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Kansas Pets: 10 Affordable Vet Care Resources

Kansas Pets: 10 Affordable Vet Care Resources

Money is tight for everyone right now no thanks to the global pandemic. So when your furry friend falls ill, you may find it particularly frustrating to find affordable care. But never fear! We’ve got a list of low-cost facilities for your Kansas pets.

Check out our list of 24+ resources for free or low cost veterinary care!

Spay and Neuter Services

Spay-Neuter Kansas (Wichita)

When you first browse the Spay-Neuter Kansas website, you’re instantly greeted by a phrase in big, bold letters: “A fast easy low-cost way to get your pets fixed.” What more could you want? Spay-Neuter Kansas boasts wonderful reviews and vows to give your Kansas pets the best care possible. Call (316) 263-4200 or click here to learn more.

Prairie Paws (Ottawa)

While Prairie Paws central headquarters are located in Ottawa, they have locations all over Kansas. Not only that, but they almost exclusively cater to low income families with their highly affordable spay and neuter services. Be sure to call (785) 242-2967 or go here to peruse their locations.

Kansas Humane Society (Wichita)

Nothing beats a good humane society. The Kansas Humane Society only serves lower income families that may not be able to afford spay and neuter services elsewhere. In addition, they offer a list of other low-cost facilities that provide spay and neuter services for your Kansas pets. Give your furry loved ones the best of the best without breaking the bank. Call (316) 524-9196 or find more information on their website.

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Pet Food and Other Items

Pet Supplies Plus (Lenexa)

Pet Supplies Plus sells a wide array of pet food for not only dogs and cats, but birds, fish, reptiles, and other small pets as well. There’s also a pet care clinic on site. Call (913) 438-6555 or click here to browse their offerings.

Gupton’s Pet Services and Supplies, Inc. (Wichita)

This store has been in action since 1966. They not only sell high-quality pet food at affordable prices for your Kansas pets, but they also offer grooming, self-service dog washes, and an in-house veterinary clinic. It’s a one-stop shop for your pet care needs. Call (316) 682-8111 or go here to get more info.

Sunflower Natural Pet Supplies (Manhattan)

This small shop is located in Manhattan and Lawrence, Kansas. They sell organic pet food at prices that won’t split your checkbook in half. In addition, they offer plenty of supplies for taking care of your Kansas pets, grooming, and aquarium cleaning. Sunflower Natural Pet Supplies also has fantastic customer reviews. Call (785) 537-3693 or click here to learn more.

Temporary Care

Family Promise (Wichita)

Family Promise of Greater Wichita helps homeless families get back on their feet — and that includes caring for their beloved furry friends. If you’re in the throes of homelessness or have fallen on financial hardship of any kind, Family Promise provides fosters to temporarily care for your pets while you regain your footing. Fosters can also donate or offer pet supplies, food, and grooming services. Family Promise vows to temporarily shelter your Kansas pets when you need it most. Call (316) 977-7026 or learn more here.

Veterinary Procedures

Rainbow Pet Hospital (Kansas City)

Rainbow Pet Hospital in Kansas City boasts a wide variety of services and urgent care for your Kansas pets. Everything from surgeries to hospitalization, to dental care to x-rays, this facility’s offerings are more on the affordable side than most. They even offer a payment plan system for low income patients. Call (913) 831-2034 or go here to check out all of their services.

Newton Animal Hospital (Newton)

Trusted and compassionate pet care. Newton Animal Hospital is currently accepting new patients and has forms you can fill out on their website. They perform emergency procedures, diagnostic work, dental services, and telemedicine. There’s also an online pharmacy for your Kansas pet care needs. Call (316) 283-1650 or click here to learn more.

VCA Central Kansas Animal Hospital (South Hutchinson)

This is your one-stop shop for your Kansas pets, folks. The VCA Central Kansas Animal Hospital offers preventative care, primary care, and advanced care for every stage of your furry loved one’s life. In addition, you can purchase supplies and food straight from their website to be delivered to your home. What more could you ask for? Call (620) 663-8387 to schedule an appointment or click here for more information.

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