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8 Secret Van Buren Library Benefits

8 Secret Van Buren Library Benefits

Everyone knows that libraries are for doing research and borrowing books, but did you know that the Van Buren District Library (VBDL) has even more to offer if you’ve got a library card? We’ve done the research, and in this guide, we’re going to show you some of the things you can access with your VBDL card.

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The Van Buren District Library is Customizable!

No library has a perfect catalog of books, which is why the VBDL does its best to customize your experience so that you can find the books that you want. With your library card, you can actually request the VBDL librarian to purchase an audiobook, standard book, magazine, or DVD. You’ll simply have to fill out a quick form with your name, email, and VBDL library card number, and request what you’re looking for – it’s that simple.

It’s Not Just Standard Books

The Van Buren District Library has a lot of options for those that have a library card. Firstly, many of us use our devices to do much of our reading. Whether it’s our favorite e-book, a favorite magazine, or another type of online periodical, it’s gotten very convenient to read on a seven or eight-inch screen. Fortunately, the VBDL has options in this regard too. Let’s take a look at the types of systems that the VBDL has in place so that you can borrow digitally:

Borrow e-books with Overdrive – This branch of Overdrive, which is run by the Southwest Michigan Digital Library, makes it really easy for those with a VBDL library card to quickly and easily take out any e-book that is available in the online catalog.

Borrow audiobooks, movies, e-books, comics, and TV-shows with Hoopla – With your VBDL library card, you’ll have access to Hoopla’s entire collection of digital media. Not only are these titles available through a web-connected computer, but they also are available to be borrowed on mobile platforms like iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Titles can immediately be streamed from these devices and Hoopla even allows these media files to be downloaded so that you can enjoy them later, even if you don’t have an internet connection. Additionally, Hoopla even has support for Apple TV and Chromecast so that you can stream titles directly to your TV. This is really advantageous because the service is usable 24/7, which means that you can stream and download the content you want even after library hours.

Stream some music with your VBDL card with Freegal – A Van Buren District Library card also grants you access to another streaming service called Freegal, which is a free music service that grants access to over 13 million songs. This is very impressive, especially considering that they really have some popular artists on tap that you can quickly access just using your card.

In fact, Freegal grants access to Sony’s entire music catalog as well as to a wide array of music videos. Videos are actually uploaded to the service weekly, and once downloaded, are yours to keep. Also, with Freegal, you can download your music directly from the company’s site without the need to download any apps or software; a feature that makes the whole experience very user-friendly and easy.

Access Free Text Articles and have content sent to the Van Buren District Library system using MeL– MeL instantly provides access to full-text articles that come from newspapers and magazines from a myriad of sources. These books and magazines are designed for just about any age group or interest and are available on MeL’s easy-to-use portal. Additionally, MeL can be used to order books, movies, and other types of media that will be delivered to your library.

Using Your VBDL Card to Learn

Having a Van Buren District Library card isn’t just great for checking out books and downloading media content; in fact, you can use your card to learn. Here are a few of the free services and classes that you can access with your VBDL library card:

Use your card to learn a language with Rocket Languages – With your VBDL card, you can access Rocket Languages, a series of multi-media packages that can help you learn a new language at your own pace. Through this program, you can also gain access to language courses, play games designed to make language learning easier, and take quizzes to test your knowledge.

Become a global citizen with your library card with Global Road Warrior– The world’s getting smaller, so learning about other global cultures is a way to quickly acclimate to the changing world environment. Fortunately, VBDL offers free usage of the Global Road Warrior program, which specializes in providing large-scale databases of global cultural information so that you can quickly and easily learn about the world and its myriad civilizations. You can learn things like country culture, the predominant languages of a region, local and national history, and even learn about global travel.

Take Part in the hundreds of events and classes being held in the VBDL system – Looking to stay active? Then, consider some of the classes on offer through the VBDL system, such as gentle yoga, tai chi, or stretching classes. Additionally, there are also a plethora of daily events happening at any given time in the VBDL system like story time for the kids, tinker Tuesdays for the inventor in you, and various reading forums.

Don’t forget that VBDL has a reciprocal library program!

Having a VBDL card really opens up some possibilities, but did you know that you can get one of these cards, even if you live in the surrounding districts? Here are the libraries and townships that have reciprocal borrowing agreements with the Van Buren District Library:

  • Geneva Township
  • Hartford City & Township
  • Keeler Township
  • Lawton Village
  • South Haven
  • Allegan District Library
  • Cass District Library
  • Dowagiac District Library
  • Kalamazoo Public Library
  • Otsego District Library
  • Paw Paw District Library

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