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Things to Do in Columbus, Ohio: Free Museums!

Things to Do in Columbus, Ohio: Free Museums!

When you’re looking for things to do in Columbus, Ohio, things don’t have to be expensive. There are many free things to do in the city including free museums!


These things to do in Columbus, Ohio are free every day!

The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum gives you a chance to check out different things that are related to cartoons and how they had an impact on the Columbus area. You can visit the museum with free admission every day, but some special events may cost money to get into.

The Wagner-Hagans Auto Museum shows the different ways automobiles have been created and driven throughout the years. The museum has both historical cars and autos from recent times to help you get a glimpse of how far they’ve come. You can enjoy the museum with free admission during opening hours.

The Ohio Craft Museum not only features craft-style art throughout but also has craft supplies you can purchase while you’re there. It’s one of the things to do in Columbus, Ohio that you can spend all day enjoying! The art museum features information on artists as well as the Amish influence on crafts in the community. The Ohio Craft Museum has some demonstrations at different times to learn more about different craft styles.

The Cultural Arts Center features art from different artists and people who are focused on different types of art. There are major cultural influences throughout the center that you can visit. The museum is open to free tours, but there may be additional options that could cost money.


Visit more of these free museums any day.

The King Arts Complex houses some of the most impressive art in Columbus. If you’re looking for a complex that truly has it all, the King Arts is the place to be. From performances to artwork and galleries by local artists, you can enjoy everything this complex has to offer.

As a free museum and exhibit center, the Ohio Statehouse has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in the politics of Ohio or the history of it, you can enjoy checking out different things at the statehouse. There are many options for those visiting to enjoy so make sure you’re prepared to learn a lot about the city!

The Orton Geological Museum features geological artifacts and exhibits relating to geology. You can learn more about geology while you’re at the museum as well as information about how it has had an impact on the city. You can visit the museum any time you’re looking for free things to do in Columbus, Ohio.

The Riffe Gallery has exhibits that change regularly. You can visit the museum at different times of the year for free to learn more about the different types of art in the galleries. The museum regularly announces changes so you can prepare to go when each of the exhibits change.

Visit these museums for free on Thursday!

The Wexner Center for the Arts is a museum and hands-on experience that you can enjoy for free on Thursdays. Wexner also features free things to do in Columbus, Ohio on the first Sunday of each month. The center is always free for kids under 18 and college students with a valid school ID.

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Need free things to do in Columbus, Ohio on the weekends? Check this out!

The Columbus Museum of Art offers free admission every Sunday. Even though the hours are reduced on Sundays, you can visit for free and learn more about the art that’s featured in the museum. It’s worth going often when you’re looking for things to do in Columbus, Ohio because the museum regularly changes the exhibits it features.

These museums offer major discounts.

The Doll and Toy Museum is one of the things to do in Columbus, Ohio that isn’t free, but is super cheap! The museum is only $3 for visitors to get into. Kids who are six years old and younger can get into the museum for free every day!


The Center of Science and Industry offers discounted admission days. They also offer some free days for residents of Ohio. The free days are not on any set schedule so make sure to check their website often to learn about when they are happening.

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