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12+ Stanislaus Library System Benefits

12+ Stanislaus Library System Benefits

The Salida, CA library is part of the Stanislaus Library System in Stanislaus County, California. A library card gives you access to free digital magazines, a Veteran’s Resource Center and a Citizenship Resource Center.

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Get Free E-Magazines

Using your library card, you can download free magazines to your Kindle, Android tablet, Apple device or Nook from RBDigital. You can also view them on a desktop or laptop computer in most browsers. For mobile devices, you will need the app and your library login credentials. If you don’t have internet at home, no problem! Magazines can be read offline. You can download them to your device at the library using their free Wi-Fi, then read at your leisure. Instructions for use and FAQ all rolled into one can be found here.

Get Free Music, Movies, TV Shows and Audio Books

The Salida library offers a variety of media online via Hoopla Digital. All Hoopla Digital content is available on demand. No reservations necessary and no waiting. If you already have a library card with them and a pin number, check out their online instructions and begin downloading now from the comfort of your own home.

Access Free Online Language Courses

Via Mango, the Salida library offers web based language resources. Lessons are available for more than 60 different languages. Each lesson includes audio and video components for ease of understanding.

Free Passport Application Drop Off Point

Although the usual passport application fees apply, the Salida branch is one of two in the Stanislaus County library system that accepts passport applications. This service is by appointment only.

Free Computer Classes

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the Digital Divide, you don’t have to remain there. You can get free computer classes to help you improve your computer literacy. This is considered to be one of the biggest civil rights issues of our age.

Free Career Development Classes

You can log in and access Cengage course materials free online with your library login credentials. GALE is their testing and education reference center.

Check Out Their Free Databases

They provide access to a variety of databases. From agriculture to fine art to legal forms, get the information you need right at your fingertips, from the library or from home.

Access Their Veterans Resource Center

The Modesto branch provides resources for military personnel, veterans and their families. Qualified members can learn about benefits, employment opportunities, health care and more. The center connects qualified members to federal, state and county resources just for veterans, military members and their family members. If you are a veteran or you have a loved one who is serving or has served, check this out. Military personnel and former military members are entitled to a wealth of benefits. Unlike means tested programs, you will not lose access to these resources if they help you improve your station in life.

Get Help Getting Your California Driver’s License.

You can take practice tests for free online any time of the day or night. Tests are available for a regular private license, motorcycle of cense or commercial driver’s license. You can choose from easy, hard and expert levels. In addition to English, some practice tests are available in Spanish and Russian. The page also has a FAQ, handbooks and additional basic information about getting your California license. Handbooks are also available in Spanish and Russian.

Keep Your Cool On Hot Summer Days

The Salida branch is a designated Cooling Zone. If you have no air conditioning, it is a place you can go in hot weather to help keep your cool. Even if you do have air conditioning, it is acceptable to go to a Cooling Zone to help you keep your electric bill down. (Some California cities offer free bus rides to Cooling Zones on designated days during heat waves. Ask your bus driver if Salida participates in this program. If it does, you may sometimes be entitled to a free ride to the Salida branch.)

Free Electricity Use Monitors

They have 25 electricity monitors available for checkout. Learn how much electricity you are using for free. If that isn’t cool, I don’t know what is.

Help With Questions Regarding Citizenship and Naturalization

The Modesto branch has a resource corner exclusively dedicated to helping with questions regarding citizenship and naturalization. This includes general information, test preparation and application resources. They have information and resources for people who speak English as a second language. They provide a list of organizations that may be able to assist immigrants in various ways.

A Variety of Support Groups to Meet Your Needs

Are you dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s or problems of aging? Check out their calendar to see when the next meeting is. Library group activities aren’t just for toddlers these days.

Free Help with Genealogy Questions

The Modesto branch of the Stanislaus County system provides free expert support for genealogy enthusiasts trying to trace their family tree or family history. You can get free personalized assistance every Monday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or by appointment on other days. This resource is powered by the Genealogical Society of Stanislaus County.

Free Access to Local Geographic Information Systems Resources

Are you interested in GIS or the public data that drives it? The Stanislaus library system can get you hooked up. Check out county corridor projects, property tax information and more. Data accounts for approximately 60 percent of the cost of your typical GIS, yet here they are giving it away free. If you are a GIS nerd, you may well be in heaven here.

Pretty much every library provides access to free books, magazines and movies. But, if that is all you know about, it is time to look under the hood and kick the tires. There is so much more available for free.

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