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Get the Help You Need When Paying Your Rutherford Electric Bill

Get the Help You Need When Paying Your Rutherford Electric Bill

If your Rutherford Electric bill is just another one to add to the pile that you’re not going to be able to pay this month, you might be in luck! We found helpful resources to avoid shut-off, get payment assistance and lower your electric bill for good.

Need help paying your Rutherford Electric bill? We found help!

With the LIHEAP benefit, you can get assistance paying your energy bill to offset the cost of keeping your home warm in the winter. The LIHEAP benefit helps pay a portion of your bill. It is applied directly to your Rutherford Electric bill. You need to apply for the program online or at your local assistance office.

Using the People Helping People program, you can get help paying your bill. The payment depends on your need and available funds at the time. The average payment people who need assistance receive is $75, but there is a $200 cap on the help you can receive. You may only apply for help once per year through People Helping People.

North Carolina’s Salvation Army helps everyone in need of assistance. The program allows you to apply for benefits through their charity fund. You may not be able to get benefits if funds are unavailable at the time you apply. You will need to show your Rutherford Electric bill, income statements and other things to be approved for help through the Salvation Army.

Area-specific assistance to help pay your Rutherford Electric bill.

If you’re in Bessemer City, you might be able to get help through the crisis center. You will need to make an appointment at the crisis center and apply for assistance while at the appointment. You’ll also need to make sure you have information on your income and have your electric bill ready to take to the appointment.

The Cherryville Area Ministries association could help pay your Rutherford electric bill. The association is a religious-based one so keep that in mind when applying for help. They limit help to once per year for each family based on address. You may also only qualify for up to $200.

The Kings’ Mountain Crisis center can help people who have Rutherford Electric. The organization works to provide assistance to families who are needy. Those with medical issues, children or the lowest income will qualify first based on need.

Churches in the Greater CC Baptist association may be able to help you pay your bill. The churches all work together for a fund for families who need help with utilities. They could pay a portion of your Rutherford Electric bill.

Residents of Catawba county could get help from the East Catawba charitable organization. The crisis center is designed to help people with the opportunities they have and to help them see they can get help paying their Rutherford Electric bill. You will need to apply at the crisis center to get help.

If you’re in East Burke county, the crisis center could help you pay part of your electric bill. The organization helps families in need and gives priority to those with children. The average amount they help with is around $200, but they may be able to help in special circumstances. You’ll need a shut-off notice to get help from this organization.

Avoid shut-off with these resources.

Catholic Charities could provide help if you are in need of payment assistance for your Rutherford Electric bill. You need to apply for assistance through Catholic Charities. The assistance comes from religious-based resources. You will need to apply using your income and identification as well as your shut-off notice.

Rutherford electric offers a list of helpful resources to help you avoid shut-off. These resources include local charities and private organizations. They are organized by county and include information on the assistance offices in the area.

If you receive a shut-off notice, you may be protected under North Carolina state law. Rutherford Electric cannot shut your power off between November 1st and March 31st. They must give advance notice. If you are over 62, you are protected from a shut-off.

Rutherford Electric offers helpful payment options.

If you need help with an extension, Rutherford Electric may be able to help. They provide extensions based on each case and they could approve you. You will need to visit a local branch or call your local office to receive an extension.

There are many rules that apply to payment arrangements through Rutherford Electric. You will need to meet these requirements to be approved for a payment arrangement. If you already have a payment arrangement or if you have an extension, you will not qualify for a new arrangement.

Budget billing could help you pay your electric bill during the summer and winter months. Budget billing changes your monthly bill into the average used over a term, usually a year. This is so you don’t have to pay more when you use a lot more electric than average. The billing is levelized, but keep in mind that after the term you must pay anything that you used above the monthly averaged amount.

With as little as $30, you can prepay for your electric. Prepaying could help you conserve energy and make it easier for you to pay the electric. You do not receive a bill when you prepay for electric. Instead, you’ll receive a notice when your funds are getting low to cover the electricity you’re using.

Upgrade your home and lower your energy bill.

If you need to upgrade your home because it isn’t heating or cooling the right way, you could get help from the North Carolina weatherization program. With the program, you can get free heating and cooling upgrades in addition to free insulation upgrades. The program’s funds are available to those who are the most in need first. You’ll have to apply for the program through your local assistance office.

Rutherford Electric offers rebate and incentive programs for customers. Some of the rebates they offer are instant that you can use in the store and others are mail-in rebates that you’ll have to complete after the purchase. The rebate opportunities are always changing. 

Rutherford Electric gives back to the community.

Each year, Rutherford Electric funds a youth tour trip for several high school students. They pay for the students to go to Washington, D.C. to learn more about electricity and the government. Students don’t have to pay anything to go on the trip, but they must show an interest in electric, politics or the government in some capacity.

Since Rutherford Electric is part of the Touchstone Co-Op group, you can get valuable benefits from your co-op card. You can save money on dining, prescriptions and entertainment. You should have received a card when you started electric service, but you can request a new one for free.

Do you have a middle schooler? If so, they can go to sport’s camp for free this summer! Rutherford Electric fully sponsors kids who want to go to camp for sports in the summertime. Families must show a need for help with the camp. You can apply through the website.

To help kids understand the importance of safety concerning electric, Rutherford Electric provides valuable information through their Energy Zone kids program. It is a free online program. It helps kids learn about electric safety so they will be better protected in different situations.

Save even more on your electric bill.

We’ve done a lot to help reduce our bills. Check out how we lower our electric bill. These tips are easy to do and very low cost or free!

Get free things in North Carolina!