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Get Help Paying Your Piedmont EMC Bill!

Get Help Paying Your Piedmont EMC Bill!

Stop struggling with your Piedmont EMC bill! We found ways you can get help with your bill, lower the bill and even helpful payment options!


We found help for paying your Piedmont EMC bill.

The LIHEAP benefit might be beneficial if you’re struggling with your Piedmont EMC bill. Using LIHEAP could make it easier for you to pay your bill because it automatically pays a portion of that bill. You will need to meet the program requirements including income, residency and other requirements. The amount you get from LIHEAP generally won’t cover your entire bill, but it can reduce the burden of a big electric bill.

You might be able to qualify for help through the Salvation Army. Using the program, you could get a one-time payment that might make it easier for you to pay your electric bill. In general, these payments have caps and also are only able to be used once per year. The amount you can qualify for depends on many factors including the funding available at the time through the Salvation Army.

Check out Piedmont EMC’s payment options!  

The time of day rate can be helpful if you do not typically use your electric during peak hours. With the time of day rate, you will save money by using electric during non-peak times. You can choose this and several other rate plan options from the rates Piedmont has to offer.

If you find your bills are very high during certain times of the year, you might be able to benefit from the Piedmont EMC’s budget billing program. This program could help you by spacing out your electric bills so they are even throughout the year. You’ll always know what to expect no matter what fluctuations there are with the weather. The company figures out how much you’ll pay based on how much you used your electric over the past year. They then use the total amount and break it down into twelve equal payments.


Prepaying for your electric might be a good idea if you are always struggling with your bill. Paying ahead can be helpful if you don’t get paid on the same days every month, if you struggle to make your payment on time and if you don’t want the burden that comes with a traditional electric bill. You will just need to make sure you know when to re-up your electric account so it doesn’t get shut off!

Upgrade your home for free and start saving on your bills.

Weatherization is a program that might make it easier for you to save money on your bills. You could use weatherization to upgrade your home and make it more energy efficient. With the North Carolina Weatherization Program, you could get things like added insulation, updated heating systems and so much more. You’ll need to meet the state requirements for this program.

Piedmont EMC might be able to offer you rebates for appliances you purchase. If you are purchasing an appliance and it is energy efficient, you could qualify for a rebate through the program. There are a variety of different rebates available that could change depending on the options you have. If you qualify for these rebates, you will need to provide information on the appliance and proof of purchase.

If you are unable to qualify for weatherization or you have energy efficiency repairs that do not fall under the weatherization program, you might be able to get a loan to help you. While you will still have to pay the loan back, it might be able to help you upgrade your home so you can save money on your electric bills!

Piedmont EMC might offer free things for your community!

The Piedmont EMC is a part of Touchstone Energy. Since you’re a member of Touchstone, you get to enjoy all the benefits that come from being a member. In addition to discounts on prescriptions and other things, you also get many different benefits. Check out this article to learn all about the best benefits of being a Touchstone member!

Each year, Piedmont selects high schoolers for their scholarship program. Your high schooler will need to be interested in starting a career in the energy industry. Scholarships are based on both need and merit depending on the type of scholarship and other factors.

Your high schooler could get a free trip to DC thanks to the co-op! Each year, they send high schoolers to the capital to learn about energy, politics and how they all have an effect on day to day life. The trip is free, but spots are very competitive.


Lower your own bills using these tips!  

There are free and low-cost things you can do to make your energy bills lower. These are the best tips we’ve found to make your bill lower and help you save money forever!

Check out the free stuff we found in North Carolina!