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How to Save Money at Montana State Parks

How to Save Money at Montana State Parks

Love Montana state parks but hate having to pay tons of money to enjoy a fun day in the great outdoors? Good news: we found easy ways to save money on Montana state parks for picnics, camping and more!

Get into Montana state parks for free!

Montana offers a unique fee structure that allows almost everyone to get into the state parks for free or cheap. Residents can pay $6 when they renew their vehicle registration. That $6 grants you free access to the parks for a year. It expires based on your registration expiration. Otherwise, you would need to pay $6 each time you visit the park.

Non-residents may also save money on state parks. They could pay the $6 to get in each time they visit the Montana state parks or they could purchase a pass. The pass is $35 and allows you to get into the parks for free. For the pass to be worth it, you would need to visit the parks five times in a year so it would only be cheaper to do it that way if you live close to Montana or plan to spend more than five days in the Montana state parks.

Senior residents and disabled residents get into the parks for free with their vehicle registration. They may also save on camping fees at Montana state parks. Each park has different savings for camping, but it is generally around 50% off. Individuals using the discount must present proof of age or disability.

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Montana state parks offer free activities for kids and families.

The Kub ranger program helps Montana kids enjoy Montana state parks. Your kids can learn about all the options the park has for them to enjoy. They can also learn about the different ecosystems in the park, the way one can have an impact on the park, and many other things that will help them have a more enjoyable experience. Depending on the park your child joins the program in, they’ll get free swag in addition to their free state park education!

Each month, Montana state parks have different activities for kids and families. The activities range from family fun days to educational opportunities and guided hikes. Most of the activities are free for people who are in the park. Check out the calendar for a list of free events you can enjoy while you’re at Montana state parks.

Montana state parks offer learning opportunities for all visitors. In addition to educational placards and visitor centers, the parks also have free interpretive exhibits. You get a chance to meet with park rangers and learn more about the state parks. Some exhibits are even interactive to teach you more. Check out free information on the Rosebud Battlefield State Park and University of Montana Archaeological Field School to learn about exciting digs and other archaeological finds!

Save more money on parks in Montana!

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