What can you buy with Food Stamps?

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2017)

Have you ever wondered “What can you buy with food stamps?” It seems like the state agencies that award EBT funds are very good at telling you what you CAN’T buy with food stamps… but they aren’t always as good at telling you what CAN you buy with food stamps.


What can you buy with food stamps?

The answer may surprise you! In addition to buying groceries and wholesome produce, your food stamps benefits can also be used to purchase:

Seeds and plants that can grow food! You can purchase vegetable seeds, herbs, fruit trees, tomato plants and vegetable starts with your food stamps benefits. It makes sense that you can use your food stamps to grow your own food. It’s a wise investment! Many retailers are unaware of this benefit, so you may need to refer them to this helpful resource!

Fresh produce from Farmer’s Markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs can be paid with EBT as long as the vendor is approved to process EBT benefits!

Energy drinks that have a nutrition facts label can be purchased with EBT. If the drink has a”supplement facts” label, it isn’t eligible because it is not considered a food item.

Pizza from take-and-bake outlets like Papa Murphy’s can be purchased with food stamps. Some of these places (such as Figaro’s and Zappos) will cook the pizza for you on-site for just a dollar or two.

Live lobsters and other shellfish that can be eaten are also purchasable.

You can also use food stamps to enhance your holidays!

Birthday and other special bakery cakes can be purchased with food stamps as long as the decorations don’t exceed 50% of the purchase price. If the cake has a lot of decorations that drive up the cost, it won’t be eligible… but a cake that is reasonably decorated is just fine.

Gift baskets (including pre-filled holiday stockings and tins) can also be purchased as long as the majority of the value is edible and no prohibited items are included. For example, a large bear with a small chocolate box would not be eligible… but a gift box with meats and cheeses would be, even if it included a few non-edible items. Anything that contains alcohol, cigarettes or pet items is not eligible.

Want a pumpkin for Halloween? You can purchase pumpkins with food stamps as long as they’re edible and not ornamental!

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