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Struggling With Your Jo Carroll Energy Bill? We Found Help!

Struggling With Your Jo Carroll Energy Bill? We Found Help!

If your Jo Carroll Energy bill is too high to pay, you don’t’ need to worry. You’ve got options. We found different ways to help you pay your bill, lower your payments and save money on energy!

Get help with your Jo Carroll energy bill right now!

The Capital Credits program allows you to take advantage of any overage the company has at the end of the fiscal year. Members of co-ops are entitled to portions of the profits the company makes and Jo Carroll energy pays that out each year. You may have unclaimed credits that can be applied to your bill so check on your account to see if any are available.

Jo Carroll energy may also be able to work with you on payment arrangements or extensions. They offer energy assistance to their members. The company lists their goal as helping everyone keep their power on.

Avoid shut-off with these resources

Illinois offers LIHEAP as a benefit to low-income families. The program helps you pay for high heating costs during the winter months. You must be low-income to qualify. It will not help pay an entire bill. If you have a shut-off notice, you may qualify for an expedited application process through your local benefits office.

Jo Carroll energy offers helpful payment options

With budget billing, you can reduce your need to pay for a different amount each month. You’re required to pay an average amount based on your past usage each month. At the end of the period, you will need to pay the remaining balance to make up for any energy you used over the average. The amount you pay is the same each month.

The levelized billing program is similar to budget billing, but there are small fluctuations throughout the year. The program changes your bill based on your usage but still helps you avoid huge fluctuations. With the levelized program, you will get caught up over the term and won’t have to worry about paying anything at the end of the term.

Get free home upgrades and lower your bill

Low-income families in Illinois can qualify for weatherization. The weatherization assistance program helps you reduce your energy costs by making your home better able to withstand various elements. It may also help you reduce your costs by adding insulation to your home. Illinois may even pay for an upgraded heating or cooling system that is more energy efficient!

The low-cost energy audit allows you to learn more about where you are using most of your energy. An energy expert from Jo Carroll will come to your home to help you determine how much energy you’re using and where you can cut back. The expert will also help you have a better understanding of how to cut back. During the energy audit, you can get free LED light bulbs and other small things that will make your home more energy efficient.

If you do not qualify for other programs that can help you save money on energy, the Jo Carroll energy efficiency loan may help you. While this is a loan that you do have to pay back, you may benefit from having it available when you need it. Consider all your options before choosing a loan and committing to a monthly payment.

With Jo Carroll’s energy efficiency rebates and incentives, you can save money on any appliances or other things you purchase for your home. The money you save may completely offset the costs you pay to have these items installed in your home.

Jo Carroll energy is more than just an electric company

With your co-op connections card, you can save a lot of money on things other than electricity. From clothing to groceries and everything in between, the co-op connections card gives you valuable discounts.

Each year, Jo Carroll energy offers member appreciation days. There, you can get free LED bulbs, recycle your old CFL bulbs and enjoy entertainment. Kids can play games for prizes. Adults can play games for bill credits. The appreciation day celebration also offers free food and drinks to members who stop by!

Scholarships are based on need and merit. Jo Carroll energy offers scholarships for those interested in the energy career. They also sponsor two people per year who want to go to lineman school. Members always take precedence over others in consideration for these scholarships.

The Washington, D.C., trip allows 11th graders to see how energy is affected by the government. Jo Carroll energy sponsors the trip each year and juniors get a chance to visit D.C. with all expenses paid!

Save even more on your Jo Carroll energy bill

Jo Carroll energy customers can borrow a Kill a Watt meter for free. The meter helps you determine where you’re using the most energy from. It can help you find energy vampires in your home and help you determine where you need to cut back usage. The meters are available through the main Jo Carroll office or you can rent them for free from your local library!

Lowering your energy usage doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Check out our favorite ways to lower energy usage and save money!

Jo Carroll energy suggests only using things that take a lot of energy during non-peak hours. If you run your dishwasher and your clothes dryer at night instead of in the day, you can save a lot on your bill!

Get free things in Illinois!

Tonya Hansen

Saturday 19th of May 2018

Hi Chloe, it has been amazing reading about the money saving and free opportunities. I know your mom must be really proud of you for helping humankind to not suffer. My condition has become scary, I am a mom that has fought against my own physical disabilities. I am recovering from losing my job due to injury and age discrimination. Nevertheless, the source of my drive is my only son. He also has physical challenges and has become addicted to video games as a means of escape. Would you helping me find someone or place in Chicago that would donate musical instruments to Hunter?From the age of 2, I have bought him harmonicas, guitars, keyboards and a set of drums with the money from my accident. Everything I had was stolen including the condo, by the realtor who evicted us. Hunter is in 8th grade now and got F's for the first time. I can no longer replace or afford musical instruments for him. I know he would play them instead of the video games and making music would bring life back to him. Thank you for listening. I'm sorry, but it spilled out once I opened up about my baby. Please help.


Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

Hi, Tonya! Chloe is our lead power company writer but she doesn't usually moderate the comments here. I've forwarded your comment to her, though. :)

I'm not aware of any agencies that donate musical instruments (yet) but I will definitely add that to our research list. In the meantime, you might be able to find some help with this through your local United Way. They usually keep detailed lists of agencies that provide this kind of assistance. You can click here to find your local United Way.

Hope this helps!