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19 Surprising Remote No Degree Jobs

19 Surprising Remote No Degree Jobs

Looking for a remote job that does not require a degree? We have researched and compiled many remote no degree jobs that could be right for you!


Remote work became more popular during 2020 and even with life returning to normal, many people still prefer the flow and balance of working from home. It can be tempting to believe that all worthwhile remote jobs require a degree or at least some experience, but with some searching you can find many remote jobs that don’t require a degree and even some remote no experience jobs!

In this article we list common remote no degree jobs and also work from home jobs that do not require a degree or experience. We also give you some tips on how to search for these jobs and cover the subject of freelancing. Keep reading to find a job that is right for you!

Remote Jobs: No Degree

When searching for no degree remote jobs, you may have to explore new fields. The jobs listed below vary in required experience level and pay, but we did not include any job that always requires a certification or specialized degree. We have listed the average requirements and average national salary for each job so that you can make an informed decision for your future.

Please note, what is actually available at the time of your search may differ from what is listed. You will need to make sure that your chosen position aligns with your skills. The average national salary for each job was found on either Indeed’s or Zip Recruiter’s career finder tool. The average salary in your state will likely differ.


Accounting Clerk 

An Accounting Clerk plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate financial records for a company or organization. Their responsibilities typically include tasks such as recording financial transactions, entering data into accounting systems, processing invoices, and assisting with bank reconciliation.

Accounting clerks ensure that the company’s financial records are up-to-date and accurate. While specific duties can vary depending on the organization, the primary focus is on managing financial data and keeping the company’s financial records accurate. This is one of the great remote no degree jobs that could potentially lead to advancement in an accounting firm.

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and some experience usually required

Average National Salary: $52,055 

Benefits Verification Specialist 

A Benefits Verification Specialist (also known as an Insurance Verification Specialist) works with insurance companies to confirm the benefits and coverage of individuals seeking healthcare services. These roles are usually employed by healthcare providers to ensure their billing and reimbursement process go smoothly. Common responsibilities include verifying benefits, entering data, and following up on unpaid bills.

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and sometimes experience

Average National Salary: $41,464 


Claims Examiner 

Claims Examiners ensure that claims are handled fairly and in accordance with policy terms and regulations. Individuals with strong analytical and communication skills are well suited to being a claims examiner. A claims examiner is typically found in insurance companies and responsibilities often include assessing claims, determining validity of claims, and processing the claims. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and sometimes experience

Average National Salary: $44,706

Medical Coder

A Medical Coder (Also known as a Coding Specialist) works in the healthcare field and specializes in assigning medical codes. Medical coders responsibilities often include billing support, communicating with healthcare providers, and ensuring the accuracy of the code assigned to the healthcare service. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and sometimes a certification 

Average National Salary: $58,015


Customer Service Representative 

A Customer Service Representative is a professional who interacts with customers on behalf of a company to answer questions, resolve issues, and ensure overall customer satisfaction. The specific duties of a Customer Service Representative can vary depending on the industry but often include technical support, issue resolution, customer education, and customer inquiries. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and sometimes experience in customer service 

Average National Salary: $39,098 

Client Service Specialist 

Unlike a Customer Service Representative, A Client Service Specialist often works with business to business interactions. The specific duties of a Client Service Specialist can vary depending on the industry, but often include relationship building, problem resolution, client onboarding, and customization of service. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and sometimes experience 

Average National Salary: $40,766

Executive Assistant 

A Remote Executive Assistant performs administrative and organizational tasks to support executives or high-level professionals in a remote work environment. The role is similar to that of an on-site executive assistant but adapted to the remote or virtual setting. Responsibilities often include calendar management, emails, meeting prep, travel document prep, confidentiality, and problem solving . 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and sometimes experience 

Average National Salary: $64,397

Social Media Coordinator 

A Social Media Coordinator is responsible for managing and executing a company’s social media strategy across various platforms. This role involves creating and curating content, engaging with the online community, and analyzing performance metrics to enhance the organization’s social media presence. 

Common Requirements: Often this position requires a Bachelor’s degree OR a High School Degree (Or GED) with experience.

Average National Salary: $46,483

Technical Support specialist 

Technical support specialists provide assistance and guidance to customers who are experiencing difficulties with technological equipment or software. They typically listen to complaints, answer questions and offer advice over the phone or email. Technical support specialists handle problems like connectivity issues, website issues, and misplaced or deleted data. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and experience.

Average National Salary: $61,323


If you speak another language fluently, there are many translator and interpreter remote no degree jobs. Translators convert speech and text from one language to another. Their main goal is to translate text that flows as well as the original while keeping facts, ideas and context from the original text accurate. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and fluent in more than one language

Average National Salary: $53,349

Travel agent 

A Travel Agent assists individuals, businesses, or groups in planning and booking travel arrangements. Their role is to provide expertise and guidance on various aspects of travel, including transportation, accommodations, activities, and other related services.

