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Need Help Paying Your HELCO Bill? We Found Help!

Need Help Paying Your HELCO Bill? We Found Help!

If your HELCO bill is too much or you’ve received a shut-off notice, help is available! We found ways to help you pay your bill, lower your energy consumption and maybe avoid shut-off.


Get help paying your HELCO bill.

The Hawaii LIHEAP benefit can help families who meet certain income guidelines in the state. The program provides families with a small amount they can use to help pay their electric bill. You must apply for the program through your community action agency to qualify for help on your HELCO bill. It’s important to know the program will not likely be able to cover your entire electric bill.

The Salvation Army might be able to help you pay your bill. You can visit your local branch to learn about their energy assistance program. They generally provide up to $200 for help once per year. While you do not need a shut-off notice to get help, having one may help you get a voucher faster.

Catholic Charities of Hawai’i might be able to help you pay for your bill. You do not need to provide proof of income to get assistance from Catholic Charities, but they may also require you to fill out information.

If you have a medical device you rely on or you have a medical condition that has caused you to become disabled, you can save up to 4 cents per kWh on your HELCO bill. The savings is limited to $20 per bill.


Use these payment options!

By choosing the HELCO time of use rate plan, you can save money on your electric if you use it during non-peak hours. You might be able to get lower bills by taking advantage of a lower rate. You must sign up for the program by visiting HELCO or calling in.

While HELCO does not offer payment arrangements officially, they may be willing to help some customers. If you’ve not previously had any arrangements and you’ve been paying your bill on time regularly, you might qualify for an arrangement. You must contact the company to find out if you’re eligible for a payment arrangement.

You can upgrade your home for free.

Weatherization in Hawai’i can help you upgrade your home to make it as energy efficient as possible. The program is for low-income families who are unable to make their home more energy efficient. You must apply for the assistance program through your community action agency to get help upgrading your home. The program can help you save money on your bills by providing you with appliances and additions that make your home less expensive to run.

Need to know where you can save more energy? Use the HELCO online energy checkup to find out what you need to know about energy savings. You can learn more about where you’re using the most energy and find out how you can reduce your usage!

A free energy toolkit can help you save money. HELCO offers booklets and guides to help you learn about energy and what it means to save it.

If you’re purchasing a new appliance or even light bulbs, check with HELCO first! The company offers rebate programs on most energy-efficient options. You can save money on your purchase just by checking to see if rebates are available.

Use these tips to help you save more on your HELCO bill!

Your bill doesn’t have to keep being a huge burden. You can lower it by making small changes, check this out for some great tips!


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