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Stop Struggling with Your Lee County Electric Bill!

Stop Struggling with Your Lee County Electric Bill!

Do you want to stop busting your budget on your Lee County Electric bill? We found resources that could help you lower and pay for your bill.


We found help for your Lee County Electric bill!

Do you struggle to pay your electric bill month-to-month? If so and you are low-income, you might be able to qualify for help through LIHEAP. The benefit could make it easier to pay your Lee County Electric bill. The benefit could be available based on your income and your family size. Since it is a state-sponsored program, you will have to reapply for it each year to be considered for the benefit.

The Salvation Army might be able to provide you with a voucher you can use to save money on your bill. You will need to have a shut-off notice, meet income requirements and other qualifications to get help through this organization. If you are approved for help, you might be able to get up to $200 toward your bill. Usually, the Salvation Army puts a limit on the number of times you can receive help from them each year.

Are you a senior citizen? You might be able to get help paying your bill through the Elderly Energy Assistance program in Florida. This program is intended for senior citizens who have limited income. You will need to meet other requirements in addition to income ones so you can get help with the program. The program might be able to provide you with vouchers and assistance that might make it easier for you to lower or pay your bill. Additionally, the program could provide protection from shut-off if you have a medical need or any other issue.

You could get help with payment options.

Are you looking for a lower electric rate? You might be able to get one through the different rate programs available with your Lee County Electric service. The program rewards you for using your electric during non-peak hours and could help you save a lot of money depending on when you use your electric. There are also other rate programs available that might make it easier for you to save money and lower your bills for good.


Since LECEC is a cooperative company, you might be able to get money out of the equity you have in the company. As a member of a co-op, you put money into the business and are able to take money out of it depending on the options available to you. Even though equity payments are typically distributed automatically, you might be able to ask the company if you have any pending payments you’re entitled to.

The Power to Share program might be beneficial if you are low-income and in need of help paying your electric bill. With this option, you could get a credit directly on your LCEC bill. You might be able to get help with this program depending on your history with the company and other factors. You’ll have to meet income requirements and help might not be available all the time.

Lower your bill and save money with energy efficiency.

If your home is not energy efficient, you might be able to get help through weatherization. The weatherization program can help you by providing upgrades that can make your house more energy efficient. These upgrades can include things like insulation and flooring that will help keep your home cool without wasting energy. In some instances, you might even be able to qualify for help with energy efficient cooling systems and appliances. You will need to meet income and other requirements to get help with this program.

Wondering if your home is energy efficient or not? You can get a free energy survey through Lee County Electric. This professional survey will help you learn more about your energy usage and where you can improve to make your home easier to cool and easier to pay your bills. The survey does not cost anything and can give you an accurate picture of energy efficiency in your home.

See how Lee County Electric helps your community!

Lee County Electric plays a big role in the community and might be able to provide helpful opportunities to people who live in the community. From scholarships to community assistance and all other options, you might be able to get help with assistance through LCEC.

Start saving money on your electric bill right away.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of effort and money to save on your Lee County electric bill. There are many ways you can do it for free or very low cost. Check out the best tips we found to lower your electric bill.

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