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Escambia River Electric Customers? You Can Get Help with Your Bill!

Escambia River Electric Customers? You Can Get Help with Your Bill!

If your Escambia River Electric bill is too high, you need to know there is hope! We figured out the best ways to help you pay your bill.

Need help with your Escambia River Electric bill? We found help!

The Florida Salvation Army might be able to help you pay for a portion of your Escambia River Electric bill. The program generally only provides help once per year. The Salvation Army puts a cap on their assistance at $200, but they may make some exceptions in extreme circumstances.

EREC might be able to help you with their Share One program. The program only has funding available based on how much people donate to the program so it might not always be available.

Use these resources to help you avoid shut-off.

Florida’s HEAP might be able to help you save money on your electric bill. The program is intended for low-income individuals so you must be under a certain poverty line to qualify for it. You can apply for the program at your local community action agency. While it may take some time to get qualified for the program, you could get emergency assistance if you have a shut-off notice.

If you’re in need of a little extra money to pay your EREC bill, you can always check to see if you have capital credits! Since EREC is a part of Touchstone Energy, you can get the credits and apply them toward your bill. This may be especially helpful for if you have a high bill or if you’re unable to pay your payment.

You can upgrade your home for free and save on energy bills.

Florida’s weatherization program provides help for homes that are not energy efficient. If you meet their guidelines and you need upgrades, you might be able to get them. You can get things like upgraded insulation and floors. You may also qualify for assistance with appliances and your heating unit!

Do you need to upgrade your appliances for energy efficiency and don’t qualify for weatherization? You might be able to get help through the Escambia River Electric energy efficiency financing program. Keep in mind that you will need to pay back what you borrow, but you can add it to your bill each month!

If you want to make sure you’re updating the right parts of your home, you can use the EREC home energy calculator. The program allows you to learn more about where you are using the most energy and where you can make the biggest changes.

Get free perks from using EREC programs.

You can get a free hot water heater from Escambia River Electric! To get the free hot water heater, you must enroll in the EREC’s program that allows you to use less energy during peak hours. You can keep the water heater for life as long as you agree to let Escambia River Electric cycle your water heater on and off during different times of the day.

Do you have a mobile home? You can qualify for up to $400 toward a heat pump. If you have an electric furnace, EREC might be able to pay for a portion of the upgrade. If you have a new mobile home, you can get the electric furnace to heat pump upgrade for free!

You should change your air conditioning or heating filter often! While air filters are generally low-cost, you can save even more on them with Escambia River Electric. The company offers you up to 50% off on air filters if you purchase directly from them.

Escambia River Electric gives back to the community.

Since Escambia River Electric is part of Touchstone Energy cooperatives, you can get great benefits that come from the organization! You can qualify for discounts on groceries, entertainment and more. Along with these benefits, you’re able to have a say in your electric company and get capital credits!

Do you have a high schooler who is interested in energy or conservation? They can get a free trip to Washington, D.C. Each year, Escambia River Electric sends several high schoolers to the city to help them learn more about energy and have a good time!

Students in the EREC area can get scholarships to help them pay for college. If your student is interested in energy or conservation, they might be able to get help with college. These scholarships are based on your need and your child’s merit.

Use these tips to save even more money!

Saving energy is easy when you have the best tips! Check out these free and low-cost tips to help you lower your Escambia River Electric bill even more!

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