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Boston Museums That You Can Visit for Free!

Boston Museums That You Can Visit for Free!

Boston is a city filled with historical information and things you can explore. When you visit Boston museums for free, you can get an idea of what the city has to offer!


These Boston museums are always free!

Some Boston museums are so quirky you won’t find them anywhere else in the world. The Museum of Bad Art is a museum that features pieces you likely won’t see anywhere else no matter how hard you look. It is just what it sounds like: a museum for bad art. If you’re not really an art buff or you really are, this museum is perfect for you. A Boston must-see!

The Ether Dome is located in the heart of Boston and allows you to check out surgical instruments from years ago. The antique surgical instruments range from the ordinary to the truly medically strange. The entire museum is ether-themed and might give you some creepy vibes if you’re not careful.

The Boston Athenaeum is a membership-only library, but it does offer free admission to the exhibition on the first floor. There are paintings, maps, photographs and books for you to find. Members of the museum are even able to see some of the rarest books in the country.

The Museum of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts is more than just a mouthful. It’s got a lot of information about the artillery company in Mass. and it provides you a chance to learn more about how they helped the entire country become what it is today. If you’re interested in war history at all, this is one of the Boston museums you don’t want to miss since it’s free!


We found more free Boston museums.

The Plumbing Museum features toilets, plumbing appliances and other things related to plumbing. You can learn about the secrets of Boston’s plumbing systems and even learn the history of indoor plumbing. The museum is always free to visit, but you must call to set up an appointment for a tour of the museum!

The USS Constitution Museum is another war museum you can check out while you’re in Boston. You can learn about the war and about the impact of boating in Boston during different wars. The museum has a suggested donation, but they do not require you to pay the donation to get into the museum.

The Vilna Shul is a free and unique experience in Boston. It’s different from most museums and gives you a chance to take a step back in time. This Jewish museum is always free for visitors, but donations are always accepted.

The Warren Anatomical Museum shows an even darker side of Boston. You can learn more about science and biology in general while you’re at the museum. It’s a look at the human body like you’ve never seen before. Displays and images at the museum might not be suitable for children and people who are easily offended.

Ever wondered about Boston’s water supply and the way it worked? You can find out at the Waterworks Museum. It’s one of the few Boston museums related to the city and allows you to learn all about the water supply and how it relates to Boston. It’s on the Chestnut Hill Reservoir and there is history all around for you to explore after visiting the museum!

Is it Wednesday? Check out free museums!

The Museum of Fine Arts is free on Wednesday evenings. It’s one of the top Boston museums to visit if you’re interested in fine arts. The museum also features performances. Some of the performances are free for anyone to visit, but may still require reservations.

Some museums are free on Thursdays.

The Institute of Contemporary Art is free on Thursdays. You can visit the institute to learn about the different artwork and exhibits in Boston. The museum changes the art exhibits frequently so make sure you visit often.


Harvard students and Massachusetts residents can get free admission.

If you’re a Harvard student or you’re a Massachusetts resident, you can visit these cool Boston museums at Harvard on the weekends:

The Harvard Art Museums is free on Saturday mornings. It’s a collection of three different museums that all feature different artwork. You can see art by students, alumni and famous artists around the world when you visit!

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is free on Sunday mornings. It is a glimpse into the history of humans and the earth. The museum also features information on how each of these things relate to each other. The museum also offers various free days throughout the year.

The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University is one of the Boston museums free on Sunday mornings, too! You can visit the museum at any time with a suggested donation.

These museums offer free admission on random days!

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum offers free admission to the museum on your birthday. You can also get into the museum for free all the time if your name is Isabella. You must provide identification to take advantage of either of these free entrance options.

We found more free stuff in Massachusetts!