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There’s Hope for Paying Your PSO Oklahoma Bill!

There’s Hope for Paying Your PSO Oklahoma Bill!

If you have a shut-off notice from the Public Service Company of Oklahoma and don’t know where to turn, there is help. We found resources from the company, the government and charities to help you pay your electric bill.

PSO Oklahoma offers helpful payment options.

To help avoid getting in a situation like this, you can take advantage of the level billing option. The program is free and allows you to expect your bill amount. It will be the same amount each month. The Public Service Company of Oklahoma bases your bill off your annual bill and divides it evenly over a period of twelve months.

PSO’s Power Hours program allows you to take advantage of non-peak electrical savings. Your rates are lower during non-peak hours. The company allows you to participate in three different ways. You can choose to lower your power usage during peak hours. You can also choose to allow the company to help you lower your power usage during peak hours. They do this through a programmable thermostat they control from wi-fi. They will provide the thermostat for free. The other option they have is a combined option. You can customize this plan to suit your needs so you have control over saving money on energy.

A one-time payment extension may be able to help you if you have an unusually high bill or if you are in a situation you don’t expect to be in again. The extension grants you more time to pay your bill and acquire the funds to pay it. You may be able to get the extension as long as your account is not 30 days past due. The company allows customers to use the program once per year.

If your bill is really high and you don’t expect to be able to pay it in the time period you would get from an extension, you may want to consider payment arrangements. With payment arrangements, the Public Service Company of Oklahoma can split up your overdue amount throughout the year. They will require you to pay 1/12th of the payment up front as a type of deposit. The company will add the rest of the monthly payments onto your bill each month. It is necessary to apply for this program before your bill goes more than 30 days overdue.

Need Help Paying Your Public Service Company of Oklahoma Bill? We Found Help!

The Public Service Company of Oklahoma works with the Salvation Army to provide customers with the Light a Life program. You can use the money that is donated by other customers to pay your bill. You must apply for the program through the Salvation Army. When you apply for this program, you’ll need to make sure you have your income amount and your shut off notice.

If you need help paying your bill every month, the Oklahoma LIHEAP benefit may be the best choice for you. You can apply for the benefit through your local benefits office. You will be able to use the same application you would use if you were applying for SNAP or cash assistance. If you have recently completed an application, talk to your local assistance office about your need for LIHEAP. The program will automatically apply a set amount of money on your bill. The amount may pay for the entire bill or it may pay just a portion depending on how high your bills are.

Catholic Charities of Oklahoma may be able to help you pay your electric bill. They are generally able to provide one-time help to people who are in need. If you have applied for their help in the past 12 months, you may not be eligible to receive any money from them. In addition, you will need to make sure you bring a shut-off notice to the office. The charities will give you a voucher you can use to help pay the bill.

Get Free Home Improvements To Lower Your Public Service Company of Oklahoma Bill!

Oklahoma’s weatherization program is to help those who are low-income get valuable upgrades to make their home more energy efficient. You may qualify for new doors, new insulation and even new windows that can make your home easier to heat or cool. The program is intended for those who are unable to make these valuable upgrades on their own. You can apply for the program through your assistance office and you can even do it at the same time you are applying for other assistance options.

If you make less than $45,000 annually, you may be able to receive help through the PSO weatherization program. Those who are accepted into the program will get a free energy audit from the company. PSO will then be able to help you upgrade your home with free light bulbs, appliances, ductwork and insulation.

PSO customers who rent or who own their home can receive a free energy-saving kit. The kit includes things like LED light bulbs, a night light, an alarm and power strips. It also includes energy-saving information.

You can be reimbursed by the company for making energy saving upgrades to your home. They may pay between one to five dollars for upgrades to lighting in your home. They may also reimburse you for things like power strips, doors, and even water dispensers. 

Avoid Shut Off With These Resources

If you are at risk of having your electric shut-off, PSO may allow you to take advantage of their prepaid electric program. The program works even for those who have a past-due balance. The company does require you to pay 20% of your arrears when you are signing up for the prepaid electric program, but it may be more manageable than the entire amount. You can then pay ahead for your electric. When your balance is low, PSO will alert you to help avoid disconnection.

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma may be able to help those who are facing a shut-off notice from their utility company. If you are a PSO customer and have received a shut-off notice, you may qualify for help through the convention. The convention works to provide people with valuable help. They also do what they can to make sure people are getting the resources they need to pay their own bills in the future. Not only can they help you pay your bill one time but they can also teach you valuable ways to make sure your bill is lower in the future. The organization even has money counseling they can provide to those who need it.

The Neighborhood Services Organization of Oklahoma has some available funds to help those who are low-income and are at risk of losing their electric. They have a limited amount of funds and their ability to help depends on your income, the time of year and the amount you may need to get your bill up to date. They work hard to provide help to people, but those who are in the most need and who apply first are the ones who will get assistance first. The organization may be able to provide referrals to other organizations or individuals who can help you with a one-time payment of a past due electric bill.

Save Even More on Your Public Service Company of Oklahoma Bill!

Part of being able to pay your electric bill is making sure it is affordable for you. If you save energy, you will have a lower bill. The lower bill could be the difference between being able to pay it or being stuck looking for assistance. If you use some of these methods to lower your bill, paying it may be easier.

Amber Morrison

Saturday 29th of January 2022

I have no income and live with my family and PSO doesn’t offer help for multi family household. My dad is a retired veteran and my mom gets disability my daughter is on food stamps and medical because she’s pregnant and has two small children. How can we get help with our home. We need lots of repairs and help with our home. We can’t afford to move or refinance. I don’t know what to do anymore but I know that this trailer we live in is not healthy or safe. The floors are starting to get soft in some areas and the ceiling is coming down. We also have mold in some parts. Can u plz help me find out what we can do to make this home safe again? Thanx for anything you might find.


Thursday 10th of February 2022

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