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Struggling to Pay Your Reliant Energy Bill? We Found Help!

Struggling to Pay Your Reliant Energy Bill? We Found Help!

If your Reliant Energy bill is too much to handle and you’re wondering how to keep the lights on, there is hope. We’ve been where you are. It can be hard to pay the bills, but we found ways to get the help you need!

Get help paying your Reliant Energy bill.

The CARE program might be able to help you pay your bill. You will need to apply for the program through your local community action agency. Once you are approved for help, they will automatically apply the money you’re approved for to your Reliant Energy bill.

Texas offers a CEAP benefit for those who are low income. The program might help you pay for your energy bills and it will automatically put money in your account so you can use your money to pay other important bills. You must provide proof of income, residency and other information when applying for the program.

Avoid shut-off with these helpful resources.

The Salvation Army helps low-income families and individuals struggling to pay their utility bills. Reliant Energy customers might be able to get help from the Salvation Army. If you apply and qualify for assistance from the Salvation Army, you can get a voucher that you will be able to put toward your bill. A shut-off notice may help you get the voucher faster. The Salvation Army has requirements including a limit on how many times you can get help.

If you already received a shut-off notice or your power is shut-off, you can still cool off. Reliant Energy offers Beat the Heat centers around Texas to help you cool down in the scorching summer months. The centers allow you to stay there for more than a reasonable amount of time so you can cool off. These centers are great for the homeless and those who are trying to save money on their energy bills by not using the air conditioning during certain times of the day.

Reliant Energy offers payment options.

Reliant Energy offers extensions to those who qualify. You will need to call Reliant Energy to learn if you qualify for an extension. The requirements include not already receiving an arrangement and other things you must meet. Not everyone will qualify for an extension.

In addition to extensions, Reliant Energy may offer deferred payment options to those who might need a little extra time to pay their bill. You will have to apply for these and not everyone is qualified.

To help you avoid shut-off or late fees, Reliant Energy gives you the option to prepay for your electric. The company will notify you when you’re getting close to a zero available amount so you can re-up to pay your energy. This pay-as-you-go program allows you the flexibility of paying when you have money instead of when a bill is due.

Average payment plans won’t save you any money, but they might give you a chance to pay your bill without surprises. If your bill is really high during the summer months, you can use the average payment plan to balance out the payments you have due. This way, you know what to expect from month to month.

Choose your plan to save money.

To help you choose your rates, Reliant Energy gives different options for your rates. Each one comes with various benefits so you’ll have to make sure you choose one that matches your needs.

You can get your first month free when you sign up for the first-month free plan. The plan has variable rates, but your first month after signing up is completely free. Reliant Energy offers this to new customers and to customers who have never chosen a plan before.

The free weekends plan also allows you to get free days of electricity. It is another variable rate plan. After you sign up, you will get free weekends’ worth of electricity so you don’t have to worry about how much you use on the weekends.

The learn and conserve program allows you to get a Nest thermostat completely free. You must agree to energy usage lowering options from the company if you’re a part of this plan. The company may choose to stop running energy-sucking appliances during certain times of the day to lower the energy load.

With the speak and save plan, you can get a free Nest and a free Google Home Mini. The program allows you to adjust your thermostat using your voice. It also gives you the chance to lower your total cost by adjusting the load the company uses.

Lower your bill by upgrading your home.

The weatherization assistance program might be able to help you upgrade your home and save money at the same time. If your home is upgraded, you can lower your electric bill so you don’t need to worry about such high bills. The program requires you to apply, and may require certain documentation. There are income limits for weatherization and it’s based on first come, first serve.

If you conserve energy and you have a Nest or other smart thermostat, Reliant Energy might offer you bill credits. You can lower your bill and save money while also getting credits if you conserve energy. There are certain requirements for the program.

How Reliant Energy helps your community.

Reliant Energy offers scholarships for students interested in energy and conservation. While the scholarships are mostly merit-based, need-based scholarships may be available to some people who qualify. Students should contact Reliant Energy directly to learn more about scholarship opportunities.

Use our tips to save more money!

Many of the tips we find are totally free and easy to do! Try these things to lower your usage and make your bill shrink!

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