Your Maryland Food Stamps Card can do THIS?!

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

You’re missing out if you think that food stamps card is just for food! Your Maryland food stamps card can do some fantastic things in Maryland, including granting you discounted admission to Chesapeake Children’s Museum, the Maritime Museum and so much more!

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Get museum admission discounts with your Maryland food stamps card!

For your convenience, we’ve organized our free and discounted museum admission list alphabetically by city. The museums with green titles are Museums for All participants. These venues accept EBT cards from all 50 states, so you don’t have to be a Maryland resident to get these great deals!

Please note that you cannot pay for admission with your Maryland food stamps card. You will show the Maryland food stamps card to receive the discount but you will need to pay the remaining admission price, if any, in cash or with a credit/debit card.


Chesapeake Children’s Museum – $1 per person

Although Chesapeake Children’s Museum participates in the Museums for All program, they don’t provide any information about it on their website. I’m currently waiting for a reply from the museum but I know their admission can’t exceed $3 per person for EBT cardholders. It’s part of the Museums for All rules. 🙂

However, CCM offers a generous free admission program. For example, in June 2016 anyone can get free admission if they bring 3 empty Styrofoam egg containers per person (or a ream of copy paper for two people).


Jewish Museum of Maryland – $1 per person

As America’s leading museum of regional Jewish history and culture, the Museum provides precious insights into Jewish traditions and community. The campus includes the history Lloyd Street and B’nai Israel Synagogues. A gallery, library, shop and program areas are also available.

Children under four years of age are free.


Miller House Museum – $3 per person or less

Discover history at this 1825 townhouse and genealogy library! The exhibits here showcase 1800s life in Washington County, Maryland. There are decorative arts, tall case clocks, a military collection, Civil War collection and more. Tours are typically $5 for self-guided or $10 for guided, but Museums for All partners must charge EBT cardholders $3 or less.

St. Mary’s City

St. Mary’s City – $3 per person or less

Visit Maryland’s first colonial settlement and capital! This settlement has been converted into a large state-run outdoor living history museum. The admission rate is $3 for adults and $1 for children ages 6-18. Children under age 6 are free.

St. Michaels

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum – $3 per person

This world-class maritime museum is visited by more than 70,000 guests every year. The museum includes a fleet of historic boats, 12 buildings and 18 beautiful waterfront acres along the river and harbor area. Boat rides, hands-on educational programs, festivals and interactive exhibits are all offered here but some programs may have an additional price. Learn more on their website!

Get cheap admission to the maritime museum with your Maryland Independence EBT card

Did you know your Maryland food stamps card can buy this?!

Amazon offers discounted Amazon Prime memberships for customers who receive Maryland food stamps! With this discounted Amazon Prime membership, you’ll receive free two-day shipping on your Amazon orders and you’ll also enjoy access to FREE streaming services! You’ll need to verify that you receive food stamps or Medicaid to get this incredible price.

Capital Bikeshare memberships are FREE to low income individuals who work, attend school or live in Montgomery County, Maryland!  The MCLiberty program is provided by the Montgomery County Department of Transportation. You’ll receive a free Capital Bikeshare Annual Membership, bicycle education, safety training and a bike helmet! Click here for application instructions. 

Cell phones and service are available FREE for individuals and families who receive Maryland food stamps benefits. Find out who offers free phones and service in your area. 

YMCA organizations typically offer discounts for low income individuals and families. If you qualify for Maryland food stamps, then you may qualify for a discounted YMCA membership! Contact your local YMCA for details.

get free stuff with ebt card, food stamps deals

Did you know you could buy this with your Maryland food stamps card?

Did you know you can buy this?! You can buy seeds and produce-bearing plants with your Maryland food stamps card! You can also buy certain gift baskets and birthday cakes.

Did you know you can shop here?! Did you know that Costco, farmer’s markets and even you-pick strawberry fields can accept EBT benefits? Some retailers even give you discounts or free stuff if you shop there with your food stamps card!

Wait — you can’t afford to miss this!

You could qualify for more food stamps funds! Eating well on a food stamps budget can be miserable. Sometimes, it’s downright impossible! The meager amount that you’re awarded each month is probably not sufficient to actually buy the food you need. That’s why we dug into the law to find out how they calculate the award and what you can do to increase it! We’ve found several legal ways you can increase your food stamps funds. Ready? Here’s what we know about getting more food stamps money.

You can even get cash back from your food stamps card! It’s true and it’s legal – no cash benefits required. One of our readers earned an additional $437.84 just by shopping with her food stamps card. She uses that extra money to buy diapers, wipes and other essentials. Here’s how.

You may also qualify for these programs!

Internet is available at low-cost from providers like Comcast, CenturyLink, AT&T and more! These low income Internet services start at just $5 per month! Click here to learn how to get discounted Internet services!

Power companies often offer special programs for low income customers. If you’ve got  Maryland food stamps benefits, then you may be able to save money on your power bill!

Property tax exemptions may be available for eligible low income seniors and disabled veterans. You’ll need to contact your county for more information, including income limits and application instructions.

Student loans feature special repayment programs for low income borrowers. Get the details on these low income student loan repayment plans here!

Veterinary care can overwhelm a low income budget… but we found agencies that can help! Get the details here!

Get FREE stuff in Maryland!


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