This field has many remote no degree jobs. If you have a passion for travel or enjoy researching and helping, a travel agent position may be right for you.

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and sometimes experience in customer service or travel planning (professionally or personally)

Average National Salary: $54,906

Content Moderator 

Another great remote no degree job is content moderator. A content moderator is someone who helps keep the internet a safe and respectful place. They look at pictures, videos, and text that people post online to make sure it follows the rules and guidelines of the website. Their job is to remove anything that is harmful, offensive, or against the rules. 

Common Requirements: Social Media experience or Customer Service experience

Average National Salary: $57,977

Remote Jobs: No Experience & No Degree

Great remote jobs that do not require a degree or experience also exist!. It may take a little searching, but there are many jobs that prioritize skills such as being a fast learner or attention to detail over experience. Do not be afraid to apply! You may not have professional experience, but your skills are valuable.

We have researched all the job titles below and verified that most of the job listings do not require experience. Please note, all job listings vary and you will find some that require experience but these are are common no degree no experience jobs.

Data Entry Clerk 

A Data Entry Clerk is responsible for entering and updating data in computer systems and databases. The role primarily involves inputting information accurately, quickly, and efficiently, ensuring that records are up-to-date and free from errors. 

Data Entry Clerks are one of the most common remote no experience and no degree jobs. This job is wonderful for anyone with patience and an eye for details and mistakes. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED)

Average National Salary: $40,321

Medical Billing Clerk 

A Medical Billing Clerk is responsible for handling the billing and financial aspects of healthcare services. Their primary role revolves around processing and submitting medical claims to insurance companies and ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement for healthcare providers.

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED)

Average National Salary: $35,963


A Transcriptionist is a someone who specializes in converting spoken or recorded audio content into written text. This role is crucial in various industries, including legal, medical, media, and business, where accurate documentation of verbal communication is essential. 

Transcriptionist positions are very common remote no degree no experience jobs. The work varies, but this position is great for anyone fluent in English with strong proofreading and typing skills. In todays market, most transcriptionists review and proofread transcripts that were automatically generated by AI.

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) and fluent in English (or whatever language you are applying to transcribe for)

Average National Salary: $46,182

Sales Representative

Do you have strong people skills? If so, a sales representative may be the job for you. Sales representatives work for a specific company and focus on selling a product (or products). Every job is different, but often this includes calling or emailing with a pitch for the product. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED)

Average National Salary: $61,248

Call Center or Live Chat Agent 

Similar to Sales or Customer Service representatives, call center and live chat agents provide customer service or sell a product. “Call Center Agent” and “Live Chat Agent” are additional titles to search while looking for remote no degree no experience jobs in the customer service or sales field. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED)

Average National Salary: $37,428

Content Writer 

A content writer is a communications professional who writes online content including blogs, social media posts and websites. They craft clear, consistent, and engaging messages for a variety of audiences in a number of industries. 

Common Requirements: Usually requires a writing sample

Average National Salary: $60,399

Virtual Assistant 

A Virtual Assistant is a professional who provides administrative, technical, or creative support to clients remotely. The tasks and responsibilities of a virtual assistant can vary widely depending on the needs of the client or employer but often include scheduling, emails, and other administrative tasks. 

Common Requirements: High School Degree (Or GED) 

Average National Salary: $73,821

How to Find Remote No Degree Jobs

It’s not enough to know that these jobs exist. Now, let’s talk about searching for no degree remote jobs. There are some strategies that can make it easier.

  • Explore Indeed’s and ZipRecruiter’s career finder tools to find average salaries and requirements
  • Enter “remote” in the location box of job search engines to find remote jobs nationwide
  • Use the search filters for education, experience level, and job type to narrow the search results
  • Search on more than one job search engine
  • Consider freelance jobs

There are many popular remote job search engines, which focus on helping people find legitimate work from home opportunities. These include:

Freelance Jobs

Another option for remote work that does not require a degree (and often does not require experience) is freelance work.

Freelance work refers to a self-employed professional who offers services to clients on a project-by-project basis, rather than being employed by a single employer on a long-term basis. Freelance work can be flexible and financially rewarding, but please note it could also take time to secure enough projects to equate to a full-time salary and freelance work does not come with benefits.

Many of the jobs above can be found as freelance work. In particular, there are many freelance data entry, content writing, transcription, and AI training jobs available. 

Websites to find freelance work:

Specifically data entry and AI training job websites: 

Relief Recap 

There are many remote no degree jobs out there if you know where to look and how to filter your search. We spent hours researching and verifying the work from home jobs listed above, but there are still more jobs to be found. Many of the fields listed above have other related jobs that can be done online without experience or formal education. We suggest using the jobs we listed as a starting place for your search and then explore your options!

Interested in more job tips? Want to save money? Check out our website for more articles!