systems, plumbing, furnaces, water tanks or the structure itself. To qualify, you must earn 80% of your county’s median income or less. Their website includes a helpful income chart that can help you determine if you meet these guidelines. 

Cuyahoga County

Cleveland offers several programs for homeowners. Their Senior Homeowner Assistance Program (SHAP) provides home repair grants to low income Cleveland residents who are at least 60 years old or disabled. They also provide low-interest home repair loans through their Repair-A-Home (RAH) Program, Housing Enhancement Loan Program (HELP) and Neighborhood Historic Preservation and Heritage Homes Program. Cleveland residents may also be eligible for free weatherization assistance and lead hazard control help.

Cuyahoga County does not have a home repair grant program. However, they do offer a low-interest rate home repair loan. The loan could come with an interest rate as low as 2.5% for those who qualify.

Erie County

Erie County residents are also served by WSOS Community Action. For more information, see our summary under “Allen County.”

Franklin County

Columbus offers some very beneficial programs to their residents. They offer a chores program to assist seniors and disabled residents with minor home repairs. They also offer an Emergency Repair Program, Citywide Roof Replacement Program, Deaf Modification Program, Home Modification Program, Home Safe and Sound Program, Lead-Safe Columbus Initiative and a tool lending library. To learn more about these programs, visit the Columbus website!

Franklin County residents who live outside of Columbus city limits may receive assistance from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning CommissionThis agency provides assistance with various repair projects, including roofing, plumbing, electrical, structural, heating, sewage and other systems. They also provide disability modifications.

Hamilton County

Hamilton County might be able to help those who live in Cincinnati and need to make home repairs. Through the People Working Cooperative, low-income residents can work with others as part of the cooperative movement. Grants and loans are available to those who are a part of the co-op and qualify.

The Hamilton County Home Improvement Program could help those who are in Cincinnati and other areas of Hamilton County with home improvements. They offer grants to low-income individuals who qualify.

Hancock County

Hancock County residents are also served by WSOS Community Action. For more information, see our summary under “Allen County.”

Huron County

Huron County residents are also served by WSOS Community Action. For more information, see our summary under “Allen County.”

Montgomery County

With the Citywide Development Corporation, residents of Dayton can also get help with their home repairs. If the repairs will improve the overall value of the home, the city may pay for the repairs. The neighborhood and city, in general, must benefit from the home repairs.

Ottawa County

Ottawa County residents are also served by WSOS Community Action. For more information, see our summary under “Allen County.”

Putnam County

Putnam County residents are also served by WSOS Community Action. For more information, see our summary under “Allen County.”

Sandusky County

Sandusky County residents are also served by WSOS Community Action. For more information, see our summary under “Allen County.”

Seneca County

Seneca County residents are also served by WSOS Community Action. For more information, see our summary under “Allen County.”

Summit County

Akron residents may be able to use the Minor Home Repair Program offered by the City of Akron. This program offers small home repair grants to low income households.

Summit County Department of Community and Economic Development offers home rehabilitation grants. They offer HUD funds through their Community Development Block Grants. They also offer HOME Investment Partnerships, Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP), Household Sewage Treatment System (HSTS) grants and a lead paint abatement program.

Can’t find your area in our list? Help may still be available!

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development states that many cities in Ohio use HUD funds to provide grants and loans to help low and moderate income earners maintain their homes. First, HUD distributes these funds to the State of Ohio, and then the state disburses them to local communities. Not all cities and counties advertise these programs, so you should always inquire with your local government offices!

In addition, local Community Development Corporations (CDCs) and Community Action Councils can assist with weatherization and sometimes provide rehabilitation programs of their own. You will need to contact your local office to see what is available, of course.

If you need help with grants or with any other homeowner information, it’s a great idea to contact your local city and state governments for grant information. It might be easier to get Ohio home repair grants by contacting them and your local community action area. You might find what you’re looking for in the local office!

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