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Got Oregon Food Stamps? Get Free Stuff!!!

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2018)

Your Oregon food stamps card can do so much more than buy groceries and other items. The coolest attractions in Portland and Salem have some truly amazing Oregon Trail Card discounts. The EBT funds can also be used in some unusual places (like the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative!).

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Got a Oregon food stamps card? Get FREE stuff and discounts on services!

Amazon offers discounted Amazon Prime memberships for customers who receive either EBT or Medicaid benefits! Amazon Prime includes FREE two-day shipping and FREE streaming access to thousands of titles. You’ll need to verify that you receive either food stamps or Medicaid to get this incredible price.

Cell phones and service may be available FREE in your area! Choose a provider here.

Internet from Comcast, CenturyLink, AT&T and more for just $5-$10 per month?! It’s true! Click here to see all the discounted Internet programs you could qualify for.

Plant a garden! You can buy seeds and produce-bearing plants with your Oregon food stamps card! It’s actually part of the federal food stamps law.

Power companies often have low income programs, including special low rates or free home improvement services! We received over $18,000 in free home improvements through these programs. Discover what your company offers here.

Property tax exemptions are often available for low income seniors and disabled veterans! For more info on what it is and how to apply, contact your local county assessor’s office. We even received a refund for the last two years of property taxes!

Student loan payments could be as low as ZERO dollars per month with an income based repayment plan!

Summer food services offer free meals for children 18 and under during the summer months when free and low-cost school meals aren’t available.

Veterinary care assistance is available! If you have a pet, then you need to know about these agencies that may be able to assist with your pet’s vet bills.

YMCA organizations often have discounts for low income families! Contact your local YMCA for details.

Wait — you can’t afford to miss this!

You could qualify for more food stamps funds!When I was receiving food stamps, I filled out the paperwork completely wrong. I didn’t know it at the time but I could’ve received hundreds of dollars per month in extra food stamps! If you are struggling to buy enough groceries each month, then you really need to read this post!

You can even get cash back from your food stamps card! It’s true and it’s legal – no cash benefits required. One of our readers earned an additional $437.84 just by shopping with her food stamps card. She uses that extra money to buy diapers, wipes and other essentials. Here’s how.

Did you know you could shop here (and buy this?!) with your Oregon food stamps?

You can buy gift baskets and even shop at Costco with your food stamps card!

Buy gift baskets and more! No joke – this is all part of the actual federal food stamps law. Here’s a list of unexpected things you can actually buy with your food stamps funds. 

Shop at these retailers! Did you know that Costco, farmer’s markets and even you-pick strawberry fields can accept EBT benefits? Some retailers even give you either discounts or free stuff if you shop there with your food stamps card!

Community Cycling Center  offers a 20% shop discount! Melinda wrote, “I work at the Community Cycling Center and wanted to let you know that we offer a 20% shop discount when you show us your Oregon Trail /Washington Quest/equivalent EBT or Medicaid card. The discount is good for new and used parts and accessories, repair services, and all bike and frame sales.” Thanks, Melinda!

People’s Co-Op offers a 5% discount on everything (not just food!) for Oregon food stamps recipients AND offers $10 in matching funds for EBT shoppers each week! I discovered the matching program on their website after researching a comment by Yarrow that says, “People’s Co-op on 21st near Powell offers 5% off everything (doesn’t have to be food!) with an Oregon food stamps card. Ask for the 5% program at check out.” Thanks, Yarrow!

Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative delivers fresh, organic produce boxes every week.

Figaro’s Pizza! If you buy your pizza with your Oregon food stamps card, then you can ask them to cook it on-site for $1 per pizza or $0.50 per order for sides. Thanks, Jessica and Mandy!

Leonardi’s Pizza (inside Winco) will accept Oregon food stamps for take and bake. Pay $1 cash per pizza to have it cooked on site! Thanks, Jessica!

Get discounted admission with your Oregon food stamps card!

In order to make this list easy to use, we’ve organized it alphabetically by city and used green titles for museums that accept out-of-state EBT cards. All other locations require Oregon food stamps cards.

It is important to realize that you cannot pay for admission with your Oregon food stamps card. You will show the EBT card to receive the discount but you will need to pay the remaining admission price, if any, in cash or with a credit/debit card.


