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Struggling to Pay Your Nicor Gas Bill? Help is Here!

Struggling to Pay Your Nicor Gas Bill? Help is Here!

Are you struggling to pay your Nicor Gas bill? We found many options for Nicor Gas customers who are struggling to pay their bills. We even found programs that will help you make free energy improvements to your home! 

Nicor Gas Payment Options Are Easy

Nicor Gas can help you if you’re struggling to pay a big bill. If you qualify for a payment arrangement, you may be able to split a big bill up over several months. The program does require you put a small amount of money down. Nicor Gas may also have other requirements that you’ll need to meet if you want to make a payment arrangement.

By using the budget plan option, you can help yourself know what your bill is going to be ahead of time. Nicor uses your past annual gas bills to analyze your usage. They then add it up and average it out. At the end of the budget plan period, you’ll either have to pay extra or your bill will be less. By choosing this option, you will be better able to prepare for a bill. Not having the surprise of a huge bill may be able to help you budget better for future bills.

Can’t Pay Your Nicor Gas Bill? We Found Help!

Low income customers can apply for LIHEAP. It is a benefit that the state manages. With LIHEAP, the grant money from the state will automatically pay a set amount of your gas bill every month. The amount may be less than your bill or it may cover the whole thing. There are guidelines for when you can apply and how much money you can make to qualify.

Nicor Gas offers the percentage of income payment plan. With the PIPP, you will need to apply to determine if you are eligible. If you are eligible, the plan can pay up to $83 of your past due amount each month depending on your family size and income. The program is designed to help you stay current on your bill and help you avoid having your gas shut off. The program may also be able to help you pay a percentage of your current due amount. Those who are eligible for LIHEAP and who are receiving it will automatically qualify for the program, but they must still submit an application.

Get Free Home Improvements To Lower Your Nicor Gas Bill!

Nicor gas offers energy saving kits to help you save money on your bill for free. They include low flow showerheads, shower and faucet aerators, shower timers and plumbers tape. The company also offers rebates for their customers. If you purchase certain energy-saving appliances or light bulbs, you may be able to get a rebate from Nicor Gas. The program also offers a free energy audit of your home. During the audit, you may be able to receive free light bulbs, pipe insulation, additional shower heads, programmable thermostats and even power strips.

The Nicor weatherization program provides help to those who are low income. The program may be able to help you have your furnace replaced or repaired to be more energy efficient. It may also help with air sealing and even attic insulation. The program is separate from any state programs that may be offered to customers who are low income.

The Illinois home weatherization program may help you repair or replace things in your home that are causing your energy usage to go up. The program can help add insulation to your home and may be able to help you with electric repair work. It has limits of around $7,000, but most repair work or appliance replacement can be done within that amount. The program has income eligibility requirements, but they may differ from other benefit programs.

Avoid Shut Off With These Resources

If you do not qualify for federal help and if you are in a crisis situation, you might be able to use the Nicor Gas sharing program. The program helps one time annually for customers. The program allows them to receive $400 or $450 if they qualify. It is applied directly to the gas bill. The amount can be used toward both past due amounts and any amounts that are currently due. Customers can apply for the program directly through Nicor.

Catholic Charities of Illinois may be able to help in emergency situations. If you are at risk of losing your power, you can contact the Catholic Charities. They are able to provide help to those who need assistance with their utility bill. The voucher they provide for payment may not be equal to the full amount of your bill and may not even cover what is in arrears due to limited funding. They may also be able to point you in the right direction of another charitable company that can help you with your Nicor Gas bill.

Save Even More on Your Nicor Gas Bill!

There are many other ways you can save money on your gas bill. These tips generally don’t require you to spend any money and start out as simple as turning off the lights when you leave a room.

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