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Need Help with Your RG&E Bill? We Found Help!

Need Help with Your RG&E Bill? We Found Help!

When your RG&E bill is too much and gets overwhelming, you might feel like you don’t have any options. We found help, though! Paying your bills doesn’t have to be hard with these helpful resources.


Get help paying your RG&E bill.

New York’s HEAP offers low-income families the chance to get a credit on their RG&E bills. You can save money by using state funding to provide you with a payment for a portion of your bill. You must meet the income guidelines to qualify for the program. Customers must also provide proof of your bill and proof of residency in New York.

Project SHARE could help you make a one-time payment on your RG&E account. The project is for customers who struggle with their bills. The payment can only be made one time per year so keep that in mind.

Do you just need more time to pay your bill? Or, do you need to spread out a large bill over a few months? RG&E might be able to help you do that with payment arrangements. They look at each case individually so be sure to contact them if you need arrangements or you’re interested in learning more about payment arrangements for your account.

Avoid shut-off with these helpful resources.

You could get help from RG&E with the EAP benefit. This is for those who are low-income and is not weather based like some other assistance programs. You must have already received a shut-off notice to apply for the program.


For low-income customers who have shown good faith in bill payment and have met other requirements, RG&E might provide arrears forgiveness. This will be based on how well you have gotten caught up with your account and what you’ve done to make sure you are paying your bill on time. Not all customers will qualify.

Those who are on life support could get shut-off protection. Apply for this protection with RG&E. You will need to provide proof of need for electric service with documentation from your doctor. You may also need to fill out an application for the life support exemption.

If your bill is really high and you need help paying it or you have a large amount in arrears, you might be able to get it taken care of with the New York rate match incentive. The state will match you up to $600 if you qualify for it. That means that if you pay $200 to get caught up on a past due bill of $400 or more, New York will pay an additional $200 to help you get caught up. The program is subject to income eligibility and other requirements.

RG&E offers payment options for all.

Budget billing could help you if you find yourself with really high bills during the winter or summer months. With budget billing, RG&E will calculate how you much you spend, on average, throughout the year. You’ll then only have to pay the average amount. Your bills will be the same or close to the same. Instead of seeing huge fluctuations due to weather and other issues, you’ll simply have to pay for anything you used above the average at the end of the year. The payment period you’ll need to catch up with will happen at the end of 12 months.

Seniors could qualify for quarterly billing. If you are not in your home much or you struggle due to Social Security payments, quarterly billing might work better for you. RG&E offers this program to people who are 62 years or older only.

These rates could help you save money.

When you enroll in RG&E’s smart savings rewards program, you could qualify for an $85 credit on your next bill. The credit will depend on how much you use the program and what parts of it you take advantage of. You can also use the different incentives to help lower your bill while you’re qualifying for it.

RG&E offers many incentives for energy efficiency. You could get bill credits when you use energy efficient appliances in your home and when you take other steps toward energy efficiency. Many of these require only small changes and RG&E pays out big rewards to those who qualify.


Choosing a rate plan could help you save money. If you choose the Time of Use rate plan, you can save money when you use the electric during off-peak hours. The Time of Use plan relies on you making the choice to only use your electric in the evening or while it’s not peak hours. You’ll have to make sure you know when the peak hours are so you can save during that time.

Use these upgrades to save money.

The New York assisted home performance program could help you get EnergyStar appliances for free. The program works for low-income families who might want to update their appliances or those who want to make sure they’re as energy efficient as possible. You must apply for the program through New York. Not all low-income individuals will qualify.

The EmPower program could help you pay for upgrades to your home that will work if you’re trying to save money by lowering your energy usage. The program provides energy efficient upgrades to your home and can help you save money.

New York weatherization works by adding insulation to your home, upgrading your roof and could even help you get new windows. The program is for low-income individuals who want to save money by getting more from their energy usage. It is available for homeowners and even renters who plan to live in their rental for more than 12 months.

RG&E gives back to the community.

RG&E might give back to the community through some of their community programs. These programs vary from helping charity programs and other ways they can provide for the community. The programs work for those who are in need and those who are simply looking for positive opportunities on their own.

With regular contests, RG&E tries to get the community involved. They do things like giving their customers a chance at free events like baseball tickets and other things. Check out the company’s main page for more information on different contests so you can get free things!


Use these tips to save more money!

Our favorite tips are easy and affordable for anyone to do! You can use these tips to lower your electric bill even more. They’re a great way to save money!

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