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South Central Power Customers Can Get Help!

South Central Power Customers Can Get Help!

If you have South Central Power, you have options! We found ways to help you save money on your bill while avoiding shut-off and upgrading your home in the process.

Need help paying your South Central Power bill? We found help.

The Round Up organization could help you pay for a portion of your bill or help you get caught up with a past due bill. The program may only be able to help if there are funds available that have been donated by other South Central Power customers. You must apply for the program through the local Salvation Army.

Ohio’s HEAP helps those who are low-income and need help with their power bills. The program can pay a portion of the bill to those who qualify. If you’re approved, you’ll automatically have a credit applied to your bill each month.

Are you a veteran? You could get help with your South Central Power bill! The state’s veterans programs may be able to help veterans struggling to pay their power bills or other bills. You must apply for assistance through the VA to get help with your bill.

Get helpful payment options with South Central Power.

South Central Power might be able to help with payment arrangements. You must contact the customer service number during regular business hours to get payment arrangements. The company suggests choosing option 4 to speak with someone who can help you with payment arrangements. Apply early enough to get help in case you need it.

If you allow South Central Power to install a small radio-controlled switch on your air conditioner or other large appliances, you might get a $100 credit on your bill after you do it. You must submit to allowing South Central Power to shut off your appliances during peak hours to lessen the burden on their supply.

Budget billing could help you avoid large bills during the cold or hot months. The budget billing averages out your payment so it’s the same from month to month. With budget billing, your bill will not be lower, but it might be easier to pay a predictable amount from month to month.

Lower your bill while upgrading your home.

Upgrade your home for free with Ohio weatherization. The program gives those who are qualified a chance to make their home better by adding insulation and making changes to the home to make it more energy efficient. Not only will you get free upgrades to your home, but these free upgrades will help you save money in the long run.

If you purchase an EnergyStar appliance, you’ll get a $100 credit on your bill. All you need to do is submit the information that proves you purchased the appliance. The credit is automatically applied after South Central Power approves your proof of purchase.

If you allow South Central Power to install a switch on your water heater, you can get a $1.25 credit on your bill each month. While this may not seem like much, it amounts to over $15 per year! The switch allows the company to shut the heater off during different peak hours, but many people never even notice the appliance getting shut off.

To help you figure out where you can save more money, South Central Power offers energy calculators. These are easy to use and you can figure out what you need to do to lower your energy usage in different areas around your home!

South Central Power helps the community.

Since South Central Power is part of Touchstone Energy, you get tons of benefits! Your card can help you save money on groceries, prescriptions and entertainment. The Touchstone community gives back to their customers. Click here to learn all about your Touchstone Energy benefits!

Got a high schooler? They could earn a free trip to D.C.! South Central Power offers a youth tour for high schoolers who are interested in energy and how it affects the political climate. Several students are chosen each year and get an all expense paid trip to the nation’s capital!

South Central Power offers several different scholarships. They offer college scholarships as well as lineman scholarships to help people achieve their dreams. They base their scholarships off of both need and merit.

Save more money on your bill!

We found tips to help you save even more on your bill! We know how tough it can be to save money so we made sure these tips are all low or no cost.

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