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6+ Ways to Get an Oregon Home Improvement Grant

6+ Ways to Get an Oregon Home Improvement Grant

You could get help with an Oregon home improvement grant! We found ways you can save money on repairs and get help making repairs to your home. Even if you have low income, you can find the help you need!


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You could qualify for an Oregon home improvement grant.

The USDA home repair grant might help you with up to $7,500 toward your home repairs. The grant is free, but it requires you to meet some requirements to get the Oregon home improvement grant. You must be in a USDA-deemed rural area to qualify for it.


The Oregon weatherization program might help you get home repairs. These repairs are to make your home more energy efficient. If you need new flooring, insulation or even a heating system, you may qualify for it through the weatherization program. You’ll need to apply for the program through the assistance office and meet certain income guidelines.

With an FHA rehabilitation loan, you could qualify for help even if you’re not a first-time home buyer. You may also be able to roll home rehabilitation into an FHA-backed mortgage if you’re purchasing a new home.


The Habitat for Humanity might be able to help with an Oregon home repair grant. While they hire professionals to do the contracted work, these professionals generally use your labor as sweat equity to get the repairs done to your home. You’ll have to meet certain requirements and may need to be on a waitlist to get help.

Try these loans to help repair your home.

The USDA loan might be able to help you with up to $20,000 toward your home repairs. If you cannot get an Oregon home improvement grant, you can qualify for help with a loan from the USDA. These loans are offered to low-income people who live in rural areas of Oregon and are unable to qualify for traditional rehab financing.

The VA-backed loan might be able to help you if you’re a veteran or an active duty military member. These loans can cover a variety of repairs. Just like a VA-backed mortgage, they’re guaranteed by the VA.

Property tax relief is available in Oregon!

Great news! Oregon has over 100 programs designed to help with property tax relief! You could qualify for a variety of exemptions. These can include help for military members and first responders, those with a deceased spouse and people who are disabled. If you make home repairs, you’re low-income or a senior citizen, you may also be able to get help. It’s easy to learn about your property tax exemptions when you use the search feature on the Oregon tax page!

Oregon foreclosure relief could help you.

Oregon’s foreclosure avoidance program might help you save your home from going into foreclosure. You’ll need to meet certain requirements and live in your home for a certain amount of time before getting approved for the program. You might also need to take certain steps to avoid foreclosure.

The Oregon prevention assistance program could help you prevent foreclosure. You’ll need to apply for the program and meet certain requirements. You’ll also have to provide information on your finances and what debt you have to get approved.

The homeowner stabilization is one of the first steps you might want to take when you think you might be facing foreclosure. The stabilization course could help you save money and could also make it easier for you to avoid foreclosure in the future.


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Find your Oregon county to get even more help.

You could get help with an Oregon home improvement grant through your county! These grants might be able to help you in addition to your home rehab programs that are statewide. The programs may also be able to make it easier for you to get the home repair help you need.

Benton County

The Corvallis neighborhood improvement loan could help you make repairs to your home both inside and out. You’ll need to meet certain income guidelines to qualify for the program. The city offers the loan with lower credit requirements and lower interest rates. You may be able to use the program in combination with other home improvement programs.

Clackamas County

If you’re in Clackamas County and need an Oregon home improvement grant, you could qualify for it through the city. They offer grants for people with special needs, senior citizens and those on disability. They also offer low-interest loans for people who are low-income.

Jackson County

Residents of Medford might be able to qualify for block grants and loans. These are offered through the community block program and can help residents make their homes nicer and better for the neighborhood. You could use the help for a variety of repairs and rehab projects on your home.

Lane County

Eugene offers assistance to people in the city and people who want to repair their homes. You’ll need to apply for the program through the city and meet requirements to get approved for it. The program may also require you to make a certain amount and have a specific credit score to get approved.


The Springfield Bond Measure repair grants could help you save your home! If you are in need of an Oregon home improvement grant, this one might work in combination with state grants. You’ll need to apply for it through the housing agency in Springfield.

Linn County

The Albany Rehabilitation loan program could help you make repairs to your home. You must apply for the program and meet certain requirements to get approved for their loan.

Multnomah County

The Portland housing bureau offers the neighborhood improvement loans and grants. These may only be available certain times of the year when funding is available. You can get approved for both loans and grants and use them in combination with other grant programs.

The Multnomah Weatherization Program offers free home upgrades to low income homeowners! This program reduces utility costs by 25-40% while adding thousands of dollars of value to the property.

Washington County

If you’re in Beaverton and need help with your home repair, you could get help through the community development block grant program. This program helps with repairs for people throughout Beaverton. Seniors and those with special needs receive priority.

Are you anywhere else in Washington County and looking for an Oregon home improvement grant? You may be able to get it! The county offers repair grants and loans. Their loan program provides up to $25,000 to those who qualify for it!

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Linda T

Friday 25th of March 2022

I am a 68 year old veteran living in Coos Bay, OR. I have been trying to get help with repairs to my home or 2 years. I cannot, at my age, take out a loan to do repairs. I have been denied by community agency. I also have been waiting for almost a year for the veteran help group using the term "rebuild hope." I was initially told it would start in 3 weeks but excuse after excuse and it is still raining in my home. Hope?? I started the work but was stopped because the guy doing work had no contractor license. He was Habitat manager. Now my money is gone but I still need the work done. I am being penalized. i used my money and was not asking for help initially. It has crossed my mind that I am having a hard time getting help because I am black in a community that is 99 percent white. I keep telling myself not to let that thought remain and deter my efforts to get help with repairs. After all, I have gotten help with my mortgage. So I will continue to reach out until someone hears my cries for help.


Thursday 31st of March 2022

Low Income Relief is an information service and does not provide cash or items directly. You will need to search our website for information about organizations that can help you meet those needs. Chat with Lira, she might be able to help!

Elizabeth R. Kent

Friday 3rd of January 2020

I'm looking for help with Capital Improvements in a Condominium building that needs major work. It is an older building and has a detiorating storefront and safety requirements according to current code changes.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I am searching for our HOA. Thanks

Riley Thomson

Friday 17th of January 2020

Elizabeth, I'm not sure. You could also try for more resources in your area. Good luck! -Riley

Sharon Johnston

Wednesday 13th of February 2019

Thank you for this information! I’m going to look into these tomorrow.

Riley Thomson

Friday 15th of February 2019

Sharon, You're welcome! -Riley