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Clay Electric Customers: Get Help with Your Bill!

Clay Electric Customers: Get Help with Your Bill!

Paying your Clay Electric bill shouldn’t be hard! You can get help through company and state programs. Use the resources we found to pay your bill!

Need help paying your Clay Electric bill? We found help!

The Florida LIHEAP benefit could help you pay for a portion of your Clay Electric bill. The amount that you get qualified for will be based on your income and will make it easier for you to pay your bill. You can apply for and get qualified through your local community action program.

Project SHARE could help you when you’re struggling with your bill. The program works to provide one-time payment assistance to those who are in emergency situations. You can apply for the program through Clay Electric or you can apply for it through your local Salvation Army. Help may only be available when there is funding through donations.

Avoid shut-off.

If you’re struggling to pay your bill, you might have Capital Credits available through Clay Electric. The Capital Credits can help you pay your bill. Check with Clay Electric to learn how much you have available and whether you can directly apply them to your bill. Even though most credits do not add up to much, they could be the difference between having your electric stay on, or getting it shut off.

Clay Electric offers a “Medically Essential Service” program for those who are dependent upon electric-powered life-support equipment. While participation in this program cannot protect you from unplanned power outages or disconnection due to nonpayment, the program does help Clay Electric provide better service. The company will notify you verbally or in writing about any planned outages. They will also reach out to you in various ways before disconnecting your service for nonpayment. Please visit the Clay Electric website for enrollment instructions.

Clay Electric gives you ways to pay.

As a Clay Electric customer, you are part of the Touchstone Energy Cooperative. This means you can get a lot of different benefits that come from being a member. In addition to discounted rates, credits toward your bill and additional options for electric, you get free access to the Touchstone trading post. For more information on your Touchstone benefits, click here!

Budget billing could help you avoid big bills when the weather’s cold and you’re using a lot of electric. The budget billing program allows you to pay just about the same amount from month to month by using the average amount of your bills to calculate them. You will have to pay for any overages at the end of the period, but it is often far easier to manage than a huge electric bill.

Seniors who are 62 and older or those who receive Social Security benefits could qualify for the senior’s plan. The plan allows seniors to choose which date their bill will be due. While the plan won’t necessarily save you money, it could help you avoid late fees and shut-off notices.

Use these resources to upgrade for free.

Florida’s weatherization assistance program can help you guard your home from the elements. The program gives those who qualify free upgrades that make their home more energy efficient. The upgrades could include new windows, a new refrigerator or even a new cooling system. You can apply for the program online or through a community action agency.

Clay Electric offers an energy analysis program you can use to figure out how much energy you’re using and where you’re using it. The program allows you to look at your electric usage to figure out where most of your energy is going.

To further help you analyze your electric usage, you can borrow a free Kill a Watt meter from your local library. Clay Electric allows their customers to use these meters to figure out how much electric they’re using. With the Kill a Watt meter, you can get a detailed reading of your electric usage.

Need new appliances or even new lighting? Check with Clay Electric for rebates first! The company offers rebates on products you could use for your home that could save you as much as 50% off your bills.

If you’re unable to afford things for your home and you meet the credit requirements from Clay Electric, you could get a loan of up to $7,500 for upgrades to your home. Interest rates vary based on your credit and other qualifying factors. You can add the loan payment to your electric bill.

Clay Electric supports the community.

The Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. is part of a Touchstone initiative. Select Clay Electric students interested in learning more about energy and politics get to travel to D.C. for free each year.

Along with scholarship opportunities for those interested in electric, Clay Electric also offers scholarships for those who are interested in becoming linemen and other energy-related careers. The scholarships are based on both need and merit.

Try these tips to lower your bill.

It’s easy to take small steps toward lower bills. We love using these small changes to get the most out of our electric bills. Try these tips today!

We found free things in Florida!

Derick Thomas-CPRO Clay Electric

Wednesday 4th of September 2019

FALSE STATMENT-"Do you have a medical device that relies on electricity to keep you alive? If you do or someone in your household does, you might qualify for the medical service program. The program will alert you to any outages, restore your power first in an outage and could protect you from shut-off. While it does have strict requirements you must meet to be eligible for the program, you can get help by applying through Clay Electric."

Riley Thomson

Friday 25th of October 2019

Derick, Thank you for the heads up, our accuracy is very important to us. The article has been updated. -Riley