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EBT Benefits Guide

Make the most of your EBT benefits! If you’ve got an EBT card, we can show you how to get discounts, save money and get free stuff!

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EBT freebies and deals

Get 1000+ EBT Discounts & Deals!

If you’ve got an EBT card, you may be able to get discounts on everything from Amazon Prime to zoo admission! We’ve got a list of over 700 discounts and deals right here.

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Buy Fast Food with Food Stamps?!

It’s true! Certain people in certain areas can purchase fast food with food stamps through the Restaurant Meals Program! We’ve got a list of participating areas and restaurants right here.

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Why Didn’t My EBT Card Refill?

Don’t panic! I know it’s hard to stay calm when your benefits don’t arrive exactly when you expect them… but we’ve found four common reasons why your EBT card didn’t get refilled. Here’s what you need to know.


Are you ready to SAVE MONEY

We’ll show you how to get $5/month internet, free cell phone service, free laptops and even free cars!


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How to Get More Food Stamps

Need a little more EBT to make it through the month? You’re not alone! We’ve helped tons of people get more food stamps benefits with this helpful guide.

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When Will You Get Food Stamps?

Wondering when your next deposit will be? We’ve got the food stamps schedule for all 50 states! Check it out.

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How to Apply for Food Stamps

Don’t get EBT benefits yet? Here’s what you need to do to apply – and what you can expect during the application process.


How can we help you?

Low Income Relief has helped countless people maximize their EBT benefits!

I would have never known you can get Amazon Prime discounts by signing up with your EBT card! This has helped us because we don’t drive and it helps save us gas money that we would have to give for a driver.

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Kate M.


Nicole works hard to help us out. Not just young adults or young families, but seniors as well. I found out I can take my grandsons to museums for a few dollars with my EBT card!

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Joy W.


I have used our EBT card to receive half price admission into several different Florida State parks for me and my immediate family.

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Velda N.


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