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BLEC Customers Can Save Money!

BLEC Customers Can Save Money!

Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative (BLEC) customers can get help and save money on their power bills! We’ve investigated all of the programs this company offers to its customers.

BLEC offers helpful billing options.

If you’re a BLEC customer, you have billing options. You can choose to pay at the kiosk, over the phone, online, or through an auto-pay arrangement. Auto-Pay withdrawals are deducted from your account on the 20th of each month. You’ll receive a $3 prompt payment credit on each bill!

Control your budget with a Budget Billing Plan.

Through budget billing, your annual usage is averaged into equal monthly payments. With BLEC, they don’t have an annual “catch up” month, either.

In order to be eligible, you must have at least a twelve month account history with BLEC. Your account must also be paid in full before beginning a budget billing arrangement.

Pay ahead of time with FlexPay Prepaid.

The company also offers a FlexPay Prepaid Program, which allows members to pay for their electricity before they use it. This prevents you from being blindsided by high overages on your account, but it may subject you to unexpected shutoffs if your balance runs too low. You can sign up for balance reminders via text, phone or email.

BLEC offers a special loan program for electric products.

Sometimes, cost-saving energy-efficiency products are just too expensive. Sure, you know you could save money if you install them, but how are you supposed to get the money to buy them in the first place?!

Fortunately, BLEC has a solution. They offer a low cost loan program to eligible customers. In order to be eligible for this program, you must have a twelve month history of good credit with the company.

The BLEC Electric Products Loan Program has two loan types. The first is a zero interest six-month loan with a $500 limit. The second is a longer-term, higher-limit loan. You can borrow up to $3,000, which must be repaid over 36 months at prime plus two percent interest. In both cases, the payment amount is bundled into your electric bill.

The company says, “If it plugs in, it’s eligible!” They specifically list HVAC systems, appliances, computers, electric vehicles and more are eligible for this program.

Don’t forget your Co-Op Connections Savings Card!

As a Touchstone Energy member, all BLEC customers are eligible for a Co-Op Connections Savings card! Get the details here. 

Get free in-home energy upgrades!

All residential customers are eligible for free in-home conservation upgrades! The Direct Install Program provides free CFL light bulbs, high-performance shower heads, advanced power strips and more. A technician will visit your home for a 30 Point Home Energy Assessment to determine how they can help you save money on your energy bills.

If you choose to pursue additional upgrades, don’t forget about BLEC’s helpful rebate programs!

Need help paying your BLEC bill?

There are many agencies that offer assistance to BLEC customers who need help. If you can’t afford your energy costs, these agencies should be able to help.

Blachly-Lane Energy Share (BLES)

This program operates from November to March and helps customers through a one-time $275 payment. You must meet specific income guidelines in order to be eligible. Call (541) 688-8711 for service.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) 

This federally-funded program helps customers who need help with electricity, natural gas, oil, propane, wood pellets or wood to heat their homes. If you qualify, you’ll receive a one-time payment directly to your utility. Eligibility is based on income and does not include savings or assets.

The BLEC website lists the following contact information for the LIHEAP program.

General Public Calls:
Eugene: 541-345-3642
Florence: 541-997-2816

Seniors 60 and over call:
Eugene: 541-682-5354
Florence: 541-902-9430 ext 7835
Junction City: 541-998-8445
Veneta: 541-935-2262

St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul chapter in Eugene may assist with power bills. The BLEC website lists the following contact information for this agency:

456 Highway 99 N
Eugene, OR 97402

Fern Ridge Service Center / Mid Lane Cares

If you live in the Veneta, Elmira, Alvadore, Walton and Noti areas, you may be able to get assistance from Fern Ridge Service Center. The BLEC site lists this contact information for this agency:

25035 W. Broadway
Veneta, OR 97487

Junction City Local Aid

If you live within the Junction City School District, you may be able to get help from Junction City Local Aid. The BLEC website lists this contact information for this agency:

For residents in the Junction City School District.
265 W 6th Ave
Junction City, OR 97448

Call 211 for more resources. 

Of course, you can always reach out to the United Way’s helpline at 211 for more information about agencies that can help you with your utility bills.

Don’t forget about Capital Credits!

Capital Credits are unique to energy cooperatives. Since coops do not earn profits for investors, they return excess funds to coop members through Capital Credits. These funds are allocated at the end of the year but retained by the coop for a designated rotation period. At the end of the rotation period, they are returned to members as a cash payment.

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