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Get a Cheap Delaware State Parks Pass

Get a Cheap Delaware State Parks Pass

Are you eligible for a discounted Delaware State Parks Pass?! Low income residents may qualify for Delaware’s Annual Pass Assistance Program. The $10 pass is displayed in your windshield and grants unlimited park access for one vehicle and up to six occupants.


What are Delaware State Parks?

There are many state parks throughout the state, including:

  • Alapocas Run State Park (Urban)
  • Auburn Valley
  • Bellevue
  • Cape Henlopen
  • Delaware Seashore
  • Fenwick Island
  • First State Heritage Park
  • Fort Delaware
  • Fort DuPont
  • Fox Point
  • Holts Landing
  • Lums Pond
  • Killens Pond
  • Trap Pond
  • White Clay Creek
  • Wilmington State Parks

The Delaware State Parks pass only covers park entrance fees. It is not valid for anything else. I called the parks and recreation office to verify this because I was hoping the pass could be used to get into the water park by Killens Pond. Unfortunately, I was told that the pass cannot be used to get into Brandywine Zoo, Fort Delaware State Park, the water park at Killens Pond, or State Line Beach. It can only be used for park entrance fees. Although this is disappointing, it is still a very good deal!

How to Get a Delaware State Parks Pass Discount

There are several discount programs that can help you save money on your state parks pass. You may be eligible for more than one discount, but they don’t stack. You’ll have to just choose the best deal that you are eligible for.

Assistance Program Pass

You can qualify for the discounted Delaware State Parks pass by providing proof that you are currently participating in any of the following assistance programs:

  • Public assistance
  • General assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Social Security Income
  • Food Stamps (EBT)
  • WIC
  • Child Care Assistance Program

You will need to bring valid photo ID and your “Notice to Continue” to a Delaware state parks office to receive your discounted pass. You’ll need to apply at any state park office or the DNREC Administration building in Dover.

Delaware State Parks Pass for Seniors

Seniors who are age 62 or older can receive a half-price annual Senior Pass from the parks department! This is a great deal for seniors who want to save some money.

Alternatively, seniors can purchase a Senior Lifetime Pass when they are age 65 or older. This pass is $65 for a lifetime. If you lose the pass, you’ll have to pay a $10 replacement fee to get it replaced. These passes must be purchased in-person at a state park office.

However, there’s an important catch. This pass is only valid when the senior who received it is physically present at the park. The usual annual pass covers your vehicle and its occupants, but the Senior Pass cannot be used unless the senior is there.

Military Pass

Military members can get slightly more than 50% off their annual parks pass. You will need to be able to show proof that you are currently serving in the US military to get this price.

This discount is available for military members who are stationed in Delaware as well as those who are stationed out-of-state. The program for Delaware residents is called the “Delaware Military Pass” and the program for out-of-state military members is the “Out-of-State Military Vehicle Pass.”

Veteran Pass

Veterans who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom can get a free Veteran Pass! You must be a Delaware resident who served at least 90 consecutive days in military actions in Southwest Asia. The pass is only valid for the first 12 months following the veteran’s discharge.


However, this pass is only available at the 89 Kings Highway location. It cannot be received anywhere else.

Other Delaware Discounts

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