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Get Help with Your ONG Bill

Get Help with Your ONG Bill

Not paying your Oklahoma Natural Gas bill could leave you and your family in a terrible situation, but we get it. If you find yourself unable to pay your bill, try not to worry. You have options!

Need Help Paying Your ONG Bill? We Found It!

Perhaps one of the most important things you can know about not paying your bill and having your service shut off is there are laws in Oklahoma that will protect you from disconnection. Even if you haven’t paid your bill, Oklahoma Natural Gas can’t shut your gas off if it is below 32 degrees during the day, below 20 degrees at night or above 101 degrees anytime. In addition, if you have medical certification you need to leave your gas on, they can’t turn it off.

If you struggle to pay your bill because you simply cannot afford it, LIHEAP might be able to help. The program is used to help automatically apply a set amount on your bill each month. It is intended for use during the heating season. Oklahoma also offers ECAP through their LIHEAP to help you with cooling costs during the warmer months.

Oklahoma Natural Gas works with the Salvation Army to offer the Share the Warmth program. Other customers and members of the community contribute to the program to help others in the community who are unable to pay their gas bills. The program can grant you a one-time voucher that you can put right on your account. It can count toward a bill that is past due or one that is currently due.

Upgrade Your Home for Free to Help Lower Your Bill

Oklahoma Natural Gas has an energy calculator anyone can use. The calculator will help you see where most of your energy cost is coming from. The calculator can also help you learn more about how you can reduce your usage in each area of your home.

To help you with your water usage, Oklahoma Natural Gas provides water kits. The kits help by giving you access to aerators and low-flow shower heads. They are free for all customers. You’ll need to have your address and account number ready when you call to get the water kit.

The Weatherization Assistance Program can help you upgrade your home where you need it. If your house is not properly insulated or if you have appliances that are not energy efficient, you might be spending an excessive amount of money on your gas bill. The program is free, but you must qualify for it through the income guidelines. It can help you pay for insulation, draft blockers and other tools that will help your home stop leaking energy.

When you purchase a hot water heater or other home appliances, Oklahoma Natural Gas can help with the costs. They can offset the cost with rebates for the appliances you purchased. The appliance rebate will generally not cover the entire cost, but it can significantly reduce it.

If you are interested in compressed natural gas, Oklahoma Natural Gas offers a CNG rebate program. They can help offset some of the costs of the compressed natural gas which could save you money in the long run.

Oklahoma Natural Gas Offers Payment Options

ONG does not offer an official payment arrangement or extension program. They talk with customers on a case-by-case basis. If you are in need of an extension, contact them as early as possible to get the best chance at one.

The average payment plan can help you save money on your bill by adding up your total usage over a year and dividing it into 12 even payments. This can help offset the costs of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer.

The voluntary fixed price plan can help by allowing you to know what your rate is always going to be. It will not vary from month to month. You can sign up for the plan at any time. Your account must be in good standing to take advantage of the plan.

Save Even More on Your Oklahoma Natural Gas Bill

You can lower your energy bills by reducing your energy usage. Many of our tips that will help you have lower bills are free and require only small changes to your routine.

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