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Use an Indiana Home Improvement Grant for Your Home Repairs

Use an Indiana Home Improvement Grant for Your Home Repairs

You could be eligible for an Indiana home improvement grant to help you make your home better! If you are struggling with a home that needs help or you simply want to make upgrades, a home improvement grant can make a difference!

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You could qualify for an Indiana home improvement grant.

You might qualify for help with an Indiana home improvement grant from the USDA. The grants are offered in amounts up to $7,500. You must be in an area deemed rural by the USDA. You must also meet other requirements according to the USDA.

The state offers programs that help with energy conservation. Included in these programs is the weatherization assistance program. The program could help you save money on energy but it can also help you upgrade your home. Weatherization can also help you make updates to your insulation, your flooring and even your heating and cooling systems.

Using the IHCDA rehabilitation program, you could get up to a $25,000 Indiana home improvement grant to rehab your home. The grants are based on need and most people will not qualify for the entire amount.

If you’re willing to put some work into fixing up your home, the Habitat for Humanity home repair grant could help you save money on your home repair costs. You must apply for the program through the Habitat. You must be prepared to put sweat equity in to help make the repairs to your home. Generally, professional oversight and materials are covered under the Habitat for Humanity program.

Try these loans to help repair your home.

The USDA loan is similar to both the USDA grant and the USDA mortgages in that you must be in a rural area and must meet certain other requirements to qualify for help from the department. You could get up to a $20,000 loan through the USDA. While the rates may vary, they are generally lower than traditional bank loans. The department is also more willing to work with people who are unable to get traditional financing.

If you’re a veteran or a military member, you could get help with a VA-backed loan. These loans vary in amount and interest rates, but they come with the same guarantees that VA mortgages and other loans come with! You may also be able to get free help with upgrades if you’re a disabled veteran.

The Ramp Up program could help with an Indiana Home improvement grant to help seniors and those who are disabled get help putting a ramp in their home. The loan is in amounts up to $25,000 depending on what you need to do to have a ramp put on your home!

Property tax relief is available in Indiana!

The Homestead exemption could help you save money on your taxes. The exemption allows you to not count a percentage of your home value for tax purposes. You must meet certain requirements to qualify for it.

Military members may qualify for several different exemptions. Many active duty members and those who are 100% disabled as a result of a service-related injury can get help with a full exemption. Others may be able to get help with other exemptions.

If you’re over 65 or you’re disabled, you might be able to get a reduction in your home value for property tax purposes. The reduction is based on the total value of your home.

Families who have heritage barns on their property can get a deduction for property tax purposes. You will have to submit proof of the barn and apply for the deduction if you want to get help on your property taxes.

Rehabilitated property may qualify for a reduction, deduction or exemption. You will need to submit proof of the rehabilitation as well as information regarding what you did with the property to rehab it. This reduction is a one-time reduction even if you use an Indiana home improvement grant several times to do different rehab projects to your home.

Historical property can qualify for a deduction in Indiana. You will need to provide proof of the historical value of the home as well as any rehabilitation projects you did to the home. You must also provide information about the original structures of the home.

Indiana foreclosure relief could help you.

The attorney general in Indiana offers free foreclosure prevention and preparation seminars. Even if you are going through a foreclosure or you’re close to going through it, help might still be available! These could help prevent you from getting into a situation where you’re facing foreclosure. The seminars are free for all Indiana residents and might be required for certain homebuyers in the state.

The Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network might be able to help you learn more about settlement opportunities and things that might help you with foreclosure prevention. If you’re facing foreclosure, they might be able to help you figure out the best resources to avoid it and get back on track. If you want to learn how to prevent it in the first place, you can also learn about the right way to do that. The network can connect you with resources related to foreclosure and credit in general.

If you’re facing foreclosure, the chances are you’ll need some type of legal representation if you’re going to fight it or try to fix it. You can get free help from the legal services in Indiana. There, you can learn about how to obtain a lawyer and even how to get pro bono work. The legal service’s website might also be able to direct you and give you some advice related to how to make sure you’re protected during a foreclosure process.

There are consumer protection laws in Indiana. These could help you if your mortgage that is about to be foreclosed on is part of a predatory lending tactic. They could also help you if you’re struggling to get help with foreclosure prevention.

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Find your Indiana county to get even more help.

