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PEPCO Customers: Get Help Paying Your Bill!

PEPCO Customers: Get Help Paying Your Bill!

Paying your PEPCO bill can be hard. If you’re struggling to pay your bill or you’re facing a shut-off, we found ways to get help!


D.C. customers can get help with your PEPCO bill.

The D.C. energy assistance program, LIHEAP, can help you pay a portion of your electric bill. You may only be able to apply for the program if you’re in need of emergency assistance or if it’s during the winter months. You can apply online and may be qualified for up to $200 per month on your electric bill.

If you’re receiving LIHEAP or you meet low-income guidelines from PEPCO, you might qualify for RAD. The residential aid discount takes a portion of your bill away before you have any amount due. The discount is for those who are low-income to help lessen the burden of the electric bill.

We found help for Maryland customers.

The LIHEAP benefit through Maryland can help you pay your energy bill. The program automatically applies a portion of your total bill to your account. You can get the benefit by applying in person or online.

With the USP, you might be able to get help paying some of your bill. The program is for people who need help but are unable to qualify for the LIHEAP benefit. You can save money on your bill and get help paying your bill through USP.


If you’re on USP or LIHEAP, you might qualify for shut-off protection. You can apply for the program independently or when you apply for other benefits through Maryland. It’s important to note that you will have to stay within guidelines and under a certain income limit to stay qualified for the utility service protection program.

You can avoid shut-off.

PEPCO offers up to 14 days of an extension on your bill for customers who qualify. You must apply through PEPCO and meet certain requirements to obtain an extension from the company. Customers who apply for the extension early might have a better chance of getting approved for one.

If you have emergency medical equipment, you might be protected from a shut-off. You can apply for the program through PEPCO and you’ll also receive advanced notification of any shut-offs that are scheduled to occur.

PEPCO offers helpful payment options.

If you need payment arrangements for your PEPCO bill, you could qualify for them through the company. You must meet their requirements for the arrangements. Even though there is no guarantee that applying for a payment arrangement earlier will get you the arrangement, it might help you.

The Gift of Energy allows someone to make a payment on your behalf. If a loved one wants to pay your electric bill for you, they can do so through this program.

Using budget billing, you can save yourself from huge fluctuations throughout the year. If the weather is cold or hot, you might be paying more to heat or cool your home down. The budget billing saves you from paying more during those times, and instead uses an average amount through the year to calculate your bill. Your bill will be the same or close to the same throughout the year on budget billing.

Upgrade your home for free and save money.

DC PEPCO customers can get help with upgrading their home to make it more energy efficient through the weatherization program. The weatherization program is completely free and allows you to save money on your bill by having more energy efficiency in your home.


Maryland weatherization is similar to the DC program and makes it easy for you to upgrade your home for free. You must apply through the community action program each year even if you qualified the year before.

PEPCO customers in Maryland may also be able to take advantage of the Empower Program. This program allows customers to get upgrades on their home that they might not be able to get from weatherization. You can apply for the program at the same place as the weatherization program.

You can use these resources to save on your PEPCO bill!

PEPCO offers the energy rewards program to help you lower your bill. You can even get a free thermostat that is programmable. With the program, PEPCO gets permission to cycle your air conditioner and other appliances to help reduce the peak amount of energy used.

The peak energy savings credit rewards you for using your electric during non-peak hours. With this program, you can get a credit on your bill if you use more energy during off-peak than you do during the on peak. While the credit may only be a couple of dollars, it can help you save some on your bill.

PEPCO does free home energy assessments. These assessments tell you whether you need to make upgrades to your home and where you can reduce your energy usage at. The assessments allow you to learn more about what you’re doing with your home and how you can improve.

Rebates on lighting, appliances and other things in your home can help you save money if you plan to buy them in the future. Many of the rebates are for energy efficient appliances which will also help you save money on your bill!


We figured out how to save even more!

There are other ways you can save money, too! Follow our tips for saving energy so you can lower your bill!

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