We Found Help to Pay Your PSEG Bill

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

If you need help paying your PSEG bill, we found it! You don’t have to keep getting shut-off notices and late fees. There are many options you have when it comes to your Public Service Electric and Gas bill so you can get the help you need to pay it.

PSEG offers flexible payment options.

PSEG doesn’t have an official policy on payment arrangements. In general, they look at each case individually. You may have a better chance at getting a payment arrangement if you do not have a large past due amount, if you’ve been current with your bill and if you contact PSEG. The company may also refuse a payment arrangement to account holders who already have payment arrangements in progress.

The Equal Payment plan could help you make sure your bills do not vary too much from month-to-month. The plan allows PSEG to figure out the average of your bills and spread it out over 12 months. Then, you just have to pay anything over the amount you already paid if you go over the average usage. PSEG may also lower your payment for your next 12-month term if you overpay.

Avoid Shut-Off with These Resources

Using the NJ Shares grant, you could get as much as $700 toward your PSEG bill. The amount varies by the funding available and it could help you if you do not qualify for other assistance programs. You must apply for the program through the organization. Family size and income will affect your eligibility.

Customers who are disabled, seniors or who have life-saving equipment in their home may be able to qualify for the power program from PSEG. The program will notify customers if there are going to be any outages. They will also get priority restoration after an outage. In addition, being a part of the program can help protect you from shut-off if you are unable to pay your bill. Seniors and those who are disabled may also qualify for a reduced rate if they are on the program.

You may also apply for the Universal Service Fund. The fund can lower utility bills for low-income families. The fund helps by giving you a lower rate than what others are paying. Only low-income families can use the program. You will need to apply for the fund at a local assistance office. You can also apply directly for the fund while you are applying for the LIHEAP benefit.

Payment Assistance for Gas and Electric (PAGE) can help you with your PSEG bill. The program is intended for moderate-income households. Those who are at risk of having their electric shut-off because of a past due balance can apply for the program. The program may be able to help them pay for the amount that is in arrears in addition to any other amount they may owe on their current bill. To qualify for the $1,400 grant, customers must not be using any type of assistance programs like LIHEAP or USF.

New Jersey customers can get help paying their bill and may even get free home improvements.

Low-income families who struggle with their electric bill may be able to qualify for LIHEAP. The season generally runs from October to April but may be extended depending on the weather. You will need to apply for the program through a community action office. All PSEG locations have applications you can pick up and fill out before visiting the office nearest you.

You may also be eligible for a $225 per year credit on your bill through the Lifeline program. This program provides these grants to low income New Jersey residents who are seniors (age 65+) or adults (age 18+) who are receiving Social Security Title II Disability benefits.

The New Jersey Power On program could help families that make too much to qualify for LIHEAP or other benefits. The program works by providing funding to help pay energy bills. The funding comes in the form of a voucher that can be put right onto your electric bill!

Using the NJ Shares grant, you could get as much as $700 toward your PSEG bill. The amount varies by the funding available and it could help you if you do not qualify for other assistance programs. You must apply for the program through the organization. Family size and income will affect your eligibility.

The weatherization program could help you pay for upgrades to your home that will make it more energy efficient. These appliances, insulation and lighting options might make your energy bill less than it was. They could also save you a lot of money on replacements and other things in your home.

Power Partners in NJ can help you save money on your bill too! This program can be used in addition to the weatherization program. It is also for people who may not be able to qualify for weatherization.

New York customers can get extra funding and weatherization services, too.

The New York LIHEAP benefit could help you with up to $200 per month on your electric bill. The program was intended to help people with high heating costs, but you can use it to help with your PSEG bill any time of the year. You might have to wait until the cold months to apply, though.

If you’re in New York and in need of help paying your PSEG bill, HeartShare human services could help you. You’ll need to apply in person for assistance from the organization. Since they are a private organization, funding may not always be available.

You can get free home upgrades that will make your home more energy efficient through the weatherization program in New York. The program could allow you to get added insulation to your home and upgrades to lighting and appliances. New York contractors will survey your home to determine what it needs to be as energy efficient as possible.

For anything that weatherization doesn’t cover or if you are not approved for weatherization, the EmPower program might be able to help you. While they do not do as much as the weatherization program does, they can help you with other things that will make your home energy efficient.

Save Even More on Your Public Service Electric and Gas Bill

A lower bill could make it easier for you to make a payment and not get behind. In addition, taking steps to lower your energy bill is a great choice for you and your family. Most tips you can use to lower your energy usage are free.

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