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Get Help With Your Florida Power and Light Bill

Get Help With Your Florida Power and Light Bill

A shut-off notice can be scary. If you have a Florida Power and Light shut-off notice or you have a high bill you need to pay, don’t just keep worrying about it. Help is available.

Florida Power and Light Payment Options are Easy

Signing up for Florida Power and Light’s budget billing program will not save you any money, but it can be valuable. The budget billing prevents you from having huge surges in the amount your electric bill is by averaging out your usage, which, in turn, averages out the payments you have to make each month. Being prepared for your bill will make it easier for you to pay it. 

Florida Power and Light offers payment extensions to eligible customers. They offer this service only as a way to avoid shut-off. If you need to make a payment extension that extends beyond your due date, you may need to pay a 1.5% late fee on the past due amount. Not all customers are eligible for a payment extension. Florida Power and Light will look at things like your total due amount, your recent payment history and whether you have had an extension in the past.

Need Help Paying Your Florida Power and Light Bill? We Found It!

FPL’s Care to Share program is for people who are low-income. The program is designed to help you pay your bill using money other customers and employees have donated in the past. Eligible customers may receive up to $500 per year that is applied directly to their Florida Power and Light Bill. The amount of money you are able to receive depends on your income and your household size. Care to Share may not always have funds available. The funding is based solely on how much money people donate.

While FEMA primarily works with those who have lost their homes or those who are going through a natural disaster, they do have funds available to help people with their electric bill. You can apply for assistance through FEMA. They generally have some funds set aside for utilities through their emergency food and shelter division.

The Florida LIHEAP benefit can help pay your electric bill on a regular basis. The enrollment times are generally in the winter months – from November to March. The times may change from year to year so check with your local community action program. You will need to be prepared to apply in person or online with information on your household and income. LIHEAP beneficiaries will also have to apply each year they want the benefit. You’ll need to show proof of income and household size. You may also need to show proof of need.

Florida Power and Light has a simple referral program you can use if you are having trouble paying your bill. The program is intended for use by those who are low-income. You can learn more about the different opportunities in your area to get help paying an electric bill. Anyone who is an FPL can use the referral information to find help. Agencies will determine whether you are eligible for the help or not. 

The On Call program allows you to save a set amount of money each month on your FPL bill. The On Call Program works by allowing FPL to shut off your electric-using appliances for certain periods of time through peak hours. You may get a call to turn off the appliances or they may do it remotely depending on the type of set up you have in your home. Even when they don’t turn anything off, you will receive the credit on your bill. The total adds up to $137 per year.

Upgrade Your Home and Lower Your Bills, For Free!

The first step to learning about how you can upgrade your home is taking your time to look at the different ways you are using energy. FPL’s online energy survey tool will take information from you about your home and will show you how you can change and improve your energy usage. The tool is free for anyone who visits the FPL site.

If you live in an older home or your home is not energy-efficient, you may be eligible for Florida Power and Light’s retrofit weatherization program. Even if you have received weatherization from the state, you can still be eligible for the program. FPL will help pay for the costs associated with coil cleaning and other maintenance. They will also pay for sink aerators and low-flow shower heads. 

In addition to help you can get from FPL, you may be able to receive help from Florida. Through the weatherization program, you may be able to receive additional insulation, pipe wraps and even new appliances that are more energy efficient. The program may be able to help you upgrade your doors to make them less drafty and keep all of your cool air inside. The program is for low-income individuals and families. You will need to apply for it through your local assistance office.

Avoid Shut-Off with These Resources

Florida has an emergency energy assistance program for families who have elderly members. The EHEAP can help you if you have at least one person who is 60 or older living in your home. The state allows people to use the program during two different times of the year. You can apply for and use EHEAP one time during the cooling season and one time during the heating season.

The Palatka Christian Service Center may be able to help if you have a shut-off notice or a large overdue bill. They can provide you with a voucher that will help you pay for your electric bill. While the voucher may not cover the entire cost of your bill, it will help you with a portion of it. They can also help you with their money management course.

The Hope House offers many services to women and their families. They focus on getting them the help they need to make a full turnaround from poverty situations. In addition to counseling, money management, housing assistance and other free programs, they may be able to help you with a power bill. You will need to visit their offices to learn more about how they can help. In addition, you can learn more about the free programs they have to offer you.

The Salvation Army of Florida may provide one-time help to those who are in need of a utility bill payment. If you have a shut-off notice from Florida Power and Light, you can take it to the Salvation Army. You will also need to know your income and your household size to determine if they can help you. The Salvation Army will provide utility bill assistance one time during a 12-month period.

Save Even More on Your Florida Power and Light Bill

A lower bill is easier to pay. If you want to lower your bills and save more energy, there are tips you can use. Most of these are free or can be used with free tools you can get from Florida Power and Light.

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