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Can You Get Help Paying Your ConEd Power Bill? Yes, You Can!

Can You Get Help Paying Your ConEd Power Bill? Yes, You Can!

If your ConEd Power bill is too high or you simply don’t have the money to pay it, you’re likely feeling the pressure for not having energy. We found ways you can get help paying your bill!

Need help paying your ConEd Power bill? We found help!

ConEd Power’s EnergyShare program helps you pay your bill when you can’t afford it. The program may be able to provide up to $200 toward your bill. Since funding is dependent on donations from other customers, there may be times where help is unavailable. You’ll need to provide proof of hardship.

You can get help with cooling costs for your home or apartment through New York’s cooling assistance program. You must apply through your local assistance office or online. You will need to provide income information for everyone in your house when applying. If you’re approved, you’ll have credits automatically applied to your bill during the summer months.

Those who are 62 and older can get help paying their ConEd Power bill. You need to apply for the senior program through ConEd Power and provide proof of age. The program can help pay for a portion of your bill and it will be automatically be applied to your bill once you’re approved for the program. You only need to apply once.

Get assistance paying your bill from local community action.

You can apply for the heating assistance program during the cold season. From November until April, the program is open to applications. You will need to visit a community action office to apply for the program. If approved, you’ll get credits on your bill during the heating season. The program works almost identically to the cooling assistance program but is intended for heating assistance.

In addition to regular HEAP applications, your local community action office will have applications for emergency heating assistance. If you receive a shut-off notice with no way to pay and you are low-income, you can apply for it through your community action office. You’ll need to provide proof of shut-off, proof of need and proof of address. Emergency HEAP might be able to apply a credit to your bill in as little as 48 hours.

The emergency grants from HRA can help you if you have a shut-off notice or if you are going to lose your electric soon. You may only receive help one time and the help is generally capped at $200. You need to apply for the program through your community action agency.

Avoid shut-off of your electric service.

A payment extension may give you more time to pay your power bill and avoid shut off. ConEd Power can help with payment extensions, but not all customers will be eligible for them. You need to check with the company to find out if you’re eligible. You can do everything you need to file for and start a payment extension through your online account.

Payment arrangements make it easier to pay your bill on time without worrying about shut-off. If you set up a payment arrangement through ConEd Power, you’ll need to make sure you won’t need another one for a year. There are other requirements ConEd Power has for payment arrangements including only having one at a time.

ConEd Power offers helpful payment options.

The level billing plan makes it easy to avoid huge spikes in your bill during the summer or winter months when you’re cooling or heating your home. ConEd Power averages out the amount of energy you use and makes your bill the same throughout the year. If you go over the average amount, you’ll have to pay the rest at the end of the term.

Seniors who have trouble paying their bill on a regular basis can use the quarterly billing plan. The plan makes it easier to pay your bill if you have funds at different times throughout the year. It may also give you a chance to save more money toward your bill. You must be 62 or older to use the senior quarterly billing option.

If you regularly have trouble getting your mail or even paying your bills, you might be able to benefit from third-party billing. If you have someone who normally pays your electric bill, you can use the ConEd Power third-party billing to have your bill sent directly to them.

The time of use rate allows you to lower your bill when you use your electric during non-peak hours. The time of use rate rewards you for reducing the electric load during peak hours. The non-peak rate varies but can be lower than the peak rate by as much as 25%. You must sign up for the program to get this rate.

Make your home more energy efficient and save money.

The New York weatherization program can help you upgrade your home and make it more energy efficient. It offers you a chance to make sure you have the best insulation possible and all the other options that will make your home easier to heat and cool. You will need to apply for the program through your community action agency.  

If you need your heating or cooling system repaired or replaced, the weatherization program may be able to help with that also. It does not cost you anything to have your system repaired or replaced through this program. You can apply for this benefit when you apply for the home energy assistance program.

If you have a system that works, but just needs cleaned or tuned, you may be able to get that done for free. When you apply to have the system repaired or replaced, an HVAC professional will make a determination on whether it just needs cleaning and tune-up. The program pays for that too.

Take advantage of ConEd Power’s cost-cutting incentives.

ConEd Power offers rebates and incentives on many different appliances and even light bulbs. They might provide rebates on LED bulbs to help you replace your current bulbs.

If you already have a smart air conditioner, you can get a free device to control the air conditioner from your home. ConEd Power may also help you get a free app on your phone to better control the AC. Anyone who has a smart air conditioner and enrolls in this program may become eligible for a $25 credit on their bill.

If you purchase a smart thermostat, ConEd Power might help you with a rebate. They offer $50 rebates on smart thermostats. If you register your smart thermostat with ConEd Power, you will then be eligible for an $85 credit.

Do you have a medical problem? You have rights!

Anyone who has had a medical emergency or who is experiencing a medical emergency should contact ConEd Power. You can get help with your bill if you have a medical emergency. ConEd Power may help you extend your due date, can provide you with helpful payment options and make it easier for you to pay your bill even when you don’t have the money as a result of a medical emergency.

If you or anyone in your house is disabled or blind, you might be able to get special rates and assistance from ConEd Power. The lower rates may make it easier for you to pay your bill.

ConEd Power could help people who have someone on life support in their home. If you or anyone in your house requires electric for life-saving medical equipment, you may be exempt from shut-off notices and other requirements. You will need to send supporting documentation to ConEd Power if you want to get these benefits.

Save even more on your ConEd Power bill!

Conserving energy and saving money doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are our favorite ways to lower energy usage and most of them are free!

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