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United Power Customer? We Found Resources to Help with Your Bill!

United Power Customer? We Found Resources to Help with Your Bill!

Trying to pay your United Power bill, but just can’t keep up? We get it because we’ve been there! However, we found helpful resources that can help you pay your bill!


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You could get help with your United Power bill!

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United Power customers struggling with their bills might be able to find help through Colorado’s LEAP. The program could be able to help with funding for utility bills and might make it easier for customers who are low-income and struggling to make sure they’re able to pay their bill. LEAP has strict requirements for income and other qualifying factors. You might need to reapply to get approved for the program each year.


If you’re looking for help, the Salvation Army might be the best place to start. They have some resources available that might make it easier for you to pay for your utilities. The organization has caps on the amount you can get for funding as well as the number of times you can get help in one year.

You could have money to pay your utility bill that you didn’t even know about! United is a power co-op and that means you get capital credits just for being a member. These credits are usually applied directly to your bill, but you might have unclaimed capital credits. If you have unclaimed capital credits that are under $10, they’ll be applied to your bill. If they are over $10, you can receive a check from the company.


Here are ways you could avoid shut-off.

If you are facing a shut-off, you might be able to get help through the Crossroads Church Benevolence Fund. Since the fund is based on donations and other factors, it might not be available all the time. The church puts a lifetime limit of $200 on it. Checks are made out directly to the utility company if you are approved.

The Broomfield FISH program might be able to provide utility assistance to families who are in need. If you have a shut-off notice, you meet their requirements and you need help with your bill, they might be able to give you a voucher toward your United Power bill. They also offer resources meant to help people escape poverty!

You could get utility bill assistance through the Sister Carmen organization. They might be able to offer you a voucher or a check made directly to United. The program has requirements you’ll need to meet including income requirements. If you qualify for assistance, they might also be able to help you with other resources.

United Power has helpful payment options.

With Operation Round Up, you might be able to get the funds you need to pay your United Power bill. The program might be able to help you find funding based on your needs, your income and your family size. While it does not provide direct help to people who are in need, you could get resources that will connect you with help.

You might be able to make a payment arrangement if you are unable to pay your bill. You can make this arrangement if you know you’re going to get paid or have money past the due date. United Power might require you to meet their qualifications to get help with an arrangement. They might require you to have a good payment history with them and a record of always paying back your arrangements in the past.

United offers a high bill help program to people who meet their qualifications. If you have a very high bill that you know you’re going to be unable to pay, the company may be able to split the bill into payments or give you an extension for trying to pay it.

The Budget Billing program might be able to help you if you struggle to pay your bills during certain times of the year. If your bill is high due to fluctuations in temperature, you might be able to benefit from having a bill that’s averaged out over equal payments. You can make 11 payments that are all averaged. The 12th payment would be a settlement one that is lower or higher than your average. United may only offer this option for certain customers.


You could get free upgrades and lower your electric bill.

United Power offers free refrigerator recycling. In fact, they’ll pay you for recycled appliances. You can reduce your energy usage by getting rid of your old refrigerator. The company pays different rates for different types of working fridges.

The weatherization assistance program can help you greatly reduce your energy bills! With weatherization assistance, you can get free home upgrades to make your home more energy efficient. You might be able to get help with things like insulation, flooring and (in some instances) appliances.

Rebates are available if you’re purchasing new appliances. You can get higher rebates for more energy efficient appliances. Check with United before you purchase a new appliance because you could be saving a lot of money!

Do you know how much energy you’re really using? With a free energy audit through the electric company, you can learn about your energy usage and how it’s affecting your bills. This might also make it easier for you to determine what type of upgrades you can make to your home to make it more energy efficient!

Get added benefits as a Touchstone Energy member!

United Power is a cooperative that is part of a bigger group of cooperatives. Touchstone Energy provides its members with many different benefits. You can get free things like events in your community and goods just for being a member. Additionally, you can get things like discounts on prescriptions, shopping, food and entertainment. To see all the benefits that come from being a Touchstone member, check out this article!

United Power is active in your community!

Each year United Power awards 17 different scholarships to children of their members. These scholarships are both need and merit based. They range from a couple of hundred dollars to over $1,000 in some cases. These scholarships are very competitive.


The Washington, D.C. Youth Tour is a great way for high schoolers to learn about energy and how it has an impact on the United States government. United sends high schoolers on a free trip to the capital. Spots are competitive and can fill up quickly. If your child is interested, they should apply early.

Start saving on your electric bill right now.

Did you know you can get big savings on your electric bill just by taking small steps? Use these tips to help you figure out the best way to start saving money and lowering your energy usage!

You can get free stuff in Colorado!