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Save Money When You Visit Indiana State Parks

Save Money When You Visit Indiana State Parks

Indiana state parks are great if you love being in the great outdoors or if you just want to spend time doing something different with your family. With entrance fees and extra costs to do activities in the park, your trip can add up. Luckily, we found ways to save!

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Save money on admission to Indiana state parks.

Throughout the year, Indiana offers different free days in the parks. Standard admission can range from around $7 up to $12 to get into the state parks, so take advantage of the free days if you can. The free days vary each year but generally fall in May and in September. Each state park may also offer different days throughout the year that are free.

Got kids? Good news, Indiana state parks participate in the Kids to Parks Day. The program is a National Parks program, but since Indiana participates in it, kids can get into Indiana state parks for free! The program is usually on the third Saturday in May but might vary from year to year.

To help you save money on your state parks visits, Indiana offers an annual pass. The annual pass costs $50 for residents and $70 for non-residents. With state park fees as high as $12, you could pay for the annual pass in as little as five visits!

Seniors and some veterans can get in for free.

Indiana residents who are 65 years or older can get a free annual pass. The pass is good for one year and you’ll have to apply for it. You can get your free annual pass from any of the Indiana state parks or online. You’ll have to provide proof of residency and proof of age to get the pass. The pass may also help lower the cost of camping in the state parks.

Indiana residents who are POWs can get free annual passes for Indiana state parks. You must apply for the pass and show proof of service as a POW. You may need to renew the pass each year if you want to continue receiving the free pass. POWs who have the free passes can get free admission for themselves and their immediate families to the parks.

If you’re eligible for a DAV1 or DAV2 license plate, you can get into the state parks for free. You must apply for the pass and you must make sure you reapply each year for the pass. If you have the pass, you and your immediate family can get into the park for free.

Get free activities in the parks.

Each park offers various free programs for those visiting the parks. Many of the nature-related programs are free with admission to the state parks. They include educational opportunities and conservation-related events.

There are special events in the park throughout the year. Earth Day celebrations, Arbor Day celebrations and even First Day Hikes are available for visitors to the parks. Some of the special events include free admission while others just have free celebrations and activities for families.

The free master naturalist program allows you to learn more about the great outdoors by spending time outdoors. The program is free for anyone visiting the parks and allows them to learn a lot. The information is valuable and can be used in other situations for fun trips outdoors.

Activities for the whole family in the parks.

You can get free patches for visiting the state parks. The patch program allows you to collect patches from the state parks. You may be eligible for free prizes and other perks for having a collection of Indiana state parks passes. Special events, celebrations and hikes in the park all come with extra patches!

The interpretive centers are at different parks throughout the state. You can visit the centers to learn more about the specific park and Indiana’s nature in general. The interpretive centers are free for people who are visiting the parks. Some of the centers also include detailed natural museums.

Indiana state parks offer Official Outdoor Kids programs. Your kids can earn free certificates, patches and other small prizes from the program. Each of the state parks has different activities for kids to complete to earn the title of Official Outdoor Kid.

Save even more money in Indiana.