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Double Your Food Benefits with Kentucky Double Dollars

Double Your Food Benefits with Kentucky Double Dollars

The Kentucky Double Dollars program helps people who purchase food with SNAP (food stamps), WIC, Farmers Market Nutrition or Senior Farmers Market Nutrition program benefits. If you shop at a participating retailer with those benefits, you can receive extra money for fresh locally grown food!


This program has provided over $300,000 in double dollars to low income residents of Kentucky over the last year. This is a huge benefit to those who need help affording groceries!

In the following article, we will explain how you can use this benefit to get even more healthy food for yourself and your family.

What is Kentucky Double Dollars?

Kentucky Double Dollars is similar to the Double Up Food Bucks program. This program provides extra benefits under the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Grant program to help motivate people to spend their food benefits on healthy, locally grown produce.

Unlike DUFB, the KDD program is not exclusively limited to providing fresh fruits and vegetables. Some participating retailers will allow you to purchase meat, eggs and dairy with your doubled-up dollars.


Who is eligible for KDD?

Anyone who shops with SNAP, WIC, Farmers Market Nutrition or Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition programs in the state of Kentucky is eligible for Kentucky Double Dollars.

However, this program only works at specific participating locations. You need to make sure that you are visiting a participating location in order to double up your dollars.

How do you use Kentucky Double Dollars?

You will need to visit a participating retailer or farmers market in order to get the specifics on how this program works. That’s because some retailers allow you to buy different things and some only accept benefits from certain programs.

This is the list of grocery stores that participate in Kentucky Double Dollars:

  • Good Foods Co-Op
  • IGA (Frenchburg, Manchester, Martin and Saylersville locations only)

Some community markets also participate:

  • Castlewood Community Market
  • New Roots Fresh Stop Market
  • Northfolk Fresh Stop Market
  • South Franklin Food Share Fresh Stop Market

The vast majority of participating locations are farmers markets:

  • Allen County Farmers Market
  • Anderson County Farmers Market
  • Beattyville Farmers Market
  • Beaver Dam Farmers Market
  • Berea Farmers Market
  • Bounty of the Barrens Farmers Market
  • Boyd County Farmers Market
  • Boyle County Farmers Market
  • Breathitt County Farmers Market
  • Breckinridge County Farmers Market
  • Burkesville Farmers Market
  • Carter County Farmers Market
  • City of Whitesburg Farmers Market
  • Clay County Farmers Market
  • Community Farmers Market
  • Covington Farmers Market
  • Fleming County Farmers Market
  • Floyd County Farmers Market
  • Franklin County Farmers Market
  • Hardin County Farmers Market
  • Jackson County Farmers Market
  • Jefferstown Farmers Market
  • Jessamine Farmers Market
  • Johnson County Farmers Market
  • Knott County Farmers Market
  • Knox County Farmers Market
  • Leatherwood Farmers Market
  • Lexington Farmers Market
  • Magoffin County Farmers Market
  • Menifee County Farmers Market
  • Metcalfe County Farmers Market
  • Millville Farmers Market
  • Montgomery County Farmers Market
  • Morgan County Farmers Market
  • New American Farmers Market
  • Nicholasville Farmers Market
  • Owen County Farmers Market
  • Owensboro Farmers Market
  • Perry County Farmers Market
  • Phoenix Hill NuLu Farmers Market
  • Pikeville Farmers Market
  • Red Bird Farmers Market
  • Taylor County Farmers Market
  • Webster County Farmers Market
  • Whitley County Farmers Market
  • Winchester Clark County Farmers Market
  • Woodford County Farmers Market

The official KDD website does not provide a lot of information about this program and how it works. For example, I was not able to readily find any information about daily limits and other details. I have reached out to the organization for more information.


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The Kentucky Double Dollars program can help you get more food with your food benefits! By shopping with your EBT benefits at a participating retailer, you can get even more food for your household.


Wednesday 13th of September 2023

It’s sad to see only one grocery store in the city of Lexington, KY is listed as participating in the KDD program. While grateful for their participation, that particular store is more costly than most whereby decreasing the amount of food for the dollar. Not only quantity per unit but they also limit the food selection to LOCALLY GROWN produce and that eliminates almost the entire produce section. Sprouts and rhubarb and sweet potatoes were the only locally grown items the time of my shopping so I haven’t returned. Also, it operates by issuing the “double dollars” as a paper coupon style certificate that cann’t be used until the following day so you’d have to return to benefit and while good for their business to bring the customer back it might pose a strain on a low income family perhaps with no vehicle, disabled, or with large family in tow. The market/store has plenty of great organic foods which may have come from a nearby farm but wasn’t local to lexington. Very disappointing. Maybe if they could extend the products grown within the state it would better serve the under privileged. It seems like the largest marketers such as kroger etc could stand to utilize this program as they do occasionally have locally grown produce and prices are lower. I suppose the program is part of a farmers alliance or tied in somehow to benefit the farmers (as it should) and thereby eliminates the Giants from participating but I wish they too could or would. Farmers markets have graciously participated in large numbers across the state! This is indicative of community serving community. Again sometimes prices are exorbitant (ie dozen eggs for $8 or 6oz cheese for $9). While small farmers and merchants have a higher quality food and costs in my opinion many folks look for quantity to feed more mouths in effort to satisfy the appetites of growing children and family often sacrificing their desire for healthy foods over the need for contentment in the home which comes with full bellies multiple times a day thus quantity often delegates decisions when it comes to buying food. It is wonderful to have the participation of farmers and for the low income shopper to have the opportunity to choose healthy foods. It feels like only the financially secure or single people can benefit from better foods but this program is moving to provide equally in a land where no one should be forsaken food for the lack of funds. It is a human right and should in my opinion not boil down to capitalism but that’s for another comment. Grateful and want to be healthier even though I have no status, no wealth, and no health problems just the desire to eat better food than what the corporates are feeding the masses which I am also grateful for if not for SNAP I would not have food at all.