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Need Help Paying Your Vectren Bill? We Found Help!

Need Help Paying Your Vectren Bill? We Found Help!

Struggling to pay your Vectren bill? We found so many resources to help you pay your bill and lower your usage! You can save money and start living without the fear of shut-off.

Get help paying your Vectren bill now.


The Ohio HEAP benefit helps by paying for a portion of the Vectren bill. You must apply for the program through your local community action agency. Those who are in emergency situations or have received a shut-off notice may be able to get immediate help through the program. You will receive a payment on your account automatically to help you pay for a portion of your bill. If you receive SNAP benefits or medical assistance, you may be able to use the same information you used when applying for those benefits.

The Percentage of Income Payment Plan lowers your bill by discounting it. You can receive the PIPP discount if you already have Ohio HEAP. The discount is based on the amount of money you make, your average energy usage and your total family size.


The Indiana EAP benefit could help you pay for a portion of your Vectren bill. The program only pays out up to a certain amount depending on your family size. If you qualify, the payment will be automatically applied to your bill. You can apply in person at a community action agency or you can apply online for the program. While the program is usually only open to applications during the winter months, you may be able to get emergency assistance in some situations.

If you’re using the EAP, you may also qualify for USP. The USP allows you to lower the amount of your bill. It discounts your bill through Vectren so you have less to pay. While it is a significant discount, you’ll likely still have to pay a small portion of the bill after the discount and your EAP benefit is applied.

Get even more help with your bill!

Share the Warmth is a program Vectren has for people who are unable to pay their energy bill. Funding may not always be available because it is based on donations from other customers, but when it is, you could get help for your bill. You must contact Vectren to apply for funds from Share the Warmth.

The Gift of Energy is not necessarily a program to help you pay your bill, but it’s a way to let others help you pay your bill. If you have friends or family who want to help you with your energy bill, they can use the Gift of Energy. The Gift of Energy is an easy program that allows your friends and family to make a safe and secure payment to your Vectren account.

You might be eligible for a due date extension. Vectren offers due date extensions based on information you provide the company. If you need an extension, you must contact Vectren to let them know of the need you have. They do not do extensions for anyone on a payment arrangement or budget billing.

Avoid shut-off of your energy account.

If you receive a shut-off notice, you might want to contact Vectren. Their website claims they work with those who receive shut-off notices to help them keep their electric on. You might be able to find other information from the company that could keep your electric on.

The payment arrangements they offer vary, but the company seems to be somewhat liberal with arrangements. You must contact the company as they look at each arrangement on a case-by-case bases, but you might qualify for an arrangement if you’re struggling to pay your bill. Arrangements may also help you divide out a large bill over several months so the burden of it is not all at one time.

If you’re taking advantage of the Indiana EAP benefit, you may be protected from shut-off. The Indiana moratorium prevents electric companies from cutting off certain electric accounts during the winter months. There are limitations to this, but it can be helpful if you are unable to pay your bill during that time.

Vectren offers options to pay your bill.

Budget billing might make it easier for you to pay your bill. It could reduce the large bills that come during the cold winter months. Your bill will be averaged out over the 12-month period and it will be close to the same each month. At the end of the first period (usually in the summer), Vectren will recalculate your budget billing. If you paid too much, your bill will be less during the second 12-month period. If you didn’t pay enough, your bill will be more.

To help save money, you can apply for the summer cycle program. This program allows Vectren to cycle big appliances in your home on and off. You could even get a smart thermostat to participate in the program. Not only does the program lower your energy use since you’re cycling, but it also lowers your rate by simply participating.

You can save money and get free stuff.

Vectren offers a free weatherization program. You can save money by making your home more energy efficient. In general, Vectren provides weatherization options that your local and state governments do not provide.

If you want to learn where you can improve your energy usage, you can use the online assessment. Weatherization from Vectren comes with a free assessment that’s done in-home, but the online assessment is quick and easy. It’s something you can do yourself to help lower your bills on your own.

The company even offers some rebates on lighting and appliances!


The weatherization program in Ohio helps you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It might be able to provide things like insulation and even better appliances. You must apply for the program through your local community action agency.


The Indiana weatherization assistance program might make it easier to pay your Vectren bill. The program allows you to save money and helps add insulation and other options to your home. It is intended for low-income families and individuals.

In addition to the weatherization program, you could get help from the Indiana Summer Cool program. It provides you with a benefit that is applied to your bill and could help you with cooling measures. Some families even qualify for a free window air conditioner with the program!

Try even more to lower your bill.

Lowering your bill doesn’t have to take a lot of effort. We found some simple tips to help make your energy bill lower!

Save more money in Ohio and Indiana!