Albany Regional Museum – Donation Only

My kids would LOVE to visit Albany Regional Museum, just for the train exhibits!

City Pools – $10 for 10 visits

If you get Oregon food stamps, then you can get an Albany City pool pass for 1/3 the price! You’ll pay $10 for a 10 visit punch card instead of the regular $30 rate! In order to qualify, you’ll need to show your Oregon Trail card and request the subsidized card at City Hall’s Parks & Recreation counter. These cards are only available as long as funding lasts, but if you use your card you may be able to request another as long as the cards are still available.


ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum – $2 per person

ScienceWorks is an interactive science center designed to both amaze and inspire people of all ages. The museum features many exhibits, an outdoor garden, live science shows and engaging programs year-round.


High Desert Museum – $2 per person

Since 1982, the High Desert Museum has been rated as Central Oregon’s top attraction by Trip Advisor. The Museum sprawls across 135 acres and more than 100,000 square feet of exhibit space. You’ll be able to get close up with native wildlife like river otters, bobcat, porcupines, owls, badgers, hawks and badgers. You’ll also talk with historic characters about early Oregon explorers and settlers. In addition, you can visit an authentic 1904 homestead and sawmill.

A single Oregon food stamps card can be used to get this discount for up to two adults and four children.


Adventure! Children’s Museum – $1 per person

Have an adventure in Lane County, Oregon! For years, Adventure! has been roaming Lane County as a mobile museum with fun mini-exhibits and activities. If you remember that, then you’ll love their official brick-and-mortar museum in the Valley River Center!

Museum of Natural and Cultural History – $1 per person or $5 per family

Experience the natural and cultural history of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and the world at large at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Oregon. Exhibits showcase 14,000 years of Oregonian history through interactive exhibits, technology and world-class collections.

Eugene Science Center – $1 per person

For just $1, up to six family members can receive admission to the Eugene Science Center (formerly known as the Science Factory). Also, for another $1 each, you’ll be able to see a stargazing planetarium show!

Grants Pass

Schmidt House Museum – up to $3 per person

The Schmidt House Museum and Library also participates in the Museums for All program.


Kid Time Children’s Museum – $30 per 6 month membership

Kid Time offers scholarship memberships to qualifying families! If you pay just $30, then you could receive unlimited admission for up to six months! Of course, you’ll need to fill out a scholarship application and prove your eligibility.

At this time, your family must include at least one child under the age of 8 years to be eligible for this. In addition, you must also receive public assistance, be a licensed foster care parent, have a child receiving free or reduced school lunches or be a student enrolled in school.


Benton County Historical Society – FREE!

This museum is always free!


BIKETOWN- $3 per month

BIKETOWN offers a discounted program for low income Portland residents. You may qualify if you have an Oregon Trail card or another assistance program. With the discounted program, you will pay just $3 per month. You’ll get the first month free through the Pay It Forward program. You’ll also get a free bike helmet! Get the details here.

Portland Children’s Museum – $1 per person per visit OR $15 per family per year!

If you receive any form of public assistance, then you can visit the Portland Children’s Museum for just$1 per person. Public assistance includes WIC, Oregon food stamps, Medicaid, TANF, and either free or reduced student lunches. In order to receive this discount, you will have to provide proof of your participation in one of these programs.

If you live within 35 miles of the museum, then you may qualify for an even better deal! The Portland Children’s Museum offers $15 annual memberships for local families with children ages 0 til 12. In order to be eligible, you must participate in any form of public assistance, including either EBT or Medicaid. Specifically, the membership provides unlimited admission for two named adults, four named children, one named caregiver and two free guests each visit!

Oregon Historical SocietyFREE

An Oregon food stamps card can provide both free admission for up to four people and a 10% discount in the museum store.

Oregon Zoo – $5 per person

If you participate in one of the following programs, then you can buy up to six markedly discounted zoo tickets for just $5 per person! When you ride the MAX to the zoo, you can get admission for just $3.50 per person!

You will qualify for this discount if you can show proof that you have Oregon food stamps, Washington food stamps, Medicaid, CHIP, Section 8, WIC, TANF or are participating in another qualifying program.

Arts for All – $5 tickets for 2 people

The Arts for All program provides discounted tickets to “Portland’s best music, theater and dance groups.” If you have Oregon food stamps, then you can buy two tickets for just $5 each!

