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How to Get Help with CMP Bills

How to Get Help with CMP Bills

Need help with CMP bills? If you’re a Central Maine Power customer who has to choose between paying your power bill and eating, you may find yourself faced with a looming shut off notice. You don’t have to choose anymore, though. You have options!


Central Maine Power Payment Options Are Simple

If you find your bill being inconsistent makes it hard for you to pay it, Simple Pay might help you. The annual bills are averaged out over a period of 12 months. Every six months, Central Maine Power will look at your bill to figure out if you are paying too much or too little. The service is free and will help you stay on track since you’ll know what to expect from your bill each month. It can help you avoid being gouged with high bills during the cold Maine winters.

The CMP arrears management program may be able to help you get a handle on your past due amounts. The program is for people who qualify and who have low income. Customers must apply for it on a yearly basis and there are other guidelines they must meet. The program will help you with large past due amounts by splitting them up over a period of six months or one year to ensure you can pay the past due amount. You must meet requirements while in the program.

Need Helping Paying the CMP Bill? We Found It!

Central Maine Power has options for low income customers. The Electricity Lifeline program is for those who need help paying their bill. CMP bases it off of your income and the company will determine whether you qualify for it based on the amount you owe. Customers do not get automatically approved for the program just based on their income. You must apply for the program through CMP.

Maine’s Low Income Energy Assistance Program gives people a chance to stay current on their electric bill without it becoming a huge expense. You must apply for the program through your local community action program. If you are approved, the amount you are going to receive each month for energy credits will be automatically applied to your electric bill from the state grant.


FREE Home Efficiency Upgrades can help you save money each month!

Central Maine Power partners with Efficiency Maine to help you upgrade your home to be more energy efficient. Being more energy efficient may lead to a lower electric bill. The program can help you by providing you with rebates for energy efficient products like light bulbs and appliances. They may also be able to pay for the products up front in some situations.

Your home may be more expensive to heat if it is not properly insulated. It may also be more costly for you to upgrade your home. The weatherization program can help you with these upgrades. The program pays to help homeowners and renters upgrade their insulation, block drafts into their home and may even pay for upgraded appliances. If you already receive benefits through the state of Maine, you may automatically qualify for the weatherization benefits.

Use These Resources to Avoid Shut Off

If you are at risk of having your electric shut off, you may qualify for emergency assistance. The state of Maine has emergency assistance programs. Most of these programs require that you be disabled or have children. All of them require you be a low-income resident. If you qualify for emergency assistance, the state may be able to expedite any LIHEAP benefits you may be receiving. They may also be able to help you out with an emergency utility bill payment.

Wanna Save Even More? Check This Out!

Having a lower electric bill can help you be better able to pay it each month. If you want to learn even more about the ways you can save money on your energy bill, click here.

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