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Get Help Paying Your CLECO Bill

Get Help Paying Your CLECO Bill

Is your CLECO Bill too much for you to pay? Even if you’re broke, you can pay your bill and avoid shut off!


Need Help Paying Your CLECO Bill? We Found Help!

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) benefit is offered for low-income families that struggle to pay their electric bills. The program can be used throughout the year and is meant to offset the costs of keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Those who are low-income, who are elderly or who are disabled might all qualify for the program.

You can get help through the CLECO CARE program. The program helps people with a one-time payment on their bill. The payment is applied directly to your bill. You can use it for a past due or a current due amount. You will need to apply for the program through CLECO and you’ll need proof of income.

The Power of Sharing program can help you with your bill one time. In addition, the program can also help you with other utility-related costs that are causing you to lose money.

Avoid Shut Off

In Louisiana, if you have a health condition that requires you to rely on electricity, your electric company is not allowed to shut your power off. You will have up to 63 days from a shut-off notice to make payment arrangements. To stay protected, you will need to submit proof of medical condition and electric need to CLECO.


The Emergency Deferred Billing Program is available if you have a bill you know you are not going to be able to pay. CLECO uses this to help you avoid shut off of your electric service. You can divide your large payment over a few months to help make it easier for you to pay. Not all customers will qualify, and you will need to meet certain requirements. Customers who have used the program in the past 12 months will not be eligible for it.

More Resources to Help You Pay Your Bill!

If you are unable to qualify for LIHEAP or if you need additional help, the Louisiana Housing Finance Authority may be able to help. They have funds they can use to help in extreme circumstances. They also offer assistance applying for LIHEAP as well as finance courses that can help you learn how to stretch your money further.

The customer assistance program can help those who are elderly with their bills. CLECO may be able to help elderly people with their electric bill one time and may also have special rates for those who are disabled or those who are elderly. The program will require proof of age or medical condition to qualify.

Save Money on Your CLECO Bill and Upgrade Your Home

CLECO offers rebates for appliances and even energy efficient light bulbs. In addition to traditional rebates, they offer immediate rebates on some items. You may be able to qualify for free items that will help you make your home more energy efficient.

The Louisiana Housing Authority may be able to help you with the weatherization assistance program. The program can help make your home more energy efficient. Weatherization helps your home be able to be easier to heat and cool. The program can help with insulation in the floors, walls, and attic. The program may also be able to help you with draft blockers. Some people who apply for the program may even qualify to have their appliances and cooling (or heating) system replaced for free.

If you do not qualify for the WAP, the same authority offers HELP. This program is a loan to help make your home more energy efficient. While you will have to pay the loan back, the interest rates are not as high as many other home energy financing options.

If you have purchased a new appliance or a new heating or cooling system, the HERO program might be able to help you. The program provides rebates for these valuable energy saving measures you can use to help offset any costs you had with the installation and purchase of these items. You can use these rebates, and you can use CLECO rebates.


To help with the sweltering summer weather, CLECO does a fan drive for elderly customers who can be at risk. If you are elderly and in need of a fan to help cool your home down, you can contact the company or a local community action agency.

CLECO Payment Options are Easy

If you are not in an emergency situation or do not qualify for deferred emergency billing, you may be able to get a credit non-emergency extension. CLECO offers the money to pay your bill on credit. With a low-interest rate, the program gives you more time to pay a high bill. Not all customers will qualify. It is based on credit and payment history.

Customers who want to know what to expect can take advantage of CLECO’s budget billing program. The program allows you to level out the amount you pay over 12 months, but you will be responsible to level up at the end of your budget billing period.

Save Even More on Your Central Louisiana Electric Bill

By taking a few easy steps to reduce your electric bill, you can save even more. Check out some of our favorite tips to help you save energy and reduce your bill here!

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