Your Iowa EBT Card Can Do This?!

Got an Iowa EBT card? You may also qualify for free internet, discounted veterinary care and more! Most people don’t realize just how many perks you can receive with an Iowa EBT card… so we rounded them all up into this list!

Please note that the museums with green titles are Museums for All participants. These venues accept EBT cards from all 50 states, so you don’t have to be a Iowa resident to get these great deals!

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Family Museum – 90% off!

Explore the people and places of the Quad Cities with engaging interactive exhibits like Fox Hollow, George’s Farm and Little ‘Ssippi.  In Fox Hollow, you’ll be fascinated by all the ways you can manipulate the large Kinetic Sculpture. If you figure out the correct path, you can even make the little silver balls fall over the bells to the tune of Somewhere Over the Rainbow! The 28 foot water play table in Little ‘Ssippi offers fun of a completely different kind. Explore it all today!

Low income families can receive up to 90% off of the membership price through the Access program. Contact the museum at (563) 344-4106 for more information.

Cedar Rapids

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library – FREE

Explore the history of the Czech and Slovak people through informative history lessons, interactive workshops and exhibits. The museum features the one-and-a-half story immigrant home of the Sleger family. For more information, please browse their website. 

Got Iowa EBT? You may qualify for these programs!

If you qualify for SNAP (EBT, food stamps) benefits in Iowa, you may also qualify for:

Did you know Iowa EBT benefits are accepted here!

It’s easy to be confused about what you can and can’t buy with your Iowa food stamps benefits. However, we’ve found some interesting items that we thought couldn’t be purchased with food stamps… yet they can!

  • Farmer’s Markets, Community Supported Agriculture programs and agriculture co-ops can accept EBT. I know Wheatsfield Co-op does!
  • SHARE Iowa offers great deals on frozen meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and more. You can save up to 50% off retail prices! You can browse their offerings and even order online here. I read on the Iowa DHS site that you may be asked to donate two hours of volunteer service in the community in exchange for these deals.
  • Discount food retailers like Woody’s Discount Food Outlet in Marengo and Alco Discount Store in Leon can help your Iowa food stamps benefits stretch even farther.
  • Starbucks! EBT can be used at Starbucks locations that are located inside a grocery store.
  • Subway! EBT cards may be usable at Subway locations inside gas stations as long as the sandwich isn’t toasted. This isn’t always the case, but it has been possible on occasion.
  • Schwan’s Trucks also accept EBT benefits. Order online, by phone or on the app. Please note that food stamps benefits will not cover the delivery charge. Make sure you can pay the delivery charge before you order! If you can’t pay the delivery charge, you will not be allowed to keep your order.
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Papa Murphy

Des Moines Iowa EBT benefits

…and you can buy these items!

You can also use your EBT benefits to buy these items:

  • Seeds
  • Hot deli food that has been packaged and refrigerated
  • Energy drinks that have a nutrition facts label
  • Live lobsters & shellfish
  • Pumpkins
  • Bakery-decorated birthday cakes
  • Gift baskets that include food items

Read more about this on the federal SNAP website.

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