Every county offers an Indiana home improvement grant. The grants are part of a community block development grant. Your local housing agency can help you connect with the grant. You must contact the agency by phone to set up an appointment to learn more about the grants. For phone numbers of the housing agency in your county, click here.

Cities in Indiana may be able to help you with more grants. These cities have different offerings in addition to the county grants available.


The Anderson community development agency might be able to help you by providing an Indiana home improvement grant to update your home. The program may be able to help residents with grants to make updates to their home. You will need to apply through the agency.


The Bloomington neighborhood program works to create historic preservation, beautify homes and make the city better. The grants they provide for residents are to do these things to the homes. You will need to apply through the city to find out more about the help that is available depending on where you are in the city.


Columbus offers their own home improvement grant for community members and city residents who want to upgrade their home. The Columbus program helps those who are in need of different opportunities to make their home better, but they do have limited funding. They offer the grants on a first-come, first served basis and focus on needs. Ensure you apply early to have a better chance of getting help for your home.

Additionally, Columbus offers an Indiana home improvement grant unlike any other in the state. They help residents by funding projects that could lead to them growing their own food. They do this for city residents who may not have access to areas where they can grow their own food.

East Chicago

The East Chicago Department of redevelopment works with residents who qualify to upgrade historical homes and properties in the city. This is part of a beautification effort that is city-wide.


You might be able to get help with an Indiana home improvement grant through Elkhart. They provide grants to residents who qualify for help to make sure they can get what they need for different repairs to their home. They have different qualification processes, but families with the biggest needs or safety issues in their homes might receive preference.


If you’re Evansville, you might be able to get help with a community grant to make your home look nicer. Grants can help you improve the look of your home and even improve safety features in your home. If you qualify for the grant, you’ll be able to use it for projects to upgrade the home.

The HOME grant is different from any other Indiana home improvement grant because of the way it allows you to try different things with your home. You might be able to get help through the program so you can save money upgrading your home. The program does require you to be low-income and may have several other requirements you’ll need to meet to get approved.

Fort Wayne

Are you in Fort Wayne? You could qualify for an Indiana home improvement grant to upgrade your home and make it safer for you to live in! Families who are low-income and families who are in need of help can also get assistance through the city with different grant programs.

The Fort Wayne Community Development agency might be able to help you make upgrades to your home. Their neighborhood services division provides grants and other help to residents who want to make upgrades to their home due to safety or other concerns.

Community Development also offers other programs including foreclosure education and some courses to help you with your credit. They also offer free opportunities for low-income and other families to learn more about saving money and making the best financial choices.


Hammond provides different grants and loans for residents. These can be used in addition to any state Indiana home grant programs you’ve used to upgrade your home. The loans that are offered generally come with lower interest rates than what you would find at a bank.


Indianapolis residents can get help through the community development agency. You might be able to qualify for help so you can upgrade your home, make changes to it and also try different things that will allow your home to appear better.


Lafayette’s economic development agency helps residents who qualify make updates to their home. The economic development program is part of a bigger citywide beautification effort. You must apply for these programs.


If you’re in Mishawaka and in need of an Indiana home improvement grant, you might be able to get one through the city. The community development agency also works with block grant providers to help you make updates to your home. You must apply for the program to get assistance through it.


Residents of Muncie who are trying to get help upgrading their home might be able to do so through the community development agency. You must apply for the program and meet certain requirements to get help with your home upgrade. You must also be prepared to submit documentation of your need for repairs and your financial situation.

South Bend

The South Bend Community Development program could help you save money on your home repairs by offering both grants and loan programs. The loans could work for people who are unable to qualify for traditional financing. They could also come with lower interest rates than bank loans.

Terre Haute

The redevelopment program in Terre Haute can help you update your home and make upgrades that could make it easier to have a safe home. You can apply for the program to see what’s available to you.

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i am in merrillville, indiana. lake cxounty. i am 66 and diszabled. my 2 porches are falling apart. very dangerous.

please help. i see none.


Wednesday 1st of December 2021

Low Income Relief is an information service and does not provide cash or items directly. You will need to search our website for information about organizations that can help you meet those needs. Chat with Lira, she might be able to help!

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My house repair 100 years old my father sick 8 years in bed.pleace help me..

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Is there a different area you are in? All the resources we have for Indiana are on this list. Let me know -Hannah