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Need Things to Do in Indianapolis? Try These Free Museums!

Need Things to Do in Indianapolis? Try These Free Museums!

When you’re looking for things to do in Indianapolis, there are many free museums to check out! No matter what day of the week it is, you can enjoy these museums.

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Need things to do in Indianapolis? These things are always free!

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument features information about the wars and the military in general. At the monument, you can learn more about the issues that affected the area as well as other issues that people have seen as a result of war. The monument has helpful information to allow you to learn more about it.

The Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center features information about Indiana and what it meant for the rest of the country. The center allows visitors to visit for free during their operating hours. It is opened year-round.

The Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum features information and exhibits about The Civil War and the way it impacted the entire country. There were many different things that happened in Indiana that shaped the war and changed the things that happened during it. Additionally, the museum has exhibits that feature pieces from the era.

The Fan museum at Fanimation is free for visitors! While there are some events at the museum that could cost money, it is a free museum on regular opening days.

You can learn more about the police force and the way it impacts the state at the Indiana State Police museum in Indianapolis. The museum has many different exhibits that people can view and enjoy that are all related to the state police in Indiana. There are no changes to the exhibits, but the museum does add different exhibits to their collection occasionally.

We found more free museums every day!

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary art is a free museum for everyone! If you’re looking for things to do in Indianapolis, this museum is a great option. It features exhibits that change regularly and it allows visitors the chance to check out different pieces of artwork by various artists.

Even though the Rolls-Royce James A. Allison Exhibition Center is not necessarily a museum, it does feature some exhibits by artists and people who are from Indianapolis. The museum inside of the exhibition center is small, but it’s a great free way to spend some time when you’re looking for things to do in Indianapolis!

Visiting Monument Circle gives you a chance to learn about the different things that have changed the way Indianapolis is. The monuments here are always the same. It’s one of the free things to do in Indianapolis that you can enjoy outside and it’s always free!

The Indiana War Memorial Museum is a free museum that shows different war memorials to visitors. When you visit the museum, you can enjoy different learning opportunities and a chance to find out more about the way things affected the wars. There are many exhibits at the museum that do not regularly change.

Still need things to do in Indianapolis? Try these out!

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is an outdoor biking or walking experience. You can start out on the guided trail and continue throughout the different cultural districts in Indianapolis. The trail is open all the time and is free for anyone who wants to walk it. It may take a few hours to complete, but there are stops along the way.

The Indianapolis Artsgarden is an art collaborative that features different artists from the city and beyond. You can enjoy regularly changing exhibits and art that ranges from traditional to contemporary.

While the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is not necessarily a free museum, kids six and under are always free. You can visit the museum affordably if you have kids and learn more about the motor speedway. It’s even in close proximity to the racetrack.

The Indiana State Library is not a museum, but it’s worth checking out. Everyone gets in for free and you can get a visitors’ pass to explore the museum. It’s massive and has plenty of different things for you to see and learn about.

These museums are free on Tuesdays.

Eiteljorg Museum features various exhibits related to Native American culture. The museum also features culturally-related pieces visitors can enjoy. If you’re looking for things to do in Indianapolis, the museum is free for children on Tuesdays.

The Indiana State Museum offers free admission on Tuesdays. The museum features information about the state and about the way it has shaped the United States as a whole. Visitors from Indiana and beyond can learn more about everything the state does and has done in the past.

Got Indiana state assistance? You could get into museums for free.

With the access pass, you’ll always find things to do in Indianapolis. Getting an access pass is free, all you have to do is show proof of state assistance. The access pass allows you to get into these museums for only $2 per person per visit.

  • Children’s Museum Indianapolis
  • Conner Prairie
  • Eiteljorg Museum
  • Indiana Historical Society
  • The NCAA Hall of Champions
  • The Terre Haute Children’s Museum
  • Wonderlab
  • Indiana State Museum
  • Newfields
  • Indiana Repertory Theatre

These museums offer varying free days throughout the year.

While these museums don’t always offer free admission or regular free admission days, you can still get in for free on some days. During this time, you’re not required to pay admission and you’re not required to show anything to get in- just enjoy the museum! They’re some of the best free things to do in Indianapolis.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis offers free admission on President’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Christmas Eve and Children’s Day. They also offer admission for $5 on Thursday nights. Admission is normally around $20 per person!  

The Indiana Historical Society offers free admission on Independence Day and Smithsonian Day among other special holidays.

Rhythm! Discovery Center offers free admission on Smithsonian Day. They may also do other free admission or reduced admission events throughout the year.

Conner Prairie offers free admission on Smithsonian Day. It is an outdoor-centric hands-on museum experience.

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