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How to Save Money on Your Salem Electric Bill

How to Save Money on Your Salem Electric Bill

If you’re a Salem Electric customer having trouble paying your bill, we found ways to get help with your bill and even avoid shut-off notices.

We found help for your Salem Electric bill!

You might be able to get help paying your Salem Electric bill by using the Oregon LIHEAP benefit. The benefit might pay for a portion of your bill. It can help you save money on your bills by lowering the total amount you owe each month. While the benefit does not generally cover the entire bill, you may be able to get help paying for a big portion of your bill.

The Salvation Army can provide help to people who are struggling to pay their bills. The program helps people who are qualified for the program get a payment on a portion of their bill. You will need to meet certain requirements. You’ll have to bring your bill, shut-off notice or other information to the Salvation Army office where you’re trying to get help.

Once per year, you may be able to qualify for help from Salem Electric. The company offers an assistance program to those who are qualified for help. You’ll need to meet their income requirements and may be required to meet other qualifications. You can apply for help through the electric company. Help is available for between $150 and $225 to people who qualify for it.

Salem Electric offers payment options.

You might be able to pay for a portion of your bill using the Capital Credits you get for being a member of Salem Electric. The program pays members back when the company makes money. To find out if you have Capital Credits, you will need to contact Salem Electric.

The Average Pay program might also be able to help you make payments no matter what the temperature is like or what you’re dealing with at the time. Your bill will be the same from month to month. The average payment will depend on your usage and will depend on what you used in energy in the previous year. You will need to pay anything above the average at the end of the year.

While Salem Electric doesn’t have an official arrangement policy, they may be able to make payment arrangements in certain circumstances. You will need to contact the company to find out about payment arrangements and learn more about how to get help.

You can upgrade your house for free and save money.

The Oregon weatherization program could help you upgrade your home for free. People who qualify for the program can get help upgrading their insulation, their flooring and even their heating system. If you apply and are approved for weatherization, you can make energy-saving upgrades to your home.

Salem Electric offers appliance rebates. Always check their rebate page before making a purchase to learn whether you can save money on your appliance purchase with a rebate.

You can get a free wrap for your hot water heater and free shower heads! These valuable tools can help you save a lot of money on energy and Salem Electric offers them for free. Contact the company to get them, you’ll need your account number!

If you have an energy efficient heat pump, you can get a bill credit. You’ll need to provide Salem Electric with information concerning your pump, but once approved, you can get a credit on your bill every month just for having the heat pump.

Salem Electric’s weatherization program might be able to help you save even more on your bill. You can get a free consultation about where to make improvements in your home. You might also qualify for upgrades to make your home more energy efficient.

Salem Electric gives back to the community.

Salem Electric is a big part of the community, they also provide scholarships to students each year. They provide up to $1,500 to recipients who are going to be enrolled in full-time in an undergrad program.

Use these tips to save even more!

We found great ways to save even more money on your Salem Electric bill! Use these tips to lower your energy usage and save money on your bills.

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