Tickets must be purchased by contacting the participating group rather than the Arts for All program. There are presently 68 participating groups, including Broadway Rose Theater CompanyChamber Music NorthwestLight Opera of PortlandOregon Ballet Theatre, and Portland Rose Festival Foundation. For a full list of participants, visit the Arts for All website.


Bush House Museum – FREE

Both individuals and families with an Oregon food stamps card can receive free admission to the Bush Barn Art Center.

Gilbert House Children’s Museum- – $40 per family per year

Families who are receiving any sort of public assistance can purchase an annual membership for less than half the usual price. Presently, two named adults and four named children can receive unlimited admission all year long for just $40! You can also receive discounts on classes, camps, parties and gift shop purchases! For more information, including an application, click here.

SalemforAll.org maintains a list of discounted (and sometimes free) recreation opportunities for Oregon food stamps card (EBT Card) holders.

The Dalles

Fort Dalles Museum and Anderson Homestead – $2 per person

One of Oregon’s oldest history museums is now participating in Museums for All! You can view the unique collection of pioneer and military artifacts, including an antique wagon, while walking the grounds of this 1800s military fort.

Although no details regarding Museums for All are available on their website, I spoke to someone in the office today (1/24/2017) who indicated that the price will be $2 per person beginning March 1st.


Get more FREE stuff in Oregon!

81 thoughts on “Got Oregon Food Stamps? Get Free Stuff!!!”

      1. Hi Nicole I have a question as to avoid embarrassment. I have a snap card and I want to use it for an upcoming Oregon Ballet event that’s happening next week. But my snap card recently went through the wash/dryer and was slightly melted, it wont scan sometimes and I am waiting for a new one in the mail. By the time it comes in the mail the show i want to see wont be running anymore. Should I wait until my new card comes in? I am worried picture I.D. and damaged snap card wont work. Thanks for your help

        1. Hi, Rina! Since you are just showing the card to prove you’re eligible, I think it would still work. However, you can always call the Arts for All office at 503-445-3700 or visit in person at 128 NW 11th Avenue in Portland to verify. 🙂

  1. You can use your ebt cards to purchase fruit and vegetable seeds AND live foodbearing plants like herbs or apple trees or tomatos plants.

  2. 7-11 sells uncooked large pizzas from Schwans. After you buy a pizza ($5.55ea), 7-11 will cook the pizza for you.

  3. Hello! I work at the Community Cycling Center and wanted to let you know that we offer a 20% shop discount when you show us your Oregon Trail/Washington Quest/equivalent EBT or Medicaid card. The discount is good for new and used parts and accessories, repair services, and all bike and frame sales.

  4. Most Figaro’s Pizza location accept ebt and Leonardi’s Pizza inside WinCo accept ebt for take and bake Or if you want them cooked you can pay $1 cash each pizza.

  5. Pingback: Need free food in Springfield, Oregon? | Low Income Relief

  6. Any store or famers market that is set up to process food stamps will sell you fruit or vegetable starts , seeds or berry bushes or trees even!ie:walmawart ,fred myers,rite aid,walgreens,dollar tree,shopko,winco,famers market stands that take ebt. City of Salem will also let your kids do summer program s free if you show ebt,and proof of Salem residency.My older kids got free swim lessons at Olinger this way years ago.

    1. That’s awesome! I especially love the tip about the swim lessons – that’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing that information.

  7. Zappo’s Pizza also accepts EBT and will cook and deliver the pizza for a fee (very reasonably priced) that is to be paid separately.

    1. Chris Ouellette

      Zappos no longer accepts EBT. The company has new owners who decided to no longer accept foodstamps.

      1. I have been unable to verify this with a source but that is what Cindi said! It makes sense to me and several other states do this. I would recommend calling your local license distributor to confirm, however.

