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Can’t Pay Your CPS Energy Bill? Help is Available!

Can’t Pay Your CPS Energy Bill? Help is Available!

Struggling to pay your CPS Energy bill? There are many options you can use to help you pay your bill. You might even be able to get free things or avoid shut-off using our helpful information!

Get help paying your CPS Energy Bill.

The Texas CEAP benefit can help you pay your CPS Energy bill. You’ll need to apply for the program through your local community action agency to get the help you need paying your bill. You may qualify for up to $300 on each bill.

CPS Energy offers the REAP program for their electric customers. You can get help paying your bill, lower your overall cost and help yourself get caught up with past due bills through REAP. You can apply for the program at your CPS Energy office. Customers are required to bring proof of income and, in some cases, proof of family size to demonstrate need.

Avoid shut-off with these resources.

If you or someone in your family is in need of a medical device that requires energy to survive, you can get help by avoiding shut-off. The critical care program allows you to stay protected from a shut-off. It will also automatically sign you up for priority when the power is out. If there is going to be a planned outage, you’ll be the first to know.

Using CPS Energy’s emergency assistance program, you can get help paying your bill. You may be granted more time to pay a past due bill or you may be forgiven for a part of your bill. CPS Energy looks at each case individually. You’ll need to contact the company for emergency assistance.

The WARM program might help you pay for your energy costs during the winter months. It may also help protect you from having your electric shut off during that time. If you are enrolled in the program or if you need emergency help using the program, you might not have to worry about shut-off during certain times of the year.

To help combat issues that come from temporary hardships, you might be able to use the temporary hardship program through CPS Energy. This is for use if you have a severe medical condition, are laid off from a job or are going through things that might make it harder for you to pay your bill. You must apply for temporary hardship relief through CPS Energy.

Find helpful discounts here.

If you are taking advantage of CEAP, you might be able to get an affordability discount. The discount can help your CEAP payment go a long way toward your bill. You must show proof of the benefit before you can get the discount through CPS Energy.

If you’re on SSI or SSDI, you might be able to get help with your due date. CPS Energy offers special billing options for those who are on a fixed income. You may not have to pay your bill until payday each month to ensure you are able to do so.

Senior citizens are entitled to senior discounts with CPS Energy. You may be able to get a discount if you are a senior citizen and if you need help paying your bill. You must show proof of your age when you’re applying for the program.

Veterans and disabled veterans may also get discounts through CPS Energy. These discounts may vary based on different factors. You can apply for the discount with CPS Energy to learn more about what you qualify for.

CPS Energy offers helpful payment options.

If you’re unable to pay your bill or you need a little extra time to get the money to pay it, you might be able to get a payment arrangement through CPS Energy. The company looks at each situation individually to determine whether you are eligible for an arrangement. While they do not have official guidelines on who they give an arrangement to, you might be able to get one easier if your account is in good standing.

The budget payment plan allows you to average out your bill. The payment plan looks at your bill from the past year and averages the amount of the monthly bill. You’ll then only be required to pay the averaged amount each month. If you go over that during the year, you will have to catch up at the end of the year, but it can help you avoid paying huge bills during the hot Texas summer.

Get free upgrades and save money.

You can use the weatherization assistance program to help you upgrade your home. The weatherization program allows you to make valuable upgrades for free using the assistance they provide. You need to apply for it through the community action agency.

CPS Energy’s Casa Verde program also provides weatherization. They offer different tools and options you can use in addition to the state-run weatherization. You can apply for the program through CPS Energy.

You can get a free thermostat from CPS Energy! If you sign up for the thermostat awards, they will provide you with a free Nest smart thermostat. You can then save money on your bill each month by staying on the smart thermostat program.

In addition to shade tree rebates, you can get other valuable rebates through CPS Energy for making changes to your home. These include appliance and lighting rebates that can help you lower the expenses associated with making your home more energy efficient.

Wanna save even more money?

There are many ways you can lower your energy bill. Check out our favorite tips to learn how you can save more money.

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