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Learn How to Get South Carolina Home Repair Grants (and Other Homeowner Resources)

Learn How to Get South Carolina Home Repair Grants (and Other Homeowner Resources)

If your home feels like it’s falling apart, but so is your wallet, you might qualify South Carolina home repair grants. Your community and the state may offer programs that can help you pay to get your home fixed!

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These South Carolina programs might help.

South Carolina offers programs that might help you avoid foreclosure on your home. These programs work to counsel those who qualify and may even be able to provide you with necessary resources to keep your home. The Homeownership Preservation Foundation works with people of varying income levels.

You could get help with home repairs through the FHA refinance loan. You do not have to have an FHA mortgage to qualify for the program. Instead, you must meet other requirements in South Carolina. The FHA does not do refinancing on their own and you will have to go through your lending institution to get help.

The South Carolina HELP works with people to help them avoid foreclosure. The organization works with people who need help making up their bills and several other things. They do not always accept applications, but there are times where applications open back up!

You might be eligible for property tax relief in South Carolina!

If you’re low on money due to paying your property taxes, help is available. You might be able to get help for property tax exemption in South Carolina. South Carolina uses homesteading laws and the Constitution to help determine whether you can be exempt from property taxes.

Veterans who are permanently service-connected disabled, medal of honor recipients and POW might qualify for tax exemption on between one to five acres of land! You might also be able to qualify for tax exemptions on other property you own including vehicles.

For more information on property tax relief in South Carolina and other homeowner resources, click here!

Get South Carolina home repair grants.

The USDA repair grant could help you with the necessary repairs you need to your home. The grant is for people who don’t have great credit and are unable to obtain funding from other sources. You must also live in an area that’s considered rural by the USDA’s standards.

The SC housing grant can help you with home repairs. No matter where you live in the state, you might qualify for the grant. It is based on need, but there are limited spots available so make sure you apply early for the best chance.

Using a community development grant, you might be able to fix your home and make necessary repairs. The community development grants depend on the community and are available in areas that are hard for people to update their homes in. The grants are used to make the community appear nicer for everyone.

The South Carolina weatherization program could help you get some repairs to your home. The program is made to make homes more energy efficient and could provide you with things like new insulation and even new heating and cooling systems. If you are low-income and need help with any repairs related to the energy efficiency in your home, you might want to apply for the program through your local community action agency.

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City and county specific home repair grants are here.

County-specific programs can help you with your South Carolina home repair grants. These programs work with people in the county and community. There may be more options available than state-sponsored programs.

Aiken County

The Aiken housing authority might be able to help with repair costs. They offer grant programs and additional options for people who are low-income and in need of minor or major repairs on their home.

Anderson County

Anderson County offers repair grants and assistance for community members who need help with their home repair costs. The program allows people to get the valuable help they need to pay for repairs that can make their home livable.

Medicaid recipients in Anderson County might be able to get help with home repair grants. These grants make it easier to get ramps, air conditioners and other things that will make their home more livable with or without a disability. Funding is limited for this program.

Beaufort County

The Beaufort County community assistance program might have grants for homeowners in the county. These grants can help you make valuable repairs and can help your home be safer and more comfortable for you to live in.

The community action agency may also offer home grants. This agency is part of the housing authority of the county and could offer different grants and assistance to those who are in need.

Calhoun County

The home repair and modification assistance program in Calhoun County could pay for changes to your home to make it more accessible. The program offers free repair assistance and grants to give you a chance at a better home that is safer. They can help with emergency repair services if you qualify.

Charleston County

The Urban League might be able to help you if you’re in need of repairs to your home. The league works with low-income individuals in and around the city of Charleston. You will need to apply for their home repair grants.

Seniors who are low-income in Charleston might be able to get help with minor repairs to help with mobility. These repairs can range from things like ramps and access areas to other things that make the home safer for seniors. You can go through the repair and mobility program to apply for help.

Financial assistance for repairs is available for low-income families and individuals. The repairs can help make your home safer.

With Origins of South Carolina, you might be able to get counseling for post homeownership. While the organization does not offer grants, they do offer free education programs for homeowners.

Increasing Hope of North Charleston may be able to help with homeowner education opportunities. They offer mortgage counseling and programs to help you avoid foreclosure.

Chesterfield County

You can get help with emergency repairs in Chesterfield. You might be able to get help repairing floors, roofing and other parts of your home that are necessary for your survival.

Greenwood County

The South Carolina home repair grants available in Greenwood might be able to help you make updates to your home so it is safer and easier for you to live. There are many different repair programs that will give you the chance to have a home that’s better. These grants can go a long way depending on the program you’re qualified for.

Greenville County

South Carolina home repair grants in Greenville can help you with repairs to your home. Through the human relations department of Greenville County, you might be able to get help repairing your home.

The Upstate Urban league offers some grants and financial assistance for low-income individuals who qualify in Greenville. These resources might be able to help you save money on your home repairs or might even allow you to get the home repairs for free.

With the modification and assistance benefit, you can repair your home to meet your needs. Disabled individuals can get help making their home more accessible so they can live more comfortably.

Horry County

Horry, South Carolina home repair grants can help you pay for valuable repairs to your home. Those who are disabled or are low-income can get help with ramps and even with AC repairs. If you do not have an air conditioner, the program might even be able to provide you with one.

The Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach may not have home repair grants, but they offer options to help you learn more about homeownership. Homeowners can learn more about the way they can save money and all the things they can save money on so they don’t have to worry about issues that come along with foreclosure and other problems.

Jasper County

Not only can you get home repair grants in Jasper but you may also qualify for pest control grants that will help make your home a cleaner and safer place to live. You must apply for the program through the Jasper area housing authority.

Orangeburg County

Southeastern Housing of Orangeburg doesn’t offer South Carolina home repair grants, but they may offer counseling services to those who qualify. Homeowners who are struggling to make payments or who are in danger of foreclosure can get counseling to help them determine their next steps.

Richland County

Columbia residents may qualify for help through the local housing authority. You must apply for the program to find out if you qualify for home repair grants, homeowner counseling or any other service the organization offers.

Home repair and modification grants are available to those in Columbia! You can apply for these grants if you need help with your home or if you need to make modifications to make your home safer.

Money Management of Columbia can give you helpful tips on making your mortgage payment. Their counseling services can also teach you how to stay out of foreclosure.

The NACA helps those who are in need of repairs. They offer some South Carolina home repair grants for those who are low-income. You must apply online or in person to qualify for these grants.

NID Housing offers options for you if you’re low-income. There are many options including counseling, financial assistance and even mortgage refinancing you can take advantage of.

The home repair and modification assistance program in Richland offers options for people who are disabled and people who are low-income. If you need a repair in your home to make it more livable, you might be able to get help.

Spartanburg County

The Spartanburg housing authority might be able to help you with home repair assistance and grants. The grants you can get from the housing authority might help you pay for repairs to your home that can make it safer or simply more livable.

Get help with grants now.

Getting grants and other homeowner help along with information doesn’t have to be hard! There is so much you can do to ensure you get the help you need. If you’re feeling confused about where to start or overwhelmed with all the options you have, the best place to start is your local government offices. Even your local assistance office might be able to help direct you toward the resources you need!

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