    1. Unfortunately not, Kona… but there are many food banks that offer pet food! If you let me know what general area you’re in (city or county), I can try to help you find a food bank that offers pet food in your area. 🙂

      1. there is a site on the web like the food stamp site that gives food for animals to people that are needy and low income. I know it probably just look up. I know that they also deliver to people that are unable to pick it up. I think if you go to EBT website that there is someplace on there that you click that will take you to the site. animals are a man and woman’s best friend I’m glad that I found it. hope this helps out. l eggs

      2. Hi there I’m in yamhill county and I have a sick kiddo and that makes money pretty tight any luck finding cat food at a food bank around here? TIA

        1. Hi, Chris! I was able to find two food banks that offer pet food in your area, but they’re about 35 miles away.

          The Pongo Fund in Portland should be able to help you. They serve anyone in Oregon and SW Washington. If you can’t make it to their location, they encourage you to ask your local food bank to contact them to learn more about getting pet food. It has a listed phone number of (503) 939-7555 or you can click here to see their website.

          The other option is Esther’s Pantry in Milwaukie. It’s located at 10202 Se 32nd Ave Suite 601 and has a listed phone number of (503) 349-4699. However, this pantry only serves people with a disabling HIV diagnosis. :\

          I hope this helps! 🙂

  8. Nicole,
    Do used item stores, like Goodwill and Salvation Army offer any discount with the Oregon Trail card? Thank you, Andrea

    1. That’s a great idea and I certainly wish they did! I haven’t been able to confirm hat any thrift stores actually offer discounts like that, though. 🙁 I’m sorry!

  9. Cindi is right, you can purchase a fishing license with your EBT card in Oregon. Bi-Mart first told me about it ! I haven’t checked, though it stands to reason that you would be able to buy a hunting license too.

    1. This is inaccurate…Oregon Fish & Wildlife said no. The only way it might have happened is if the Oregon Trail Card maybe had cash benefits linked to it…

  10. I notice a lot of folks are asking about perks for different Counties which begs the question,
    Isn’t SNAP a Federal Program governed by each State ? Shouldn’t matter what County you live in.

  11. Is there anywhere that will let you use food stamps and deliver groceries? I’ve been stuck at home being a single mom with a sick baby or when it snows and we don’t have a car.

  12. Hello! People’s Co-op on 21st near Powell offers 5% off everything (doesn’t have to be food!) with an EBT card. Ask for the 5% program at check out.

  13. Thanks for the great info! Would it be possible for you to find out if the places offering the $5 tickets with the Oregon Trail card through the Arts for All program will also accept the Washington Quest card (also ebt)? We are in Vancouver, WA, just across the bridge from Portland. Thanks so much for any help!

    1. Hello, Sandy! Thanks for asking. Right now, Arts for All in Portland is limited to Oregon Trail cardholders. When I spoke with them, they were very interested in the idea of accepting out-of-state cards, though, so hopefully this will change soon! I’ll let you know if I receive any updates about this. 🙂

    1. Hey, Bree! I’m so sorry for the delay. I’ve been taking care of 5 sick kiddos for the last week or so and I’ve fallen very far behind on my reader requests. I’ll try to get some research done this afternoon and see if I can find any additional information for Jackson and Josephine Counties. So sorry!

    2. Hello, Bree! I just found out that Kid Time in Medford offers scholarship memberships for EBT recipients. I’ve updated the article with details!

  14. Hi Nicole I was wondering if there’s any places in Portland that discount on car repair for people with EBT cards or for low income families/ppl on any type of assistances​????
    Help, HELP, help, help !!!!!!!!

    1. Hey, Bree! I’m so sorry for the delay. I’ve been taking care of 5 sick kiddos for the last week or so and I’ve fallen very far behind on my reader requests. I’ll try to get some research done this afternoon and see if I can find any additional information for Jackson and Josephine Counties. So sorry!

        1. Thanks, Bree! I’ll let you know as soon as I find anything else in your area – and if you find anything I haven’t listed, I hope you’ll let me know! 🙂

  15. Hi, thank you for all the hard work you have put in to get this list. Do you know of anything in Albany? I don’t drive and we ride the city bus or walk.

    1. Hi, Monica! Thanks for asking. I was able to find a few things in Albany and I’ve updated the list accordingly. I’m planning to write up a “Free Museums in Oregon” post soon and hopefully that will have even more information for you. I’ll let you know when it’s done! 🙂

  16. Thank you!
    I never wanted to be on public assistance but being a newly single mom with 5 children we qualify and getting additional help with groceries will mean I can start saving a bit each month.

    These additional educational benefits are fabulous!

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