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Get Help with Your UniSource Energy Bill

Get Help with Your UniSource Energy Bill

Do you find yourself regularly unable to pay your UniSource Energy Bill? Like many of us, it may be too hard to afford food and electric each month. If you struggle to pay it, you receive shut off notices or you’re strapped because you didn’t pay it, you have options!

Need Help Paying Your Unisource Energy Bill? We Found Help!

UniSource may help their customers with short-term assistance. This assistance allows customers to get back on their feet after not being able to pay a bill. It may also help with some relief from a large bill. You must apply through UniSource.

LIHEAP can help people in Arizona by offsetting cooling costs. Since bills can be so expensive when it’s hot, LIHEAP provides some relief from that. The benefit is applied directly to your UniSource bill.

UniSource’s Warm Spirit program allows you to get help one time from the company. The help depends on how much the company has in funds and whether your need is great enough. It is generally not more than $200.

Avoid Shut Off With These Helpful Resources

If you have a bill that is overdue or you have received a shut-off notice, you may be able to get a payment extension. If you have already received a payment extension, you will not be eligible. Your account must be in good standing aside from the current billing cycle. UniSource will remove you from any budget billing or payment arrangement programs if you need a payment extension.

UniSource Energy Offers Payment Options

If you are low-income, you can qualify for a monthly discount on your bill. If you have electric through UniSource, the amount is a flat $16 discount. Gas customers receive a discount on their service that is a percentage on a sliding scale. You have to be enrolled in one of UniSource’s budget programs or receive LIHEAP to qualify for the program.

The time of use billing program may help you reduce your energy cost if you frequently use more energy during non-peak hours. The peak hour cost is higher while the non-peak hour cost is lower. The time of use plan helps predict your energy spending in the future based on non-peak usage and calculates the amount you pay based on that data.

If you want to know exactly what you’ll be paying every month, budget billing is for you. It might help you be better prepared for your bill because it won’t change from month to month. The bill is the amount of your total yearly usage divided into 12 bills. It can help with the high cost of heating during the summer months.

Lower Your Bill by Upgrading Your Home for Free

Arizona’s Weatherization Assistance Program helps you upgrade your home for free. The program can help make your home more energy efficient. It may provide increased insulation and even additional upgrades. You may even qualify for appliances like an energy efficient hot water heater.

You can get free upgrades to your home from UniSource. The company offers a weatherization assistance program. Even if you don’t qualify for the state program, you could still qualify for the UniSource program. If you do qualify for the state program, you can use the UniSource one in addition to it.

You can get instant rebates directly through UniSource. The company provides a convenient place for you to get help purchasing appliances and light bulbs. Sometimes, the discounts are so great, you might even get the items for free.

If you plan to purchase your appliances or bulbs somewhere else, you may still get rebates from UniSource. The company uses rebate programs that allow you to save money on energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.

In the past, UniSource has provided customers with free smart thermostats. They do it as a promotion and it helps customers heat and cool their homes more efficiently. Here’s more information on why they do it, how you can get one and when to expect them to start the program again.

Customers who live in an apartment building may want to come together and contact their landlord to request multi-family savings. Landlords can get efficiency kits for all their tenants in multi-family buildings. These kits include low flow shower heads, energy efficient power strips and LED light bulbs. Your landlord must request the kit.

Other Ways UniSource Energy Helps

If you’re disabled, a senior, or require a medical device that relies on electricity, you can sign up for UniSource’s medical device alert program. The program works by alerting you that the power is going to be out. Whether it’s out because of a routine outage or from an overdue bill, you’ll get an advance notification.

The peak demand pricing is similar to the time of use plan. It helps you save money during off-peak hours. The program automatically shuts off energy-draining items in your home during some peak hours to help avoid surges. UniSource encourages customers to participate by providing a small amount of money for participating in the program. You must have a smart thermostat.

Save Even More Money in Arizona!