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How to Save Money with Trim Negotiation Bot

How to Save Money with Trim Negotiation Bot

You might be spending too much money on your cable, cell phone or Internet bill! The new Trim negotiation bot gives you a chance to lower your bill. The bot can also help you save money on subscriptions you might have forgotten about!

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Save money with the Trim Negotiation Bot!

The Trim negotiation bot helps you by negotiating with the companies you pay. The bot negotiates with Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon to help lower your bill. Currently, the bot can lower cable, Internet and cell phone bills. The average person who uses Trim saves around $35 on their bill!

When you sign up, you’ll need to answer a few questions. Trim wants to know your birthday, an average credit score and your total yearly income.

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Trim uses technology to lower your bill.

For Trim to work, you need to put your phone number and bank account numbers into the bot’s input page. We know, this can be so scary, but the site guarantees your information stays secure. Make sure you use the bank account number you typically use to pay your bill.

Once you sign up and all your information is verified, Trim gives you detailed instructions depending on which company you’re trying to lower your bill with. The bot communicates by using its own canned responses for the company’s canned responses.

The creators of Trim found that most companies that offer cell phone service, Internet and TV use a chat function on their site that people can negotiate with. The chat-bot has responses that are already pre-programmed. By creating a bot that can communicate with the company bots, Trim can give the perfect responses that will result in you saving money.

Cable companies, cell phone providers and subscription services have no problem taking advantage of people by raising their rates without any notice. The creators of Trim saw this as a problem and they wanted to make something to help people automatically save money on these services. They started out just helping customers get rid of subscriptions they had forgotten about, but they’ve since expanded to include the negotiation bot.

Trim Negotiation Bot can help low-income individuals with their bills!

Anyone can use Trim! Although Trim asks for income and credit score information, they don’t rely on that information to set your account up. You will need a bank account and a cell phone number.

While Trim does not have all banks in the United States listed in their database, they do have almost all of them. If you don’t see your bank, you can contact Trim and they’ll try to help you find your bank.

The best part about Trim: it’s totally free for anyone to use!

How does it work? Is it really free?!

Many people wonder how Trim can do this without charging them anything and may think it’s a trap to get them signed up for some auto-renew paid subscription. Trim doesn’t take anything from you. They make their money mainly from third-party referrals and may take a small percentage of savings from the companies they negotiate with.

Trim works very quick compared to how long it might take you to negotiate your bill. In fact, many people see their savings reflected in just a day or two. Trim’s speed depends on how quickly you put your bank information and cell phone number into the account. It may take the bot a little longer to negotiate with Time Warner and Verizon compared to Comcast because they are new to the lineup.

As of now, Trim only works for people in the United States. You must have a US bank account and a US phone number to use the service. If you have both of these things but are not physically in the US, you may still be able to use Trim.

Trim has plans to expand to other countries in the future.

That’s not all Trim can do!

Trim can help you save money on your subscriptions. It’s really common to sign up with a service that’s offering a free month and forget about it. Things like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Planet Fitness may all be charging you money every month. Even if you’re not using them, they charge you. Most of these do not have contracts and you can easily cancel. By signing up with Trim, the bot will find them for you. Don’t worry, though, you still have full control over which ones get canceled.

Once you put the information in about your bank, the bot will go through each of your transactions. When it finds a recurring one, you’ll receive a text message. The message will ask you if you knew about the subscription and if you want to keep the subscription. You can choose to cancel if you want.

The creators of Trim want to help people with every financial aspect of their lives. They have plans in the future to help customers create a budget, plan for retirement and even set up ways to automatically save money. When Trim first started in 2015, they were only able to help with subscriptions. In 2018, they can help with subscriptions and negotiations. They’re growing fast so look forward to things they will help with in the future!

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Sunday 27th of September 2020

Dont have income due to sickness nor use bank acct but need help with medical bills im getting no assistance i filed for disability and they didnt even try to get me ssi or medicaid and i know i qualify ive been to sick to work since 2015 family & friends taking care of basic bills but cant and wont ask on medical bills. I meet with lawyer to file my appeal tue bbut gravely ill, drs say very complicated wanting to send to bigger hosp in another state but scared too weak for ride plus need to pay someone to take me as im to weak to drive in months. I have no clue what to do bout getting financoal help cuz im fighting for my life and its too much for me to do alone and dont want to burden anyone else. It seems im lowest on totum pole cuz im single female white and no kids so my lifes not worth the trouble and im so tired but cant give up fight but need help getting help but no clue how r who to contact if i have a day im strong enough to talk.

Hannah Benge

Friday 23rd of October 2020

What sort of help are you looking for? Calling 211to find resources in your area is a good start. But is there something in particular I can help you find? -Hannah