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How to Get a Disability Lawyer

How to Get a Disability Lawyer

Are you applying for disability? The might want to consider getting a disability lawyer! You may be surprised to find out you sometimes don’t even need to have a lot of money to get a lawyer who will help you navigate the waters of your disability case.

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What can having a disability lawyer do for you?

The process of applying for and dealing with appeals when it comes to disability can be really difficult and discouraging. If you get a disability lawyer, you can help yourself have someone there with you throughout the whole thing. The benefits of hiring a disability lawyer include:

  • You get professional legal advice at all times.
  • A lawyer will do most of the legwork after you fill out basic forms.
  • Lawyers might know legal loopholes to help your case work out in your favor.
  • You can have the support that comes from having someone who is on your side (even though that’s their job).

Using a disability lawyer for workers compensation.

Workers comp gets really tricky when you’re applying for it and even when you’re collecting it. If you fill out any forms the wrong way, you could risk losing your claim and that could leave you with thousands of dollars that you owe for the medical damage. There are also other problems that could crop up when you’re dealing with workers compensation.

Most disability attorneys are well-versed in workers compensation law. If you get a disability lawyer for your workers’ compensation case, you will already have legal counsel secured in the unfortunate event your workers’ comp claim turns into a disability claim.

Social security hopefuls might want to hire an attorney.

Even just filling out the paperwork for a social security disability filing can be difficult. An attorney can help you figure out the right way to do the paperwork and what you need to further support the information you’re using to file the claim. If you have an attorney, he or she can help you fill the paperwork out, go to court dates and help you navigate everything that comes after you are successful with your claim.

Having an attorney will not guarantee you get SSDI or SSI, but it can help you avoid making mistakes or missing deadlines. 

It might be harder to get a disability lawyer in these instances.

One instance where you might not be able to use a disability lawyer is if you file a claim with the VA. You will need to retain the help of a disability lawyer before you file your claim. As Nicole found out the hard way, you cannot hire a lawyer after the claim has been filed. Although you can always use a Veteran’s Service Organization (VSO) like the DAV or VFW, it can work in your favor to have an attorney represent you in your claim. 

If you plan on filing a claim with the VA, obtain a lawyer (who understands VA law) beforehand, because you might not be able to do so afterwards. The US Department of Veteran’s Affairs Office of General Counsel has a list of organizations that offer free services for veterans.

How you can get a disability lawyer with no money upfront.

When a lawyer does work without getting paid, they do pro bono work. This is somewhat uncommon, but it does happen. Many communities have organizations that work specifically for this purpose and lawyers volunteer their time to give pro bono work. You can use this directory to find a pro bono lawyer in your area. Be advised that not all pro bono lawyers work on disability cases, but some do.

Many attorneys do not charge upfront for representing you in a disability case and will only charge if you win the case. Not all attorneys are like this, so check with them first. In other areas, attorneys who work on VA cases may not legally charge you upfront.

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