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Save Money on Your National Grid Power Bill

Save Money on Your National Grid Power Bill

National Grid is known for being one of the world’s largest investor-owned energy companies. They serve Massachusetts, Rhode Island and NY. In this article I will help you find ways to save on your National Grid bill!


Get a FREE Home Energy Assessment

Are you spending money on wasted energy in your home? There is a way to find out for FREE! To see if you qualify, take a quick “Online No-Cost Home Energy Assessment” located here.

Once you’ve completed this online questionnaire, you’ll find out if your home is eligible for National Grid to send someone out to conduct an in-home assessment.

If you qualify, you may receive great energy saving upgrades such as Energy Star certified LED light bulbs, faucet aerators, low-flow shower-heads, advanced power strips and either a free 7-day programmable thermostat or a no-cost (or discounted) Wi-Fi enabled thermostat.


Beyond that, your home may qualify for an incentive program where they offer your 75% of the cost (up to $2,000) toward installing new insulation upgrades. Additionally, you may be able to receive no-cost targeted air sealing in your home. This alone can save you up to 20% on your homes heating and cooling bill every year!

Spread out your payments evenly!

A great way to keep from getting surprised by a higher than usual bill, is to enroll in National Grid’s Budget Plan. This program spreads out your annual energy cost through a 12 month balanced payment plan. You end up paying the same amount yearly but it will help with your monthly budget during high service months.

In order to qualify for the budget plan, you must make sure your account remains current and you cannot have any outstanding charges. It does take at least 2 business days for the payments to clear, so this means you cannot enroll right after making a payment. You can enroll here after signing into your National Grid account.

You may qualify for a lower rate and subsidized payments!

There are programs available to help you with your monthly utility bills. For income-eligible residents in Massachusetts, there are programs that offer fuel assistance, utility discounts and energy efficiency services.

One of the programs available to you is Fuel Assistance (called LIHEAP- Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program). This program actually helps you pay your primary heating billing if you are a homeowner or a renter. Payments are made directly to Power Grid for natural gas and electricity. There are even options available for special circumstances, such as when a landlord pays for a tenant’s electric.


Once you are enrolled in Fuel Assistance, you are automatically enrolled in the Residential Discount Rate program. You also qualify for the Discount Rate program if you receive TANF, EAEDC, SNAP MassHealth, WIC or another income based program, although this would require you to apply directly.

If you get behind in your bills, don’t panic. Massachusetts natural gas and electric utilities are able to work with you to spread out your payments on past due or late fees on your bill. They even offer a program that forgives your past due balances if you make on time budget payments.

To apply to these programs, visit this page or call 1-866- 537-7267.

Get Incentives for Energy Saving Appliances

There are many incentives and rebates offered for the installation of energy saving appliances. If you are considering upgrading your appliances be sure to visit this page for a list of all the rebates you may receive.

If you do not have the funds right now to install appliances, but you would still like to cut your bill with little investment, the Advanced Power Strip is for you. This power strip can save you $100 a year on your electric bill. It shuts down devices that go into stand-bye mode and still siphon electricity, such as video games, printers, scanners, DVD players and more. National Grid is offering an instant price discount of $15 off the power strip when you order it online. This would make the device starting at under $10! To place an order visit this site or call 1-800- 473-9150.


Receive One Time Payment Assistance

If you find yourself in need of assistance on one payment, there are programs available to help you with just that!

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) may be able to help with one time assistance on your utility bill. For more information, please visit the EFSP website. 

The Good Neighbor Energy Fund can give a one-time grant to residents who are in financial crisis but are not eligible for Fuel Assistance. This is a great program if you find that based on your income you cannot qualify for the Fuel Assistance, but you still need help with your high bill. To apply contact the local Salvation Army or call 1-800- 334-3047.

The Citizens Energy Corporation ( may be able to offer a one-time delivery of oil or a one-time payment towards the household natural gas account per heating season. To apply for this program, call 1-877- 563-4645 regarding oil inquiries and 1-866- 427-9918 regarding gas inquiries.

Please note: National Grid CANNOT shut off your service if you qualify for one of these exemptions!

National Grid cannot terminate your service if you meet any of the following:

  • Winter (between November 15th and March 15th). As long as your service was not shut off prior to November 15th, your service cannot be shut off during the winter.
  • Illness. They cannot terminate your service if there is anyone in the home (adult or child) who has a serious illness. To prove this, a medical certification and financial hardship form must be filled out and turned into the utility.
  • Infant.  They cannot terminate your service if there is a child living in the home under the age of one year. To prove this, you must submit a birth certificate and financial hardship form to the utility.
  • Elderly. They cannot shut off your services if all adults living in the home are 65 years or older without obtaining permission first from the Dept. of Public Utilities.

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